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  1. Nice truck When you do your lift use adjustable coilovers on the front and if you go over 2 !/2 inches you'll have to get after market upper control arms-I have a 2nd gen TRD sport with 3 inch lift-Icon extended length coilovers in the front with Camburg uniball upper control arms and Fox 2.5 adjustable res shocks in the back with Icon add a leaf pack in the rear-The good thing about these trucks is theres lots of aftermarket stuff for them including bolt on horse power-I would like to get a super charger for mine it adds another 100 horses to it but is very pricey-Very dependable trucks-Ive had mine for 10 years and Ive only replaced a altenator so far Knock on wood-Never had it stuck either gets me from point A to point B with no problems But Im not Young and Dumb anymore either
  2. I tried bedliner in the rattle can years ago and it will just wear off very easy its to soft-You need to buy the good stuff which is 2 part-one part resin one part hardener-it will dry way harder than the one part stuff-Im getting ready to do my whole truck in raptor bedliner-tuff stuff-No more AZ pin stripping on my truck
  3. Hope all is well with you Happy BDay Kim
  4. Lots of factors can lead to missed gold-operator error-going to fast-temp-angle of target-moisture in ground-EMI-humidity-settings and many more Maybe another factor is people have been running the older beepers wrong and now along comes the fully auto 6 k just like the GM 1000 helped alot of people find gold because of the auto features-Ive been skunked at patches one time and found gold the next time in the same areas with the same beeper and wonder why I didnt find it before
  5. I agree with you Fishing- Ive been hunting some patches for over 25 years and still manage to pop a few from them-I havent seen a video yet with the 6000 that my 5000 couldnt of found PS- But ill have to admit I do like the design and the simplicity of the new 6000-but for me not worth the 6 bones
  6. I still have my main stuff but I havent been out since Dec 2019-Im hoping to get better soon-It sucks getting old
  7. Hi Bill I always like to see the cons as well as the pro's -Im also one of those that like to air test a beeper as well-I know most say there not accurate but the way I see it is if it cant see it in the air then it sure as hell aint going to see it in the ground-keep the vids coming -Thx
  8. Spontaneous beer bottle combustion Maybe a Tektite ? Heres a Safordite
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