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  1. I think generally the answer is no, I remember when I was at the Eglin reservation they were worried about them setting off unexploded ordinance. I have often wondered if I could do some detecting down on the goldwater range.
  2. The daughter is about 5 and a half and has been begging to go coyote hunting for almost 3 yrs now. Mainly in the desert but in some rivers and wet washes. Equipment a garrett scorpion, a few pans, polaris ranger I have just started trolling the forums and reading articles, I have not looked into a club yet.
  3. Hey all. I have been trolling for awhile and trying to learn as much as possible about your hobby and passion. I do a lot of bird hunting this time of year so I am away from the family 2-3 weekends a month. I thought to myself a great way to fill the mid-day break from hunting would be to do some prospecting panning and nugget shooting depending on where I am. I figured this would also be a great way to bring the wife and daughter along with me and do something as a family outdoors. -scott
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