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  1. could be epidote. I was reading a mineralogical report a while back and it stated that epidote and chlorite were found together in the Gold Basin area. The link to the report if you need some nap time is https://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/1361/report.pdf
  2. I believe Gold Basin has some chlorite minerals...maybe Clinochlore but I am not that knowledgeable on minerals.
  3. looks like flint from the UK. http://www.ancientcraft.co.uk/Flintknapping/Flintknapping.html
  4. Two that come to mind is oolite limestone or variolite. I am not familiar with that area so both guesses could be wrong. Can you let if the dark spot are crystals...any transparency to them?
  5. Haderly

    Copper Replacement Agate

    I've been wanting to add one to my collection for a long time. Even the lower quality ones can be very expensive.
  6. Wow you did very well on that trip. Are you going to be selling any?
  7. Haderly

    Toms coil and repair week

    Hey Dean I was up your way last weekend. Checked out a few new areas to hit once it cools off.
  8. Haderly

    Need some opinions here....

    I would bet the dark lines are cactus. Their location appears to be random. I think this type of cistern is a bit above ground but not fully with a roof top. I have seen several different types but I am almost positive there is no power poles.
  9. Haderly

    Need some opinions here....

    Looks like a water catchment that they put in for wildlife. A big concrete apron to collect the water, a underground cistern to hold the water that then is gravity fed to a trough.
  10. Haderly

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Bob that is a great picture of your daughter. I have to watch my 3 year old daughter around my shinny rocks...she claims them all for herself and keeps a death grip on them. I have had to wait until she falls asleep before getting some of my gemstones back.
  11. Haderly

    Mexican Gray Wolf in AZ?

    I have seen one wolf or wolf hybrid in Arizona. It was north of Payson and undoubtedly a wolf. It was only 100 yards away and in the scope of my rifle so I got a very good look at it. My hunting buddy also watched it through his scope and came to the same conclusion. I have seen hundreds of coyotes and they cannot be mistook for a wolf at close range.
  12. Only been there once but it is a very cool area. Planning to go back next year and spend a little more time.
  13. Haderly

    Going out to the LSD

    Good looking little nug. I would say 1.25 grams
  14. Haderly

    Posted at Lynx Creek area....

    I don't see the issue. The sign clear means no unattended metal detectors and no kneeling while panning.