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  1. 2 might be pink opal but the cleavage looks like feldspar 3 is fluorite
  2. Blue opal with fire is pretty rare and I don’t think I have ever seen any as dark blue as that piece. I only know of two places that have blue opal with fire and that is Australia and Arizona. I have some from Arizona that I was lucky enough to dig with a former claim owner. It is not great but sure was nice to have had the opportunity to get some. There are several other locations that have blue opal without fire but it is still not common.
  3. I really like Welo opal but you have to be careful with it. It is a hydrophane opal meaning that it will readily adsorb and expel water. It will also absorb skin oils and discolor so when used is jewelry it should not be set in a fashion that allows skin contact. Getting it wet should be avoided and when wet it should be very slowly dried. I had a very big finished cab explode when I forgot it in my truck. I only forgot it for a couple hours but Arizona heat coupled with being fully hydrated caused disaster.
  4. As I have time I will try to take pictures of some of my opal collection. unfortunately my photography skills are horrible and opal is a pain to photograph Louisiana Opal
  5. The first one is a very good example of Gneiss...as in nice gneiss. The second one is quartz that is very mineralized.
  6. Cut/copy and paste does not work for me in I.E but it does in Chrome.
  7. Ron – If your rock looks like the EBay link you provided then it would be Gem Silica. If you can see light through a corner then it would be closer to Gem Silica than Chrysocolla.
  8. I would call it highly silicated Chrysocolla. Gem Silica used to refer to transparent chalcedony that is naturally colored blue by copper. The best Gem Silica should cut clean transparent stones that are free of inclusions. As the availability of high grade Gem Silica has decreased and the price increased more people are starting to lump in highly silicated Chrysocolla. Another trade name that is often used but more specifically to stuff out of Mexico is Parrot Wing Chrysocolla. As to actual mineral makeup that is extremely difficult without knowing the exact mine and what minerals have been f
  9. This is a very rare one that I was able to acquire and figured I would post some pictures for everyone. It is an Iridescent Orthoamphibole from Wyoming. It is often called Wyoming Fire Jade but it is not a jade. Chuck One Chuck One at a different angle to show color change Bronzy coloration with big Goethite seams Silvery colored chunk
  10. I dropped Steve off at his motel Sunday afternoon. He had a cab scheduled to take him to Max's that evening. I hope he made it out to do some more detecting.
  11. I have heard that there is at least one location in the Vulture Mountains that has Apache Tears. I believe it is listed in one of the rock hound books but I have never tried to find it.
  12. If my math is correct $45per gram is over $20K per pound…I would wager that you will never get that price for rough. Even $5 a gram or less on finished Bisbee azurite/malachite cabs is pretty common. Bisbee also commands higher prices because of the provenance. I have over 20 pound of Bluebird mine rough that is every bit if not better than Bisbee stuff and it will only sell at $1/gram maximum but realistically a lot less. Your stuff looks great but you are probably in the $20-30/lb range. To get people interested in the material you may have to start even lower until the material has proved w
  13. Sometimes it will fluoresce a light green but not always.
  14. Steve - Follow the Mindat link that I provided. There are a couple pictures of broken pieces that you can see are translucent.
  15. That obsidian looks pretty interesting and you have your hands on something very special. It is refreshing to see that you have had it looked at per your thread on Mindat http://www.mindat.org/forum.php?read,6,311571,page=1 Now all you need to do is give it a name like “Kit’s Green Obsidian” and start selling some.
  16. It could be a Diorite Porphyry with large Euhedral Phenocrysts. I have found a few similar and they are much heavier than you would expect. Jadeite / Nephrite would be my second guess.
  17. They all look great. Keep the pictures coming!!
  18. Yes to Quartz but the Pyrite is a maybe. With the purple oxidation I would lean toward Bornite. The big crystal sure is interesting...is it metallic?
  19. This is a pretty complete list of minerals from the DRC http://www.mindat.org/loc-14231.html If you click on the camera symbol next to the mineral name it will give you pictures of the mineral that are from the DRC.
  20. If you are able to get to Mesa for the Flagg Rock Show someone will be able to help you indentify your rocks. It is also a great place to buy rocks or just look at what is available. Here is the link with the dates and times http://flaggmineralfoundation.org/home/flagg-gem-and-mineral-show/
  21. I am pretty limited on minerals but with a little research I came up with some possibilities but I could be completely wrong. 1. Cobalto Calcite - see: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HOT-PINK-COBALTO-CALCITE-KAKANDA-MINE-CONGO-W-13-/301043864854?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46179cd516 2. agate 3. Barite - see: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barite-with-Malachite-Mashamba-West-Mine-Dem-Rep-of-Congo-47-grams-/281222509093?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417a2af225 4. Quartz 5. ? 6. Malachite 7. Dioptase - see: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dioptase-Tantara-Mine-Katanga-Congo-/281229436988?pt=LH_DefaultDoma
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