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  1. I think this was Texas or desert southwest, a man walked into a store wearing a scuba wet suit and mask, telling everyone to stand back. He wanted people far away from him.
  2. I'm hearing crazy stories about people in store, In a town close to us, a young lighter skin black dude, about 5" 9-10" tall went in a 7/11 store for coffee. The lady told him she could not sell him a cup without him wearing a mask. He tossed the coffee in her face then walked out. If that wasn't enough, the guy came back in 7/11 and slugger her, beat her up some more.
  3. Here are some people dry washing next to the Yuma Proving Grounds. Had to take road across from the Big Guns, go past the tank crossing signs to other side. Think south from there. See anyone prospecting, they would know. Power lines through an area where they used to prospect, maybe still can.
  4. Bill has a birthday also---Happy B-Day!
  5. Yesterday I noticed a surge in traffic going by on the road in front. People must be tired of staying home, get out to drive around where ever they went.
  6. Don, your photo isn't displaying when I look at it.
  7. I'm getting cabin fever. Just saw something new on virus complications, blood clots that are killing people. Virus death rate is still far lower than other leading causes-suicide, abortion, flu, accidents, etc. People only 60-62 years old been dying from virus, even getting 107 degree tempts.
  8. I'm getting tired of seeing news reports about it.
  9. Pt. 6 - Untold Ancient American Truth // Maya Civilizers, Egypt in A
  10. We have a live update on Internet to get current statistics. At this very moment the death toll 2,438 +441 and total US confirmed reads 138,879 +18,675'
  11. Here in the US, younger people who have health problems seem to be getting it worse, just as with older with bad immune systems. The infected numbers went much higher and sooner than expected. News media are really playing it up, one news headline on Internet today read 200,000 could become a new death count. They tend to exaggerate a lot, but we have a county our state, infected numbers double every 24 hours. the new death toll,
  12. Don said recently Brazil is starting to take action also, try to slow down the virus. I think he might be out away from things right now, attempting to get a little gold hunting done.
  13. There are people who have spent a lot of time searching for them.
  14. This afternoon, corona count for Indiana reached 645. Not much yet, but considering the first confirmed case was around March 6th. It might be 666 by tonight.
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