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  1. Nice rock Haderly! And lagunitas IPA, is great too

    I have yet to find a Lagunitas that I don't like and I have tried most of them. The road to this mine was one of the worst that I have even driven. The last 10 miles took us 4 hours of rock crawling. It is definitely not for a full size truck since I ripped my front bumper off on one of the ledges.

  2. Always fun getting out looking for rocks. I still have not gone to Saddle Mountain even though it is pretty close. I hear that if you get lucky you can find some nice fire agate there but it has been hammered pretty hard. So far this is the best one that I have dug from a different location. A friend carved it for me since I lack the patience and skill to cut them.




  3. Barry - Perhaps you can clear up some questions I have. When you file a claim there are no questions asked about what you are mining so BLM would not be granting or not granting a claim for meteorites. It is simply Lode or Placer on the claim forms. If I filed a claim because I found gold I am still solely entitled to all other minerals I may find. I would even be entitled to the iron even if it happen to have once came from a meteorite.

    Now if I filed a claim based only on the minerals that came from a meteorite fall, could I not be asked to prove that the mineral content was commercially viable? My understanding is the validity of a claim can be questioned and it would be up to the claimant to prove that the value of the resource was economically viable. I have seen records of this happening a few times in Arizona on claims that were for nonmetallic resources.

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