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  1. Brian lewis just left a message that my switch is replaced and he is checking if it is under warranty. Here is the address but you need to contact ML for an RMA number. Minelab West Attn: Brian Lewis 4960 S. Gilbert Road Suite 1-134 Chandler, AZ 85249 630-401-8172
  2. I was told by Minelab to send my 4500 to a Chandler address and the guy's name is Brian Lewis. They assigned me a number and had me ship it to the West repair shop in Chandler.
  3. If you are finding any portable equipment I would hope you would leave it be. I have covered my drywasher and vac in the desert so I didn't have to move it in and out. If it is major equipment I would think you would need some kind of government permission just to move it let alone claim it as yours.
  4. At the age of three I bought my grandson a cheap detector just the right size for him. Took him out on the quad and kept dropping quarters all over the ground and kicking dirt on top. He found about two bucks worth and I told him I had neen planting them. He went home and dug a half acre of his back yard up and filled a gallon jug with junk. I would salt then tell him right away so he understands he found the nugget fair and square but that you put it down for him to find. Kids just believe they are going to find something kool no matter what it is. Enjoy that kid Gramps.
  5. I liked the Joey coil on my 4000. I hunt the Bradshaws and west of Rye with my grandson. Just a good all around coil for this machine for pickers is good. I am going to try the round coil for a bit and see how I like it. Thanks.
  6. I hunt the Bradshaws with plenty of mineralized ground and look for gold. I used a Joey on my 4000 and liked that coil. Whatever will find me a picker or two is good.
  7. Went up to Prescott and bought the 2200V2 from a nice lady whose hubby bought it then died from a heart attack. Around $1000 and never even taken out of the box. New headphones in there too. It has the round coil so need to know the best coil for this machine. It will be nice to get out again. Sucks that the guy died before he could use it even once. He was only 63.
  8. Biz crashed with the economy so I sold my GPX4000 a year ago. If I can get a new in box 2200v2 or a Gold Bug 2 what would you recommend? The GB2 is half the cost but if the 2200 will work better I will get that one. Thanks for your help. I am missing the sweaty hikes in the bradshaws. I figure I can upgrade when things pick up at work.
  9. I bought a hard tired game cart for hauling elk and deer. Put a piece of quarter inch plywood and some rope and bungees. It was cheap on ebay and it will haul the vac and drywasher. Still need two guys if you are going overland in the Bradshaws through washes and mountains but works pretty good. I use a hunting packframe if it is too rough.
  10. The new HCB rule on 1099's is not the same as the old laws. I own a business and instead of listing all purchases from each vendor as a single entry on my tax forms I will have to issue a 1099 to each of the 30 vendors I have. Some businesses that sell retail will have tens of thousands of 1099 forms to fill out. It is just a way for the IRS to force business to handle their duties to catch tax cheats. Another job killer since every motion we make costs us money.
  11. I did that ten years ago north of Cleator on a deer hunt. I was lucky and had bibs, boots and a heavy coat on. Slipped on a hill and rather than drop my rifle I fell backwards and landed in a cholla. Stripped down and started picking the needles out with my knife. Came out pretty good but kind of hurt and ruined my coat since it was full of broke off needles. Brings back bad memories.
  12. You shoulda seen the throttle we used. A stick between the gas pedal and the electric seat that was adjustable witht the push of a button. You can figure anything out with enough beer.
  13. Bob-good article in the paper and I saw your video on channel 15 last night so no way APS can hide from the whole mess. I still want to see proof of their claim that an arcing incident ever occurred from a cactus.
  14. I dealt with a son who was a drug addict for over 20 years. Finally learned to turn him out on the streets and he ended up in prison. He has been off drugs in there for 2 years and is a totally different person. I am like you. Married and had a kid at 18 and gave my kids just about whatever they wanted. I often wonder why I am still around. I hope you can find a way to keep on the net because it can get real lonely and depressing when all of the crap in the world is stepping on your neck. Not good for Momma either. Hang in there and tough it out until it blows up then move on with what is left
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