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  1. This is an interesting rock from near Globe, Arizona. It goes by several names but Tigillites Bohmei is the historic name although not much information is documented under that name. It is a Mescal Limestone formation with possible fossil imprints. One of the accepted theories is that the tube like formations are from worms and another theory is that they are bubbles from decaying organic matter. I am not really sure if either theory is correct but it sure is a cool.




  2. I don’t mind snakes but Mojave’s are just mean. I flung one out of my drywashing area and it kept coming back. After giving it an extra bit of air on the third time it did not come back. Not sure if it got the point or the landing was more than it could handle. I’ve never needed to kill a rattlesnake but that one came really close.

  3. Good to hear you got a good claim and it sounds like you know what you are doing. It is sad but a lot of people keep wasting their money getting claims in the withdrawn area or in poor areas. There is one claim down river that has been sold, claimed and resold numerous times. From what I hear the claim has not been productive so the buyer lets the claim laps and then it gets claimed and sold again. Being a few miles south you should be in a good productive area. I love prospecting up there but it has been a few years since I have been back. As families grow the hobbies get put aside but perhaps when they are older I can get them out prospecting. A friend of mine has a claim that we would work and the claim jumpers have always been a big problem and it has gotten worse.

  4. I really hope you did your research if you filed a new claim on the Hassayampa. If you have a valid claim you are one lucky guy in my opinion. Most if not all of the upper river is in a withdrawn area. The only valid claims are ones that were established before the withdrawal went into place. I did a lot of research on that area because I wanted a claim up there. The one area I wanted was latter claimed but the BLM declared it invalid within a year.

    The master title plats can tell you if you are good or not.

  5. For comparison jadeite is about 30% heaver than granite of the same size. Nephrite is only 13% heavier than granite. So if your piece noticeably lighter than a piece of granite of the same size then it is probably something else. I also don’t think it would be olivine which in gem form is called Peridot. Peridot is at least as heavy as jadeite if not heavier.

    Melted glass would be my primary guess but glass is not light unless it has a lot of trapped air bubbles. Can you look at it under magnification and see any air bubbles? Back lighting the piece may also help when you are look at it through a loupe or magnifying glass.

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