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  1. Do you belong to a club ? Did you try Lynx ? Is there any water at any of these areas ?
  2. Thx for the video-next time you should trying moving that big boulder-its always nice to find gold
  3. Very good all gold video-NO Politics and NO Covid crap Thx
  4. What part dont you understand ? One of the great things about this area for gold prospectors is that several miles of Lynx Creek have been withdrawn from mineral claim, meaning that these areas are open to recreational prospecting. The Forest Service does have certain rules in place, including restrictions on mechanical mining equipment such as suction dredges, highbanker, drywashers, and even sluice boxes. The Forest Service considers “recreational use” to be limited to gold panning and metal detecting. Using standard equipment such as picks and shovels are allowed, but they must be used be
  5. No Mechanized equiptment allowed
  6. I need to move these so I'll include shipping if needed and knock off $50 if done locally-Thx
  7. Time to thin out the heard and both have their cherries broke so up for sale are---- I have a goldmonster 1000 in good shape comes with everything that came in the box big coil is brand new plus I bought a new minelab straight rod for it because the stock one it came with sucked but that will come with it as well and then I put on an aftermarket stand so it wont tip over as easy-I also bought Docs covers for it-reason for selling is I have 2-first $700.00 gets it plus shipping if needed- I also have a whites goldmaster 24 k in great shape comes with everything that came in the boxin
  8. Thanks Im sure glad I didnt go out and buy another one
  9. Congrats Thats good Karma for the past give aways you've done on this forum-Thanks
  10. Maybe you should stay on the road
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