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  1. Photo of said Quartz with something setting off the detector (reddish brown muddy color running through it) And what I call granite (on right) that has flecks of something that sparkles in the sunlight LOL! The bigger the piece of this rock, the hotter it was. I even dug some 8 inches deep under a fine sand that had the detector screaming?? Hope the photos help? I'm a noob, so poke fun, I can take it!
  2. Hunting outside of Las Vegas, in an old mining claim (Now expired) Using a white's Goldmaster. Ground Balanced according to manual at site--- BTW took me forever____LOL!!. I think I'll grab a piece and post a photo, and of the quartz too. Thanks for taking the time to help a noobie! LOL :innocent0009:
  3. So I finally got out yesterday. dug lots of nails, cans, etc. I must have missed something in my research though about granite. Why does it set off the detector? I dug some deep holes only to discover large chunks of granite. Later in the day, I went over a field of granite rocks, and they were all "hot" It drove me batty. I found a nice piece of quartz with a rusty line through it that must be iron I guess? anyway, anyone experience this or am I nuts? thanks
  4. those sure make me want to get out there and find that gold! ......soon!!! :icon_mrgreen:
  5. First off, Let me say Thanks to all who post here. I've been a lurker for a while, and enjoy the stories and photos and information. I just bought a new (relative word I guess) White's Goldmaster V-Sat. (270 shipped off of E-Bay) I'm pretty excited and can't wait to get out there and start a "poke" !! Hee hee.. :icon_mrgreen: I've been reading the manual and just bought myself a little nugget (1.5 grams) to practice with and learn on. I've also been researching and reading as much info as I can get my hands on. In my researching, i noticed some claims right here within a mile or two of my bac
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