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  1. Bob that is a great picture of your daughter. I have to watch my 3 year old daughter around my shinny rocks...she claims them all for herself and keeps a death grip on them. I have had to wait until she falls asleep before getting some of my gemstones back.
  2. Wow I wish I was so good that I could identify a rock without seeing it! See if you can scratch it with a knife. I still think it is a silica. If it is soft it could be Fluorite but it does not look right to me. I also have some Apatite from Brazil of similar color.
  3. Looks to be a cryptocrystalline silica. If it is colored by Nickel it is Chrysoprase and by Copper it is Gem Silica. In either case it is nice but does not appear to be super high grade.
  4. Actually those pictures look more promising. I would not wager on it without it being in hand. Have someone that has experience with opal take a look at it. If you cannot find someone local then send it to Steve or myself. I have plenty of low grade opal I can send to you so you have something to compare it to. I am busy with all the rock and gem shows so it would be awhile until I have time to dig them out.
  5. I looks like a fracture rainbow to me also. It can also occur in common opal if it is translucent enough to refract the light passing through the fracture.
  6. Poly Arbors with expanding drums are great since you can use less expensive belts and switch them as you need finer grits. I have a Lortone Beaver that is similar and it works great. I like my Genie for convenience but it is a lot more expensive if you are just getting started.
  7. Price is a big factor as to whether it is worth buying. It looks like it has silicon carbide wheels which are pretty in inexpensive. I personally would look for something else unless this machine was cheap. Check the condition of the bearings, blade, motor and wheels to help determine the final cost to get yourself cutting.
  8. Greg - PM me when you plan to make your trip. A lot of the best places are claimed but there are still some open areas that just take a little more effort. If timing works out I can get you into a good spot.
  9. Hey Greg - This fire agate came straight out of bedrock and was fully enclosed in vugs. You have to break up all the rocks because some of the brightest pieces are hiding inside. Near the surface you can find pieces that are completely weathered out of the host rock. Luckily the bedrock is weather so the top few feet can be extracted with hammer and chisels. Once you get below the weathered surface more aggressive tactics are required.
  10. you were http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=27886&p=246535
  11. It doesn't hurt to bust or cut it open to see what is inside. This is one of my recent finds.
  12. The top looks like it sparkles like druzy quartz or calcite. Try putting some mild acid like vinegar or muriatic (pool acid) on the back of the piece and see if it fizzes. Looking at the formation I would guess limestone with a coating of small calcite druzy.
  13. I have seen one wolf or wolf hybrid in Arizona. It was north of Payson and undoubtedly a wolf. It was only 100 yards away and in the scope of my rifle so I got a very good look at it. My hunting buddy also watched it through his scope and came to the same conclusion. I have seen hundreds of coyotes and they cannot be mistook for a wolf at close range.
  14. Side and back pictures please. Maybe one of those swivel clasps thingy.
  15. Only been there once but it is a very cool area. Planning to go back next year and spend a little more time.
  16. Not what you have but a very nice example to ponder. "Columnar Basalts are rock formations resulting from the quick cooling of lava flow. Fractures form in a random cellular network (similar to soap bubbles, organic cells, etc.), though the average distribution of sides is six, giving the hexagonal structures an eerie man-made appearance." http://jruck.us/post/41051048871/columnar-basalt
  17. bottom line is Crystal Habit...just different usage depending on whether you believe them to be natural or man made. These are natural as Adam stated. I bet you cannot find one person that has a degree in geology that will provide a written statement that they are man made.
  18. Good looking little nug. I would say 1.25 grams
  19. All natural. They are water worn and probably came from one of the local river beds or washes. Even if some were shaped by man they are worn to a point that makes them undistinguishable.
  20. Galena is not magnetic...It is a lead sulfide. A streak test will help narrow down the possibilities.
  21. Botryoidal Hematite. Do a streak test and see if it turns out red.
  22. Sounds like fun but I had last weekend off to have fun. Are you going to be around again anytime soon?
  23. The green and brown pieces look like common opal. See if you can scratch them with a knife. The yellowish pieces might also be a low grade common opal but it is hard to tell from the pictures.
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