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  1. So Don, what we are looking at goes more like this?
  2. Sounds like a site with plenty of good potential.
  3. I'm beginning to think the upper end of slave digs, across the property line, might hold good gold, if permission is hard to get from that owner.
  4. Maybe they weren't in the right spot or perhaps make you think no gold found by them.
  5. I think .60 secs might be a little long (at least .60 duration on transitions definitely) I'd try set .37 for added transition. If you set photo to .60 then eat up part of the time with motion transitions.
  6. Might as well pretty the map up a bit.
  7. Don, somebody interested in your meteorite, just asked me for photos (if I'd had any}.
  8. I sort of felt like that part of the map was drawing me.
  9. I'll take the inside corner area out by #4.
  10. I have read comments before, they saw a monument looked like a gorilla holding a purse. I'm thinking maybe that pic from the Bradshaws monument, could be what was seen.
  11. Sort of a delayed fuse there, a self made timer.
  12. Maybe the fire will smoke out or burn the hornets nest and the yellow jackets.
  13. Have a good beeping morning Don, after some good coffee.
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