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  1. Hey Ben I have a Hey Ben I have an 18" saw if you ever want to bring anything over to cut. I would love to see some local chrysoprase. I've only heard of one location in Arizona but never went to check it out.
  2. My understanding is if someone was to file over your claim their claim would never be valid regardless if your claim was to lapse. They did not have ability to locate the claim when yours was active. A person should be able to then locate a claim after the valid claim lapsed and they would have a valid claim because the over filed claim was never valid. Granted the whole deal becomes a mess that could result in going to court to be sorted out. It is really easy to watch the county records and make sure your claims are not being over filed and take care of it if/when it happens.
  3. Tucson Company that address comes up as a rock shop. Probably another paper hanger...I have see several others that have been filing and selling crap claims, but this one does not appear to have sold any claims. They have a lot of claims so it is hard to say what they are thinking.
  4. It is probably a diorite or another igneous rock. The white spots are crystals and are called phenocryst.
  5. I personally like Mike's blunt responses. As long as it is clean without name calling I would much rather get the truth or at least an honest opinion. To often people sugar coat a response and it losses its effectiveness to convey the answer.
  6. Glaciers brought a lot of stuff to New York from way further north. Your rock has had a long life based on it being completely smooth and has probably traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles from its origin.
  7. Throw the guy in jail. He never would have come forward if he had not been caught on camera. A few years back I was stopped at a red light when a guy went flying through it. 3 lanes through the intersection he slammed on his breaks and skidded the rest of the way through the intersection. He then proceeded to put the car in reverse and back all the way back through the intersection. A police officer was parked next to me and all he did was shake his head. Apparently some people think they can undo a wrong and at least the cop next to me thought it was OK also. The guy should have got two ticke
  8. Sorry but I don't see a fossil. It does look like a river rounded piece of gneiss.
  9. Did you see the mileage...792 miles seems way low! It looks to be in great condition and not having keys would be a nonissue. If you get it I want a ride!
  10. I don't see the issue. The sign clear means no unattended metal detectors and no kneeling while panning.
  11. The only thing in the Little Horns are chupacabras...big mean ones! I wouldn't go there...
  12. One is coming up for auction in September http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?auctionId=8249255&convertTo=USD I could get in a lot of trouble with one of these.
  13. I have sold gold to A&B Prospecting before. 80% is pretty good and it puts cash in your pocket without any risk.
  14. Mike - Your left had has the embedded tracking device . Now you need to get your pinpointer out and figure out where to cut!
  15. Desert Rose, gypsum rose or selenite rose are the most common names. They are not rare but big ones are less common.
  16. I have seen titanium crystals that were lab grown. Natural crystals that are not microscopic would be ultra-rare.
  17. Put them on a mantel or display cabinet. They are cool to look at but that is about it.
  18. Those are really cool. I've dug a few concretions but none as nice.
  19. It looks like petrified wood. It won't fizz if it is petrified (silicated).
  20. Out at my Fire Agate claim tomorrow. It is going to be a little on the hot side but should be worth it.
  21. There are lots of variables. Some of the big copper mines have auctioned off collecting rights for mineral specimens and lapidary materials. A good amount of specimens are collected by the workers but most of the time without permission. Sometimes clubs can get into active mines to collect but with the high liability those occasions are becoming very rare.
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