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  1. Hope out libtard politicians won't get any bright ideas, to try changing our mining laws.
  2. Beginning to sound like a crack down own all gold prospecting. Hope other countries don't start following their example.
  3. I'm wondering now, if all this could be a result of the fires started last year, especially around the lake property. Must have cost a lot of money to fight the burning wildfires.
  4. Of course, "years past" is too far yesterday, to remember all the sources. I've got stacks of Pick & Shovel Gazette from GPAA published during Obama era. They had tons of articles about the Obama Administration.
  5. I was only going by the years past, comments I'd read here on the Nugget Shooter forum. Back then, probably was a lot of hype and speculation over what actually went into Obama Care.
  6. Brazil wanted gold tax, it might get really complicated. I'm thinking under Obama, you needed to issue a 1099 misc form with the IRS. At least I'd seen or read that once or twice... maybe it didn't end up that way.
  7. I think we might still have, maybe did have a gold tax. Our government under Obama, couldn't stand seeing people make all that profit on gold... as the spot gold price kept going up. They fixed it so anything (?) could of been $600 (or was it $500?). Anyway, you needed proper tax info and forms to pay the Gov their share. I would think Trump would of got that reversed, but don't know for sure.
  8. They must be concerned about the S Africa virus strain getting a hold in Brazil.
  9. I was printing out the photos, to get started making a sketch of them. More details showed up in printing. My opinion now is what you see to be nothing more than interesting weathered rock. Also did a search of Hawaiian petroglyphs. About 99.99% of the glyphs were neatly inscribed on surface without centers going down like a crack or crevice. However found 1 example of Hawaiian petroglyphs, which do look weathered, going down in the center and very irregular (much like weathered desert rocks in the main land US).
  10. I try to keep exercising, must keep reminding myself.
  11. This part here... -- I will not aid government or law enforcement in activities which violate the U.S. Constitution or other U.S. law. -- I will not aid in government surveillance. I will not inform.
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