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  1. Nice truck When you do your lift use adjustable coilovers on the front and if you go over 2 !/2 inches you'll have to get after market upper control arms-I have a 2nd gen TRD sport with 3 inch lift-Icon extended length coilovers in the front with Camburg uniball upper control arms and Fox 2.5 adjustable res shocks in the back with Icon add a leaf pack in the rear-The good thing about these trucks is theres lots of aftermarket stuff for them including bolt on horse power-I would like to get a super charger for mine it adds another 100 horses to it but is very pricey-Very dependable trucks-Ive had mine for 10 years and Ive only replaced a altenator so far Knock on wood-Never had it stuck either gets me from point A to point B with no problems But Im not Young and Dumb anymore either
  2. I tried bedliner in the rattle can years ago and it will just wear off very easy its to soft-You need to buy the good stuff which is 2 part-one part resin one part hardener-it will dry way harder than the one part stuff-Im getting ready to do my whole truck in raptor bedliner-tuff stuff-No more AZ pin stripping on my truck
  3. Hope all is well with you Happy BDay Kim
  4. Lots of factors can lead to missed gold-operator error-going to fast-temp-angle of target-moisture in ground-EMI-humidity-settings and many more Maybe another factor is people have been running the older beepers wrong and now along comes the fully auto 6 k just like the GM 1000 helped alot of people find gold because of the auto features-Ive been skunked at patches one time and found gold the next time in the same areas with the same beeper and wonder why I didnt find it before
  5. I agree with you Fishing- Ive been hunting some patches for over 25 years and still manage to pop a few from them-I havent seen a video yet with the 6000 that my 5000 couldnt of found PS- But ill have to admit I do like the design and the simplicity of the new 6000-but for me not worth the 6 bones
  6. I still have my main stuff but I havent been out since Dec 2019-Im hoping to get better soon-It sucks getting old
  7. Hi Bill I always like to see the cons as well as the pro's -Im also one of those that like to air test a beeper as well-I know most say there not accurate but the way I see it is if it cant see it in the air then it sure as hell aint going to see it in the ground-keep the vids coming -Thx
  8. Spontaneous beer bottle combustion Maybe a Tektite ? Heres a Safordite
  9. Ya when I was hunting a while ago I found myself grabbing the GM 1000 more than my my 5000 because it was so much easier to set up and find gold with Cant go wrong with the GM 1000 Good going Mike now show us a pic
  10. Ive always liked the FJ but not practical for me instead I have a 2nd gen 4 door Tacoma Trd sport-its always gotton me from point A to point B with no issues at all very dependable (knock on wood) and they hold their value quite well-Max enjoy your new toy PS- Forgot to add-Max your going to have to rename your FJ-seems Pepe La Pew has been deemed in the same category as Dr Seuss amd Mr Potato head
  11. Bill how well does the 6000 handle wet ground-Did the 17 coil pickup more EMI than the 11 coil
  12. I was in the hospital for 6 days in Feb 2020 and I havent been the same since-so with all this covid crap going around getting treatment for other things has been slow going-hopefully after next month I might be able to get out and do something once again
  13. WTG Lunk Nothing to show here -Wish I could go out and hunt-I havent been out in over a year and a half I've been unable to-Bill wow 2 6000's what-did hit the lotto or something ????-To rich for my blood-IMO not enough gold being found-a few here and a couple there not enough to justify the price tag for me-besides it would just sit in a corner collectng dust like my other beepers have been doing
  14. Its a conspiracy It is a great forum for sure or was
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