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  1. Break it bust it drill it what ever and if you want it to catch gold later push the rubel back in at one spot to dam your destruction. GIT ER DONE They say the only stupid question is the one not asked,,,,,,,,,I say the same in my mind would apply to the only gold not found is the gold not dug.
  2. Hello folks, I am new as you well know so enlighten me on the process of seperating the gold or silver for that matter from the rock. I see many photo's of the gold in layers of rock and or crystal and I am curious as to how it is seperated. Do they use temperature, acid, breaking repeatedly or how please. Thanks Lt
  3. Nice find Bob, when did you find this?
  4. GOOD LUCK! Hope you and all who go find the bign gooduns. :icon_mrgreen: Lt
  5. Jag, I hear ya though the only deadly snake we have here in the us is the coral unless you have an allergic reaction. I have gotten some injected in me during milkings in the past from rattlers. It is better, much better safe than sorry. I agree especially for those not used to handling them. Garimpo, I would love to try the croc I just took the last gator from my freezer last week and cooked it. I have thousands of photos from Florida where I was living in cross creek. We used to get the gators all the time but man would I love to have some croc. I can't wait till I can come out there
  6. I will surely use the guards as you get it when your not expecting it. I was curious though as I laugh to myself while asking as most people tend to freak at the thought, have you or any of you guys ever eaten any of the rattlers or other snakes? We were in Thailand and ate the cobra specials and have eaten python, I have 4 as pets with me in my rv now. I used to hunt the mohave greens and go by the old mining town up near lake havasu and down to the colorado in kingman bullhead area. We used to milk em for the venom, skin em and eat alot of the meat. It seriously is not bad. As I get
  7. Has anyone had any experience with these? The price is much lower with the same horsepower as the mules and rhino's and comes in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive and 2 or 4 passenger with dump bed. untitled.bmp
  8. NO Please, I appreciate your opinion. I have never owned a utv only atv's thats why I am asking. More to the point though is the difference between the two types of vehicles, is there a greater advantage one way or the other? Or is is close enough that it realy does not matter? for those who have experience driving or riding in both of them. Hours and hours on atv's but I have never even rhode in a utv let alone driven one.
  9. Ok everyone, I am looking at Arctic cats web site and they have a speed rack system with a dump bed for the atv and with the additional racks like the front rack wich can hold picks, shovels, etc and I am also looking at the prowler. With the rack system they look like they can hold approximately the same. The atv front and side racks make up for the room you lose with the smaller dump style bed in the rear being 12 inches narrower. I am not sure you might even carry more on the atv. The atv I am looking at is two passenger so I do not lose that option either way. The utv however will pro
  10. Johnny, that is hellarious and quite wrong with the broom stick, Gotta love it! Nice rederick Bob, that was good. I been readin all the stories on here and its exciting. All the lost mine tales too.
  11. Nice pics! I notice in the photos you are wearing the snake pads. Do you encounter alot of them on a regular basis? We used to catch, skin, eat and sell the skins at park n swap in phoenix years ago. Wondering if any of you find it a viable source of meat or not of your choice We liked it. "Taste like chicken"
  12. Bob, The first thing I plan to do is hook up with Bill, then once I spen a couple of weeks runnin round that are learning the first sets of basics I will go who knows where to hopefully start honing those basics and find some flake N such lol I will have no schedule what so ever once I am done with these doctors. When I was younger I cowboy'd around brawely, ca and southwestern, az including John waynes place in stanfield. I worked up in payson when there wasnt much there, I want to take some time southeast arount bensen as well as the superstitions. I have seen quite a few places I w
  13. Thanks Bob, I do plan to spend plenty of time. I will come out with my travel trailer and I have no where to be and all the time to get there once I am done with my doctors here. Then its of for a new adventure, can't wait actually. So for now though I am here like this :coffeetime:
  14. I too am new here and been looking for post like these. (helpful knowledge) There are so many post on this site its like trying to find a nugget. I also welcome and thank you for any advice as I have never used a detector as of yet. I know absolutely nothing at this point, well I know to use a smaller coil. lol I know it will probably take a while for me to learn to use one. The post replies in this thread are great for me and I want to thank you guys for being so helpful. Until I can get out there I will keep reading and my best to learn from you. Bill told me to get on here that you
  15. I am new here, had one spinal surgery through the neck and have a couple more to go and then I am going to be "IN SEARCH OF" my cherry! I am commin. Nice find T-Bone
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