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  1. John B. , Thanks for the post. I was specifically at the GPAA claim they've got in Ash Canyon. It's a dried up creek bed that's got a lot of trash around. I went further up the canyon and did a some beeping around there and dug up some lead bullets and aluminum foil. The area of the claim looks promising because there are a lot of broken milky quartz pieces lying around in that area. What do you know about any of the other canyons in the Huachuca's, like Miller, Carr, Ramsey, Bear, etc. On another note, luckily I did not have to contend with any crazies waving guns aroun
  2. Finally bought me a decent detector this past weekend. Looking for recommendations of places around the Huachuca mountains to go prospecting for gold. I went up to Ash and Miller canyons this past weekend and was not to impressed. Came away with a bunch of chigger bites that I'm scrathching now as I'm typing this posting. Any advice would be helpful and I'd be indebted to you. Thanks, Race
  3. Bill, Sincerely, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to personally provide me with some advice on my quandry related to which detector to buy. Especially the fact that your running the Nugget Shooter Forum for new guys like me to benefit from. To be quite candid, it's primarily because of your website and and an article I read in 'Lost Treasure' magazine, that I'm even taking the plunge and buying a a gold detector. So thanks for what you do for folks like me to influence our decisions to get into the prospecting sport. I'm in the Army, currently TDY here at Ft. Huachuca, and
  4. I am a recreational detectorists who up to recently has been using a Bounty Hunter Land Ranger for hobby ddetecting. I have recently decided to plunge into the gold prospecting side of things. I have decided to purchase a gold metal detector and have narrowed the choice down to two choices; the Minelab Eureka Gold Digger and the Whites GMT. I am looking to get additional advice as to which is better for gold prospecting. This new detector would be used exclusively for gold prospecting. I have heard a lot about the Minelab reputation especially with the high end PI models but cannot afford
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