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  1. I have a Garmin rino with Topo maps downloaded in it-its a GPS/2 way radio-it also has the ability to find someone else with a garmin via gps when linked together- it has a 5 mile range but unfortunately like most of the other 2 way radios it struggles in the mountains as well- Mike C... PS-forgot to mention you could carry a flare gun-make smoke signals or get one of those aresol powered horns or as a last resort follow the buzzards circling
  2. Man that was fast maybe I should put mine up for sale as well-Hmmmmmmm Mike C...
  3. Happy B Day Tom sr Mike C...
  4. They look good I just bought one of your new arm rest covers from Bill and it looks good as well-Here are a couple of scoops I use that are similar to yours-I really like the smaller one as you can tell by the wear Mike C...
  5. Hey what ever happened to Rob getting a copy of it ? Because if he did he's never said a thing about it Mike C...
  6. I never wear them been in AZ all my life and never worried about them-yes Ive seen them here and there but dont think about them-I believe if you think snake you see snake so I just dont think about them Doc you should have tested out your gators to see how they work and vid it Mike C...
  7. Try this link-Good luck-Mike C... http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detecting-gold/362071-whites-spectra-v3i-prospecting-mode.html
  8. I seen a couple on ebay for sale between $80 & $90 a piece Mike C...
  9. Congrats on your sale and a very nice collection but you were missing this one -Mike C...
  10. Now thats a name I havent heard in years-Is he still around ?
  11. Sorry didnt know you were a Kid soooooo if you look below the meteorite forum I believe that would be your best bet its called the rock and mineral forum-Im no rock GURU but I would say looks like some kind of flint or chert to me-Hope this helps Mike C...
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