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  1. well since they dont make or work on them anymore I would say more like $300-400 range
  2. Sorry I dont know where the order link is either maybe on a different thread ??? The outings are a blast if your into that me I dont care for big groups anymore but there will be plenty of other people there-Have fun and welcome to Bills world Mike C...
  3. Why not buy one now so we can all get our books sooner-every sale helps the release time Mike C...
  4. Hello Everyone, I am thinning my coil collection as I don't use them anymore. Third is a Nugget Finder Advantage 14" Elliptical SL Mono Coil, comes with new coil cover- Asking $300 obo Forth is a Coiltek 14 x 9 Blitz Elliptical Mono Coil- Asking $200 obo ALL PRICES ARE OBO, SO OFFER AWAY. Located in Southern California but can also deliver to Quartzsite AZ. Buyer pays shipping Found these on nuggethunting.com classifieds-Good luck-Mike C...
  5. More like a Mobile blood bank Mike C...
  6. I have this one its a coiltek 12x24 mono with clear skid plate in very good condition $ 150 and its yours let me know if your interested-Thanks Mike C...
  7. Great deal Free Bump for you
  8. Wow thats amazing that you guys can find them that small I hope to one day be able to have the same skill as you all Mike-just trying to stay cool- C...
  9. Congrats on the headliner So how many books do you need to sell before you start mailing them out Mike C...
  10. I remember that one-nice find Hows Jim doing ? Mike C...
  11. I remember that one to-There was a rumor that it was found around the vultures - IMO-Its matrix does resemble closer to the vulture area than to the meadveiw area type gold Regardless of where it came from still a great find-and as said before there are many great finds that never go public-MUM s the word- and as far as what areas they are found why would any body disclose that info it would only start a gold rush in that area Mike C...
  12. Pm sent I never got a confirmation from you so I PMed you my receipt-Mike C...
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