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  1. John B., I have to thank you for the idea about licking dino turds. I was in Oregon over the weekend helping on a pay-to-mine trip with Oregongoldtrip.com. I had some of my pseudo-coprolite (false dino turd) from Salmon Creek Washington with me. I was able to convince one of the guests that she would be able to identify it if she licked it. After a bit of persuasion that it was just like licking halite (rock salt) she gave it a try. She knew something was up when we all broke out laughing. If you need anymore dino turds I will have some to give anyway at the Gold Basin outing.
  2. Fred, Great advice, :bowdown: I will let my friend know that he doesn't have to worry anymore about rattlesnakes in winter. :Huh_anim]: All he needs to do is change his reality! He lives in southern Arizona and his dog was bit by a rattlesnake early last January. Both of his dogs were in a fenced yard but his puppy had not been snake trained or vaccinated like his other dog. He killed the rattlesnake and the dog did survive but only after a huge vet bill.
  3. Signed and confirmed last week. Also emailed the link to a dozen other guys of which most have signed the petition. This ban will affect everyone that loves going in the outdoors. This is not just about prospecting. Many of us have friends that go hunting, fishing, and hiking or just enjoy driving our numerous dirt roads. Please email anyone that you can think of the link. I grew up in an area where all the dirt roads were open and we used them on a daily basis for recreation. Due to the environmentalist and a few people that abused the privileges of these areas being open to the public al
  4. A couple of years ago I was up on the Verde River doing some Catfish’n when I needed to go relieve myself. It was pitch-dark out and I had forgotten my flashlight. :grrr01: I walked a little ways down the road and proceeded to pee off the shoulder of the road. All of a sudden something slithered between my feet and across the road. After it got to the other side of the road I heard the rattling of a rattle snake. :worm1: Luck for me it must have been so scared or surprised for being peed on that it didn’t stop to bite me. Needless to say I almost crapped myself and now I don’t forget a
  5. Max I appreciated you inviting me to the meeting and it was very interesting. I hope to join soon and I am looking forward to the Gold Basin outing. My dad’s side of the family are commercial fisherman so I have heard my far share of fish stories. I have learned that when an old fisherman or prospector is talking you best keep your mouth shut and listen. Some of the things you hear may be tall tales but the information interwoven into the stories can be invaluable. Based on what I have read on this forum I would bet that if someone starts talking nonsense there will be someone their to kind
  6. Azdigger and Gilaoro, I really appreciate the offer. My father-in-law and I thought we would share a metal detector but if there are two available then even better. I am really looking forward to getting out in the desert to meeting new people. I grew up in Washington State and this is a whole new experience for me. Up until now I have had a hard time finding anyone that shares my same interest...especially living in the city. I am now researching some of the clubs to join and hope to find one with people as nice as the ones on this forum. Casey Haderly
  7. Does anyone have an old metal detector that they would be willing to rent or loan for this outing? My father-in-law and I want to get into metal detecting but we do not have metal detectors yet. I have convinced my wife into letting me go on the outing but I was unsuccessful convincing her to let me buy a medal detector. I am already going on another trip to southern Oregon the first week of October to gold prospect which blew my hobby allotment. I do not care what kind of medal detector it is and as far as I would know it wouldn’t even need to work. I just want to go and absorb some knowledge
  8. Color can be an indicator that chemicals have been used in mining operations. Cyanide and arsenic compounds along with mercury are commonly used chemicals used in the extraction of medal from ore. Sodium cyanide is whitish and can be easily overlooked. You should always use precautions when working old mine dumps so you do not fall prey to cross contamination. I wear leather gloves when in old mining areas and wash my tools and hands prior to eating or storing my tools. At the very least it does not hurt to be a little paranoid.
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