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  1. Maybe you should stay on the road
  2. Good to see you posting again JB
  3. Hi In case I couldnt fix them I would rather be out of $50 instead of $75-I live in AZ so shipping shouldnt be that bad
  4. are you sure the batteries are the issue ??? Ill offer you $50 shipped for the 2
  5. Hope everyone is abiding by the covid laws set into place-no more tha 6 I meen 8 I meen 10 direct family members depending where your at and make sure you cover your face between bites or no more than 2 hours outside only-Dont drink and make sure your all locked up before curfew -Dont be to loud because some states are wanting neighbors to snitch on each other-Bottom line Dont have any fun -What a bunch of BS Anyway everyone try and have a good T-Day despite the political BS
  6. Ive been to a couple of hardrock claims where all they wanted was the hardock they didnt give 2 $h!ts about the placers just stay out of the mines-so find out status and ask permission.Why would you want a claim anyway ??? That just shows everyone that wants to know that theres something there and attracks unwanted guest-Mums the word
  7. Rolls Royce has come out with a new hood ornament called the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet sculpture. This little charm costs a whopping $200,000! It's made of platinum and diamonds... about 150 carats!
  8. Nice work and nice collection All you need is a Rolls Royce hood ornament No Nugget Mike C...
  9. Road runner claim ??? No Nugget Mike C...
  10. How long did it take No Nugget Mike C...
  11. 44 lbs-Thanks for liveing it up here some No Nugget Mike C...
  12. Nice going I hope me and my bounty hunter one day will find one like that No Nugget Mike C...
  13. God forbid No Nugget Mike C...
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