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  1. Add 1 more thing, just learned she also is admin, at the Cherokee Native American group, I know these people are of the Cherokee tribe. The girl on Crazy Crow cover might not be the same girl, don't know until can take time to search Internet with tribal name.
  2. I thought I might still have the Crazy Crow catalog. Sure enough, read the cover story for the painting. It doesn't give her English name, only a tribal name in some Indian language. If you could translate it into English, the name probably would be a combination of an animal plus either something from their religion or representing a personal characteristic. The catalog is several years old, probably more like getting close to 10 years. At the time published, it said she lived in Nashville which is the same geographical area. The artist was a very good friend of her and she modeled frequently for him. This means there could be many paintings of her out there, done over a period of time. Some no doubt younger looking and as she got older, a little older looking. All of them paintings and if you compare paintings with the actual photograph, any recent photos will be at least 10 years older than paintings. If I check to see exactly when the Crazy Crow was published, not going to help things. I would think being in that many paintings is a good enough reason to have a fan site. Girl in video playing flute is not a painting only a screenshot from the video. In FB search results her Florida profile is linked to Apache Native American fan site and also to Cherokee Native American group, which her profile in there on posts shows up as Apache Native American with that avatar. The people in the group making the posts have more or less Cherokee ancestry. A Native American can be part Cherokee and be also part of another tribe. The Lexington profile has the same avatar as the Florida profile and reposted some of same photos on it. Since she got her education in Kentucky, maybe after moving to Florida lost password or got shut out somehow with a change of email account.
  3. Correction-she was a Native American princess who modeled native fashions, can't be sure now if she was Cherokee, but modeled for the Cherokee Crazy Crow.
  4. Ok, I did some checking out on FB, she is a member of the Cherokee Nation group which they need to join, should have a documented linage. Was from Lexington and the profile is still up but updated was for the horses. Crazy Crow Trading Post operated by the Cherokees in Oklahoma, I used to get catalogs from them in the mail. One of them had a painting on the cover. The cover story read about how a white artist painted a portrait of the Cherokee princess who is a clothing model for Native American fashions, did some modeling in Crazy Crow. I'm not saying that is her, I give up figuring things out. End of discussion.
  5. It's only a fan site because I got the top fan award which got me her name and FB personal page. She lives in Florida, has an education in equine health from Kentucky. This is my award photo.
  6. I sent an email to find out, have not heard anything back yet. I found the profile album and it has the avatar plus other photos which definitely are a lady. She just looks like, could be the mother of the girl. I've seen large chunks of quartz collected together the same way before, certain places in Arizona. If there was gold, don't think she is the type that would be interested in prospecting... probably wants to be alone out there with nature. I was at another Native American site, made a couple comments, about 2-3 hour later get a notification her page sent me an invite. I don't think I'd ever seen it before, clicking on the invite is how I got there first time.
  7. Ok, I agree, I think it is the guy who has the Apache Native American avatar. I checked the video and it originates with the page. Only reason I went to this page is because of an invite. If I hadn't been invited, never would be posting it.
  8. I know the flute player is a girl, because she has breasts.
  9. I don't know why a guy would be wearing a gold heart earring?
  10. Maybe you're right it is the guy. That image is from Apache Native American and there are 2 videos of her up close playing the flute and 1 of the other playing but not so close up. https://www.facebook.com/Apache.N.A/?fref=profile_friend_list&hc_location=profile_browser
  11. I think this must be out on the reservation, but Apache girls look like they are playing flute over the quartz in this stream
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