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  1. Youtube has 6 videos by Jimmy Sierra going over the GMT
  2. Grumpy dog, why did you post on my Classified add if you were not going to make an offer? 

  3. Free to good home - 50+ years of GSA and AAPG bulletins http://arizonageology.blogspot.com/2016/05/free-to-good-home-50-years-of-gsa-and.html
  4. Free to good home - 50+ years of GSA and AAPG bulletins http://arizonageology.blogspot.com/2016/05/free-to-good-home-50-years-of-gsa-and.html
  5. I new this was a touchy subject. This is a small community when you really look at it. I was just bored and thinking out loud in a computer age way. As to monetary worth. i do not know how many books I have purchased from good souls (some on these Forum) over the years. They in essence are doing what I suggested. Just not as specific. Glad to see the humor injected in this. I was grinning when I typed it. Thanks All
  6. I am sitting here doing research after detecting this morning. A crazy ideal came into my head. Probably because I get bored reading those reports, going thru magazine archives etc. I am sure this will start a firestorm and am hesitant to suggest it. Oh well here goes. Some of you who can no longer go in the field might make some good cash selling GPS coordinates to Patch locations. Now before you blow up,here me out. I would not think it right selling those that still have partners still hunting them. I am sure there are some that only one person knows of that keeps getting re
  7. Thanks for all the help. El Dorado, i did the Special balance as suggested. Andy, I pulled the Cover off just to make sure it was clean. Nugget108, Ahorton, that was the first thing I checked. They were OK as far as i could tell. I took it out and played with the Sensitive extra and Smooth settings. Better results. Tried the Gain 6 to 11. The adjusted the Stabilizer till the threshold was smooth. worked way better. Detected around, In a few spots i had to increase Tracking. Ran on Slow and extra Slow At the end of the hunt, I put it in High Mineral with factory settings
  8. Anyone have settings that work well in the Little San Domingo wash area. I tried a spot today with tons of hot rocks and could not get the Machine to settle down.I would Ground Balance it , sometimes it would settle down, then go nuts when i start swinging (slow). Tried Tracking and Fixed. I changed timings, Lowered gain (6), adjusted stabilizer up and down, tried all three tracking speeds. Made adjustments one at a time. Tried high Mineral setting Salt, Sens Smooth, Normal etc. Checked connections etc. I have the Commander Mono coil that came with the 4500 package on it. Mayb
  9. I got my State Trust Land permit online today https://land.az.gov/recreational-permit-portal Better than in person!
  10. Howdy Bill. Tim Hibbs here. 

    Thanks for a great forum with loads of info. I got out of prospecting 20 years ago to raise the family. They are out of the house and doing fine. Getting close to retirement and slowly back into enjoying the outdoors and finding some color. I belong to Road Runner and am joining GPAA again. If I see you out there, I will introduce myself and Thank You in person.

    Good Health to You.


  11. The Saga continues. I was out to Rich Hill Saturday 3/19/16. It was a beautiful day. At Decision Corner there is a board up with the following notices (see attached photos). I went over to Gold Strike to see what was happening in the creek. There are new claim markers up and the claim owner was there. He was letting others work the claim as guest. I think that was nice of him. On my way to Mountain Top I met a Prospector coming down from there. I ask if He had information. He informed me "I was up there all morning Gold detecting and nobody bothered me". I think he
  12. 01/28/2016 Update on California suction gold dredge hearings http://www.icmj.com/news-detail.php?id=325&keywords=Update_on_California_suction_gold_dredge_hearings I will be To old or Cold to Dredge, before this is ruled on.
  13. possible Info for field exploration. Some nice explanations for types of deposits. I do not claim to understand it. just passing it along. Landsat ETM+ and ASTER satellite imagery to remotely identify areas of potentially mineralized lithologies. http://data.nbmg.unr.edu/Public/CREG/StudentTheses/Cramer_DNWR_UNRMS2014.pdf
  14. Swamp, I am in California training. When I get home (this weekend) I will scan the maps and PM them to you.
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