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  1. the rotovator is a good idea/ pity the rotovator isint on the front it would be handy for breaking up ground that big engine would be a thirsty engine on gas[apig on petrol lol.]
  2. i have a keane 151 and so does a mate of mine , lately we have only managed to be getting very fine flour gold mostly and we find we seem to do better if we clean out the riffle tray about every half hour. i find it a good thing to see if one is still getting some gold and its a kind of mental boost to see a little colour. if your starting to go off the gold youll know after about 2 washes when it starts fading away. i have a small sluice i run the concentrates through so i see roughly what i get. layely i have been doing bad and fuel costs and keeping cool are making it not worth while for me. im hopeing to get out this week but i will be trying new areas, and hopefully i can get some chunkier gold.
  3. interesting topic im probably moving back east and i am thinking of setting up a small dredge. the keane pump is close to $700. and i cant see me getting the cash to get that its taking me over 2 weeks to get an ounce now dry washing and the weather is getting hotter so i only stay out in the heat for a max of 4 days now so its taking several 4 weeks to get an ounce and im plagued with very fine flour gold i cant to seem to get chunky gold lately. i will have to get the 3 inch nozzle and the y thingy that generates the suction im going to use the dredge out of a pontoon boat in about 2 foot of water. so i will only have a few foot lift and about 15 feet of suction hose running into a river sluice with some kind of header box. my biggest problem is will i have enough 5 gallon buckets to put the gold in. LOL. one thing i can say is that the hondaengine i use on my dry washer is 10 years old and worked a lot and it still runs fine.
  4. if you had some kind of tromell or an old washing machine that could be doctored to agetate the dirt. i used clay be gone to clean and settle mud to the bottom of tub. years ago while doing freeze river samples i used stuff called aluminium flox. it makes particles in the water heaavy and silt drops out of the water it is used in water treatment also. a re circulatingsluice will work fine if you can keep the water from getting soupy/ muddy.
  5. thanks dave for reply i did get it along with some fine gold and there is a little more in the area but it will take digging more overburden. it going to take a while longer to get a huge chunk of a meteorite, i seen 2 fall to earth recently but they landed //guessing a few hundred miles from my position in GB.
  6. I found this rock in gold basin AZ about 3 years back while metal detecting. it gave a huge reading on the metal detector and i dug down almost 3 feet, it was among 2 other rocks and the bottom flat part of the stone was embedded in the caliche, also the sides somewhat and the top was coated in clay. it weighs about 14 pounds and ifeels fairly heavy for its size but isint as heavy as a bulk piece of iron its size. the stone is greyish and black in colour with greenish white stone mixed throughout it and the greenish white stone gets more predominent as it gets towards the back of the stone on the top surface there are grains of mica on the surface of the rock. parts of the rock look like a black baked iron. im going to try to post a few photos and maybe if anyone fairly familiar with meteorites could look at them and let me know what they think/ i wont break it up until i know what it is,it might just be a hot rock but i dont see and brown veins running through the rock like i have seen in hot rocks.
  7. just seen the post the dredging video is awsome,and your getting nice gold as well. i might be moving to where there is some gold in a river and im going to start looking into a god highbanker or dredge soon. again awsome underwater footage
  8. is that the film where one fellow goes to gun down the other man for using up some of the water to make coffee as far as i remember there were 3 men with the gold and the mexicans were after them as well to get the gold ,i think all 3 went mad wondering if the other man would steal the lot. the area ran out on him i think he got closer to a little over an ounce. were both scratching around now trying to find a few grammes lol. around the same time i hit one or two good pockets of gold which has since ran out. aw well life goes on and i dream of finding another pocket or two with a decent few flakes in it. sadly for me the gold is gone as quick as one finds it if only i could find an area that woulf yield good gold for a few days
  9. awsome nuggets garimpo ,did you get them with a new minelab and of course half the battle is knowledge of the areas your hunting.i spent 3days dry washing for 3.5 grammes of gold which wasnt great for the amount of earth i moved again congrats on the great find.
  10. thanks everyone for replying, i was fierce disapointed at the time and after a few days i was still bitter but in the end i let it go i met back up with him last week and said nothing, i happened to find a little gold and he got very little so it kinda balanced out and from the few weeks i have known the man, he is very decent and goes out of his way to help peole in need he has served his country with distinction and has served in several wars abroad. not to mention a bit of company is a lot better than talking to the jackrabbits and lizards. if i got stuck in the sand i could easily reach him to help pull me out a lot of other prospectors arent so forth coming giving their mobile numbers out. i know myself digging and dry washing all day when one is tired is when i often come on a little gold and that gives a man a whole new lease of life to dig harder and get the gold there is no doubt about it gold fever does exist and its hard to stop when one is seing colour. i guess it will all balance out in the end. after a year and a half of digging to find an area in which the old timers overlooked Aw well hopefully they missed a few more spots and hopefully i can home in om one or two of them. i came across a wash last week and dug through 4 foot of red stony clay that was like concrete and i got very little and as i went from 3 foot to 4 foot got no gold. im heading out tomorrow and hopefully i can find a little colour some where
  11. thats pretty much the same gold as i get working the washes in the desert and if i can manage a gramme or two in a day im doing well. if you had a small re circulating sluice with the black mat on it you could concentrate down you concentrates to gold and finer black sand though i would pick out any pickers or bigger flakey bits of gold. youll have far less to pan and i use those black basins you can get at wall mart or auto one for doing oil changes, i usually wash concentrates into basin and swirl it around if i see good signs of colour i keep going and pan it out when i get home.
  12. doug i used extremely fine silk i got from the mother in laws scarf. it worked great until i left it up against a thorny bush which put 2 holes in it and of course i made the hole bigger by poking it with my finger. next i used a mans silk shirt i purchased from a charity shop, it was made of heavy strong silk and proved a disaster as the air would barely go through it and once it choked a little with dust it stopped me dry washing altogether, i tried to wash it with soapy water and even the water wouldent go through it. ended up calling it a day and going home. i got a piece of sheet or cloth blind im not sure it was black and you can pretty much see through it and the air passes through it real easy and so far so good. i usually use spray on glue in a can you buy at home depot/ its beside the laminate spray glue but its the general purpose glue which only has to be sprayed on the metal. i usually spray on the glue and do my best to stretch the cloth as tight as i can get it when sticking it to the bottom of the riffle tray, i have a plastic cover with holes in it i put on next/ usually i put a bit of clear silicone on the edges and under the riffles and a quarter of an inch up the riffle on the cloth material to create a dead air flow zone to allow the fine gold to rest in. i use small screws and washers then to hold the plastic in place and help the cloth to last longer. my riffle tray dry washer is 10 years old so its a little battered but still gets the gold. to remove old glue use a little acetone on a rag will melt the glue away use gloves and a ventulated area working with acetone. If its a 151 you have you can get the cloth and glue from keane for $25 plus postage. i just fitted a new vibroscopic fan on my dry washer today asthe old fan had broke and from 10 blades it was doun to about 5 so it was getting it hRD TO VIBRATE THE MATERIAL.. the fan nit cost $45 plus postage.
  13. a few weeks back i met a new prospector out looking in washes who didnt have any experience dry washing. I let him run material he had classified through my dry washer until he got his own. most of the time he would be working in areas where there was little to no gold and i would invite him over to where i was working as i was getting some gold there. we ended up being a team working areas. Last week we were trying a hill top where many nuggets were got via. minelab and we had a go dry washing the area, after about a day we got nothing, i went on farther past the hill and found a nice wash to work he went to one of the side washes. next day he came up to me and said he was getting nothing much in that wash i told him i was getting some gold and told him to come up and work this area. he did and about 15 feet from where i was he dug into the glory hole where the old timers had missed, he had been pulling small pickers and small nuggets out of there all week and he is still getting more. all in all i git a few grammes out of the spot i was in he actually threw thre rocks into parts of the area i was working.[i was working my way towards the glory hole and would have uncovered it in a few hours but out of courtesy and to give him room to work i turned around and worked the other way.] at the end of the week i walked away with afew grammes maybe 6 if im lucky ,i guess from what i have seen he has already about 3 to 4 ounces. im sick about that when i was getting gold and he was getting none i invited him over, when he hit the mother lode he didnt invite me to work the area, he could see i was scrounging all over the area trying to get a few grammes together. he doesent think he has done anything wrong but im bitter and have a sick feeling over the whole thing. i know im gullable and feel a fool he rang me up to out digging next week i dont want anything to do with him and i ought to tell him i dont want anything more to do with him. last week he had to go away for 2 days and i ended up looking after his gear and buckets laiden with gold bearing material and i didnt touch anything. my wife told me while he wasnt there i should have been up digging the rest of the gold out of the hole, because im catholic stupid and honest i didnt even though i found the place and secondly we were on club claims and he wasnt there i could have and should have dug the rest of the gold out. im really annoyed and bitter about the whole thing. i guess now i know why most prospectors work on their own. what do you fellow prospectors think.
  14. i lived in marietta georgia for about 9 years and fished most weekends on allatoona lake. i recently joined the gpaa, Gold prospectors Association of America and looking on the book for georgia they say theres gold in allatoona lake and small streams in the marietta area and tribituries feeding into allatoona lake. i couldent find anything to prospect or pan up n dahlonega and all the land has posted signs on it and the only place you can prospect is 20 feet each side of a road bridge. most mines there and in helen ga you can pay for gold bearing dirt and pan it out but for me that didnt offer any interest to me. ooutside helen ga up beside the indian mound i found gold there in the chatachoee river, i found a nice bit for a couple of shovel fulls of gravel beside the river edge. i used to fish on allatoona lake and didnt know there was gold there, it bothers me that i didnt know when i lived there so i hope if you find the mother lode youll let us know my wife wants to return back there to marietta but i want to spend a little time out west prospecting. i believe there are good gold areas in north carolina and gold was recently found in alabama, but the problem is the land is privately owned unlike the blm lands here
  15. i got pAID TODAY FOR THE GOLD I SOLD AND IM OVER THE MOON.Im delighted with what i got for it. pay some bills / fix the steering in the truck and i will be able to stock up on grub and gas to go out get me some more yellow.
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