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  1. Hey Bob! I know the Road Runners have a number of claims around the Vulture area. You mite want to check with Uncle Ron's Maps for the Vulture area. His map will show the club claims in the area and could help you decide which club has claims in the area you are looking to detect. I use a 4000 and have buckets of junk so yea we all dig the bad stuff but once in a while you find gold with the junk. I have hunted some of the RR claims and gone all day without a signal. No junk or gold meaning it had probably been hit pretty hard. No matter where you go on a claim you will need to look for the ar
  2. Your a good man Uncle Ron. Jerry
  3. Hey there is also a group called The International Order Of Old Bastards. IOOB. The motto is "Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down" I am a lifetime member. Junker
  4. Ron she could probably smell the snakes and was diging for them. Just trying to protect the house as she should. You gotta love them dawgs! Junker
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