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  1. Ya when I was hunting a while ago I found myself grabbing the GM 1000 more than my my 5000 because it was so much easier to set up and find gold with Cant go wrong with the GM 1000 Good going Mike now show us a pic
  2. Ive always liked the FJ but not practical for me instead I have a 2nd gen 4 door Tacoma Trd sport-its always gotton me from point A to point B with no issues at all very dependable (knock on wood) and they hold their value quite well-Max enjoy your new toy PS- Forgot to add-Max your going to have to rename your FJ-seems Pepe La Pew has been deemed in the same category as Dr Seuss amd Mr Potato head
  3. Bill how well does the 6000 handle wet ground-Did the 17 coil pickup more EMI than the 11 coil
  4. I was in the hospital for 6 days in Feb 2020 and I havent been the same since-so with all this covid crap going around getting treatment for other things has been slow going-hopefully after next month I might be able to get out and do something once again
  5. WTG Lunk Nothing to show here -Wish I could go out and hunt-I havent been out in over a year and a half I've been unable to-Bill wow 2 6000's what-did hit the lotto or something ????-To rich for my blood-IMO not enough gold being found-a few here and a couple there not enough to justify the price tag for me-besides it would just sit in a corner collectng dust like my other beepers have been doing
  6. Its a conspiracy It is a great forum for sure or was
  7. Ya and I thought we were on the same side
  8. 2 different things-what rock have you been under-And yes they are real-Save it for the forum-Bill maybe you shouldnt it will be nothing but problems I say no
  9. Ditto no more cancel culture-But keep it at that sub forum only
  10. Ive been watching your latest videos and glad your back-theres 2 other forums I visit that seem to have died as well as this one-captains are MIA-Keep up the good work -
  11. Come on Tom I think their doing a mighty fine job at the border-catch and release of criminals like sex-drug and child trafficers-blm antifa in the big blue cities-race theroy in our schools-defunding our men in blue-no bail release program and coming up is the delta variant scare tactics-give them a chance and Im sure in time will be our hobbies because of the lock downs
  12. He's probably trying to sell so he can get the latest and greatest deeper beeper
  13. Ditto Im still finding gold behind the new/old deeper beepers
  14. GM 24 sold on offerup-Buttttt 5 inch concentric and 6X4 dd are still available-go to offerup for a pic-will sell both for $275 or will trade for a Gpx series nuggetfinder evo coil with cover-Thx 24k SOLD
  15. That is a great coil for sure-mine was secure and worked fine-Hope it works out for you they arent cheap thats for sure-Good luck
  16. I dont know if youll see this or not as you dont seem to make it to the forum anymore Buttttttt Happy B-Day Bill S
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