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  1. Au Seeker , I bought the detector without the manual. I've already found a tutorial on the web and now I'm trying very hard to understand it Thank you for good advice! Romulus
  2. Thank you friends for all your feedback ! I live in Europe so my terrain will be a difference to hunting from your area Lots of work and exercises with GM3 for me I need to understand all its functions and dependencies settings. Regards
  3. Hi all ,A few days to this I bought the detector Whites Goldmaster GM3 . I hope to love GM3and will permit to get me the new quality detecting I have already Whites Spectra V3i and XP Goldmaxx Power but I see that GM3 has a potential and the force .I am meteorite hunter so I will want to find in GM3 ideal settings so in order to he detected to me very well and deeply stony meteorite (chondrite).Can somebody help me find best settings ? Thanks
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