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  1. Thanks. I think I'll be beeping. I'm not sure if I'd want to use a pick and shovel.
  2. Puts a new meaning to the term Gold Digger. lol.
  3. Most of the deaths resulting from Gila monster bites are actually not from the venom, but from their highly unsanitary mouths. The gila mouth harbors a bunch of disgusting bacteria because they usually eat dead animals. The people that died did not seek treatment as far as I know, and died from infections.
  4. Hey guys! I've just recently decided to pick up panning as a hobby and I was looking for some tidbits of info before I get out in the field from those pros (or seasoned hobbyists!) out there that could help me in my journey. Some of my own info... I'm 24 and I have 2 days off a week to experiment with this for right now. I live in Mesa, AZ and I'm really hoping there are some locations that are in close proximity that could yield some favorable results over time. I'm not really doing this for the money in gold so much as just the excitement of finding something out in nature and just getting
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