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  1. Hey Dean I was up your way last weekend. Checked out a few new areas to hit once it cools off.
  2. Beach Glass https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_glass
  3. Fluorite is the cubic purple crystals. The silver plates in the last picture is Muscovite. It is hard to tell what the red mineral is in the last picture but my guess is Garnet. Closer pictures showing the crystal structure would help.
  4. Moonstone is just one of many feldspars that are very interesting. Sunstones are also feldspars that come in various forms. Once of my favorite so far is the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from Australia. I managed to get a nice parcel of them but they sure do not come cheap.
  5. May even be Opalite which is a manmade glass with Opalescence effect.
  6. Are you sure it is opal? It looks like moonstone and appears that it is carved into a face. Can you get a close-up picture of it.
  7. Adam - I can solve that problem if you want. At least you know the difference from fire agate and brown chalcedony. I have had guys tell me that they can go out anywhere in the desert and pick up as much fire agate as they want.
  8. I have yet to find a Lagunitas that I don't like and I have tried most of them. The road to this mine was one of the worst that I have even driven. The last 10 miles took us 4 hours of rock crawling. It is definitely not for a full size truck since I ripped my front bumper off on one of the ledges.
  9. Always fun getting out looking for rocks. I still have not gone to Saddle Mountain even though it is pretty close. I hear that if you get lucky you can find some nice fire agate there but it has been hammered pretty hard. So far this is the best one that I have dug from a different location. A friend carved it for me since I lack the patience and skill to cut them.
  10. Went with some friends last weekend to a remote mine in southeast Arizona. Ended up getting out some great material that even has some specs of gold in it. The scenery was great and it was nice camping weather.
  11. The lick test is really not very conclusive. It does work for realgar and orpiment. You do have to let a buddy know that you are conducting the test since you will not be around if the test is positive.
  12. Adam is correct. It is a cooper ore with chrysocolla (green-blue), cuprite (red) and quartz (white). The slab appears to have a little more blue which could be azurite or shattuckite and the black is most likely tenorite.
  13. Campfire glass. There is no such thing as translucent green obsidian.
  14. Maybe a type of Poppy Jasper. Sure might look cool cut and polished.
  15. The pink/green one looks like Thulite from Wyoming. It is sometimes marketed at Wyoming Jade but it is not actually a Jade.
  16. That is either the nicest Bixbite I have ever seen or my leg is two inches longer from Adam pulling it. This one crystal of this quality would fetch a huge amount of money.
  17. That is a darn cool piece. PM me your address...I have some small precious pieces you can start playing with.
  18. Very nice tribute. I would love to check it out if I ever get in that area. Unfortunately it is not that hard to find even though it is not on any maps.
  19. Barry - Perhaps you can clear up some questions I have. When you file a claim there are no questions asked about what you are mining so BLM would not be granting or not granting a claim for meteorites. It is simply Lode or Placer on the claim forms. If I filed a claim because I found gold I am still solely entitled to all other minerals I may find. I would even be entitled to the iron even if it happen to have once came from a meteorite. Now if I filed a claim based only on the minerals that came from a meteorite fall, could I not be asked to prove that the mineral content was commercially via
  20. I would bet the dark lines are cactus. Their location appears to be random. I think this type of cistern is a bit above ground but not fully with a roof top. I have seen several different types but I am almost positive there is no power poles.
  21. Looks like a water catchment that they put in for wildlife. A big concrete apron to collect the water, a underground cistern to hold the water that then is gravity fed to a trough.
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