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  1. awsome nuggets garimpo ,did you get them with a new minelab and of course half the battle is knowledge of the areas your hunting.i spent 3days dry washing for 3.5 grammes of gold which wasnt great for the amount of earth i moved again congrats on the great find.
  2. i think bunk said to keep off heavily worked areas and youll get a lot less thrash and maybe a nugget or two. i sure would love to have one of those minelab 5000. make a habbit of leaving yourself an hour or two to try a complete random area, youd never know what youd find. well thats what im starting to do and hopefully ond day it will pay off. i have a whites gmt have found shell casings /lead bbs a nugget in my dry washing tailing pile and hopefully it will pick uup on a nugget in the ground soon. I like to dry wash does the 5000 have a feature to tell you where black sand is more concentrated. thats mostly what i use my gmt for and i find it handy at picking up spots to dry wash in.
  3. happy thanks giving to all prospectors and to everyone who has the love of the outdoors.may there be lots of nuggets to be found this weekend im heading out to gold basin this weekend
  4. this is anthony, sorry i didnt get a chance to hook up last weekend, im thinking of trying the new claims up at meadowview this weekend. i will most lightly go saturday morning early. my mobile no. is 702 2419617. it will probably be off until friday eveningas i have to go to wall mart to get more credit on it. paid rent last week still broke until friday lol send me a reply if u go saturday morni

  5. tried them on a small mesh vibrating table with different sized screens. it ended up being too bulky to haul around. sanders burned out aftet an hour with dust and they got real hot. i got a small motor with a pulley on it, i cut nearly half the pulley off to throw it out of balance and bolted the motor pulley combo to table frame which was mounted on springs/ it worked okat but dampish dirt it couldent flow shovels of gravel through it it simply didnt have enough vibration power. IDEA. look into elecric or gas powered concrete vibrators[ we called it a poker]. i would imagine that bolted to a table would shake the devil out of it. Again the hassle of lugging it around. for dry washer id suggest getting a keane 151 which has hot air and plenty of power to vibrate the material through it.again the keane 151 is akward to lug around wahes but i fine it works great and helps dry the dirt// but i find myself using it instead of a sluice on damp ground i run the tailings/ fine dirt passed through riffles twice and if there is any gold in it it will have got it all. an idea i have is a tromell hooked to with the dry washer installed in it. the tromell would knoch clay off stones and break up the dirt good and fine. that might be a winter project for me. id need three eighth punch plate moulded into a tube like structure and strengthened with light steel and some way to attach a pulley to be able to rurn it wil a small motor[ i will have to over come dust getting to motor/ maybe keane 151 could spare some air to blow at motor to keep dust away from it. i wish i had an atv to haul stuff around in the washes.
  6. running pay dirt through the sluice works well, i have carpet instead of miners moss/ nothing ever makes it to the miners moss as before that on thesluice the material passes over fine riffled rubber matting that catches everything except pencil eraser nuggets which usuall stop at first riffle. dry washer concentrates i have to clean rubber matting a lot more often as i usually get a lot of fine black sand which holds and locks small fine gold with it. going over tailings it rarely ever looses any fine gold even ultra fine. the desert fox gold wheel will wash the fine gold out if the material is not screened down to a fine mesh. i have 2 1200 gph bilge pumps and i have a feeling that the volume of water is too great and will wash some of the fine gold away and flat flakes of gold. the riffles on the sluice are an inch high and if i havent a big volume of water flowing it wont efficently clear the bigger pebbles,my problem could be that i screen material down to half inch screen size, i need to screen down to three eighth and i wouldent have the pebble problem. the other is that the manufactured inch high riffles are too high, if they were lowered a quarter inch they might work better// but it might destroy the sluice. its a jobe river sluice that i have turned into a re circulating sluice. it does work great and i find the fine ribbed rubber map is awsome. i dont think what i wrote was any help any way i might as well post it hope you find lots of colour.
  7. silvervortek


    Garimpo an old trick we used on tractors with no locking diff was when one wheel is spinning apply the brake and that will help slow down the spinning wheel and force the other wheel to turn while keeping your foot on the gas once you do it once or twice youll get the hang of it. i have a 4wd silverado and the front axle broke and it is now rear wheel drive but i have the transfer case with the low gears which works great. going up steep gravel dirt roads when i have no load she tends to spin a wheel but if i have a good heavy load on board she is solid on the ground. i have an automatic locking diff but one wheel has to spin at 150 rpm for the locking diff to lock up. i have had to replace rear axle pinion bearings about 4 times now, its been a great truck so far just the axles have been a nightmare. i have 170 thousand miles on truck now/ of course axles didnt break until it reached 70 thou miles / warranty ran out after 60 thou miles. touching wood please god she keeps truckin along for me. by the way normal driving the front axle grenaded and oil went every where /cromwheel and pinion teeth broke, beer can aluminium axle split in two. the chevys and fords have aluminium front axles, i might have to look at an older dodge truck that has a full solid front axle, but id love a 4wd van that i could sleep in while prospecting at weekends if i ever find that large chunk of gold that would help buy it lol.
  8. not sure how great it would work/ especially if theres plenty of black sand in area youd imagine every thing would give off a magnetic resenance. in soil with earth worms i used to soak the soil the night before well in an area. 48 square feet. next day i would drive a pitch fork into the ground about a foot deep and hook it up to 220 volt supply and turn on power and it would send worms scurrying up to the surface and once the power was turned off one could just pick up the stunned worms, after a few minutes they would return to normal. i also used 220 volt generator with power fed through a rectifier to change the frequency of the power to about 4 hz with a plus and a minus pole a few feet apart we would stun fresh water fish to collect them for survey work and fish removal purposes.within a few feet of the poles it would kill a person but again it only temporary stunned the fish who recovered in a few minutes. surveyed rivers with 12 boats across covering bank to bank electro fishing for survey work. silvery coloured salmon fresh from the sea the power would break their back bone and kill them if we didnt lift poles out of the water quickly. the silver scales were far more conductive than the darker coloured salmon who has slime built up on its scales over time in the river which protects its flesh from infection. how about these new high powered marine sonars/ from what i have seen they penetrate through 100 feet of water /6 foot of mud and then about 6 foot of solid rock showing any changes in the rock with colour differences. i used to be able to divine water in the ground using a y shaped hazel or sally rod branch. gold cannot exist without water so i reckon they share a lot of properties in common. as for the metal detector i have if i ever get a nugget with it i will believe it penetrates through more than 2 inches of highly mineralized ground. i used the black sand id monitor on it to get areas high in black sand to dig for dry washing but never had much luck. i would love to have the cash to invest in a minelab 5000/ from what i have seen in the field for about a year now the only people getting worth while deep nuggets are people using the gpx 4500 and up. talked to people using 2 expensive[$750 to $1000] detectors and all they were getting was tin foil bullets/ nails/bean cans/ so i didnt feel bad as i was getting the same with the detector i have so it wasnt just my inexperience at play. i have often detected an area before dry washing and got no reading and found half gramme plus nuggets within 18 inches of the ground top. agAIN IM ONLY A NOVICE WITH THE METAL DETECTOR AND HOPEFULLY OVER THE WINTER MONTHS I WILL LEARN BETTER HOW TO READ THE GROUND AND USE THE METAL DETECTOR TO ITS FULL ABILITY. I DID WATCH A VIDEO FROM METAL DETECTOR MANUFACTURER and i feel i learned a good bit. with all the rain its looking like it will be back to the sluice again / i will admit im spoiled using the drywasher. and ill tell you once i start sluicing i will be finding clay every where / while i was dry washing i was in gravelly ground which would have suited the sluice far better. im hopefully this weekend moving to a new prospecting area and hopefully i will get some colour.
  9. i read your story bill. that was a lovely story of the old man, it reminded me of growing up fishing on my uncles lobster fishing boat, we had a crew of 6 on board and when my father was home from working on the lighthouse he would be out too i was about 8/ i asked one day why we had these two men in their 80s they couldent work as hard. my father said it was what they knew is what counted, later years fishing with them i would remember them pointing out spots where their father and fathers father had got good catches and indeed we would do well. These2 good men are all gone now hopefully in a better place looking down on us. i wonder what there thinking of me gone from the waters of the west of Ireland to the desert in Arizona, what a change. i love being out there sluicing or drywashing and gettin a little colour/ i got a cheaper used whites gmt and hopefully i will find a nugget or two over the winter with it so far i only use it to check my tailing piles. my father is approaching his 80s now and he still fishes passing his knowledge on to my younger brothers, one of whom is almost half my age. Im very proud of my father and proud that i grew up with an older generation of peole that were humble and good people in simpler times. i seem to be running into more of these people in gold basin whoe are full of knowledge and friendly and it makes the weekend meeting people while looking for a little colour. my father keeps asking how manu ounces i have yet i tell him its going to take a while to get that much lol.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. its most lightly the operator that is at fault here,im going to spend a little more time with the detector and when the weather cools i will start using the head phones. im going to concentrate around the area in which i found the gramme nugget which was my first and biggest nuget i have found yet i got it drywashing a member of the forum here put on a slide show of gold nuggets he has found over the years all i can say is wow. thats some collection of gold.
  11. I apologise the detector isint a tdi the metal detector is a whites GMT goldmaster e series on it is the whites goldmaster twin d coil. The so called gramme nugget was closer to a third of a gramme nugget /a little bigger than 2 grains of rice side by side. Tomorrow im going to try it out with the gramme nugget i have and see if i can get it to beep a little better, i have head phones and i hope i wouldent need them checking dry washing stone piles along with fine gravel. i have no chaps yet and i have only tried for about an hour nugget shooting by i will have to try more and learn, when i get chaps i will use the headphones. i got within 6 inches of a six plus foot western diamond back a few weeks ago and after that encounter i treading very carefully. If i dont do any better with the gramme nugget i will bring the detector to the next club meeting there are plenty of seasoned prospectors who use metal detectors. i have seen other prospectors using the same model detector so i assume it must be a decent detector. i have been using it for locating dry wasing areas when the black sand meter gives a high reading and there is no thrash present. im still learning, a few buckets of old concentrates i had ran through the desert fox i decided to wet down and slowly run the fines through the sluice. i got a nice bit of fine gold about as much as i would get in a days drywashing half gramme. i wonder how much gold i have dumped sinced i started drywashing. with the sluice i dont have the same concentration of black sand and the desert fox was better able to handle the fines from the sluice. the large amounts of black sand from the drywashertends to spill the fine gold out of desert fox/ im finding i have to run the fines 3 times to get all the gold out of black sand. sorry for wandering off subject but i was amazed with how much gold i got from dirt i was about to return to the desert. thanks everyone for going to the trouble of replying to the post. new problem i have is that i want to go dry washing this weekend in AZ but there are some vicious storms there tonight ,maybe by saturday night things will have dried up.
  12. i lately got this used whites tdi metal detector/ with its standard dd coil. on some pay dirt i placed a half gramme nugget and no matter how i tweaked settings i couldent get a loud beep/ the batteries are new.and i ground balanced it and it was on auto trac. the analizer on the screen gave a reading alright around 55%, but that was sketchy at best only reading once in several sweeps. If the coil passes over a brass bullet casing/ piece of wire or tin can it sceams. Imostly only use for checking my tailing piles after drywashing. but if it cant pick up on a half gramme gold nugget i dont think it would beep passing over a gold nugget in a tailing pile. am i wasting my time with it/ am i expecting too much out of this machine if it cant find gold sitting on the ground hows it to find it in the ground. iguess a minelab would be the answer. i might bring it to a club meeting and see if someone familiar with metal detectors might figure out whats going on with it. the man i bought it from sent it back to whites the circuit board had become loose in it and they completely re built the machine so it should be good. i dint wear the head phones but idont think i should need them just checking tailing pilesvideos od australian decectorists dont seem to have to wear head phones the detector screams when passing over nuggets.
  13. You could try dry washing in the desert for gold/ maybe get a used puffer dry washer and a shovel to start. Join a club some have dry washers and metal detectors that you can borrow to try out plus you would be on club grounds and you could work known gold producing areas/ get tips and advice from club members. clubs GPAA GSSN and mohave prospectors association. For winter and autumnim fairly new at this too and with all the rain thats falling in gold basin the ground might soon be too damp for dry washing. last winter i used a re circulating sluice with 2 1000 gallon per hour bilge pumps./12 volt battery three eight inch screens to screen out stones out of material to run through the sluice. youd need a minimum of a 55 gallon plastic barrell to carry water/ or several 5 gallon buckets with lids if your in the desert. i think youd need to spend $1000 on a metal detector to get a basic decent gold finding machine and if your not finding much with the detector it would get boring fast/ with the sluice or puffer machine and digging in known or recently dug areas you stand a better chance of finding fine gold or even a small picker or two. i have never been to lynx creek but if there were small tributries with water flowing into the lake the sluice would work well, you could go through a lot more dirt to find gold than simply panning. and dont get talked into buying a desert fox/ gold wheel there great but only good for processing sluice and dry washer fines which may contain gold. you can pan those your self. hopefully more people in the forum will jump in and give you some advice. its a good hobby and hopefully you will get loads of gold, feel free to e mail me at silvervortek2000@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would like to meet up at gold basin , i joined the GSSN club in vegas and prospect on their club grounds most weekends. Im only at this a few months myself its been a learning curve, advice from local and knowledgable prospectors is worth its weight in gold and i have found people to be very helpful and friendly. i started out with very little money to buy equipment my self and mohave prospectors club president makes a small puffer/ dry washer that costs $350. it works greatand i have seen several working and they get the gold if its to be got
  14. living in vegas enjoy weekend prospecting/ mostly in gold basin area/ i joined Gold searchers of southern Nevada

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