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  1. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Last 2 days we've had snow on the ground here. They gave some kind of explanation about how the early snow came about. A recent typhoon hit the Philippines which turned up toward Siberia, it moved the jet stream causing cold artic air front down here. That's according to the weatherman... guess we'll just have to blame this one on the Russians.
  2. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Well, I guess you learn something new almost every day. I can be glad now, didn't have to grow up on the farm. It's bad enough when you're traveling through the desert and need to pull off the road to find a large enough sage brush to hide behind.
  3. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    I can remember way back in 6th-7th grade, visiting someone from school who lived on a farm. They grew corn and something kept getting my attention each time. I noticed up a tree, a corn cob dangling from a white cord type rope probably 3/8" thick. What really struck me as odd, there wasn't 1 kernel of corn left on that cob. Now why would a farmer who raised corn put out some corn for crows or other birds if they had fields of it to clean up on? Makes no sense right? I have 2 uncles and a cousin who were once into treasure hunting and metal detecting even years before me. They used to take trips, do all the things most treasure hunters do. This is a story about a corn cob they told me about. Not to discuss LRLs but my one uncle decided to buy a very expensive LRL, both of them went to an abandoned homestead to try it out. While out there playing around with their new toy, a guy drives up to talk them into trying the LRL on his property. The man had buried caches around and wanted to see if LRLs really work. To cut the story short, my uncle walked into a shed, went around once then back out. He stopped under a tree. The man told him to look up. Right above my uncle's head was a corn cob hanging from a small rope. Apparently trees around old homesteads are one of the places treasure hunters need to check for caches. I need to mention, I've never owned any LRLs so not trying to open discussion on them whether or not they work. Only pointing out the cache possibility around old trees at the right sites.
  4. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    I think I'd mentioned tree roots a few posts back, wasn't expecting that much gold but you never know! Old stumps on old homesteads can be good because people used them for shade to sit under in the hot sun. Farmers can hang a corn cob on a small rope from a tree branch also, points to a cache in the ground.
  5. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Discrimination on coin detectors is so much better than it used to be, at least depth doesn't decrease like more than a decade ago.
  6. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    I'll bet that old skunk will leave you alone now Don, I think you might have finally beaten him to death!
  7. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Does look like a good place for one of those guys, to get a brush fire going quickly, a slight wind could make it worse.
  8. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Might be good snake habitat. I wonder if this is another "gold must be down deep" situation?
  9. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    In the top section, if I had a detector in my hand, wouldn't hesitate to beep around here or maybe some this area in the lower section. Of course, I'm looking at things on a 29" flat screen TV hooked up to the laptop, others might not be able to see it very well.
  10. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Don, if you break down the stream photo, I see a couple places that look interesting.
  11. Red_desert

    Rock sample from Albania

    I don't know if it would be easy for someone in Albania to get an assay per ton, there certainly would have to be active mines in parts of the country. Even in Australia find unexploded ordinance is a risk. Somebody posted a photo there on a forum of a grenade they found. Other people reported it to the authorities who immediately confiscated the find.
  12. Red_desert

    Rock sample from Albania

    Rock samples have been officially tested, by a geologist at the university. Two different rock types identified by the geologist, gold without any iron pyrite and iron pyrite without gold. You can dig holes without a metal detector and find plenty of both. Yep the battlefield is a big issue here. Over the entire area the Albanians fought a battle against the Serbs. Over 100 years ago they battles also.
  13. Red_desert

    Rock sample from Albania

    I don't think the area was ever hunted with a gold detector yet by anyone.
  14. I'm 62 already, so I'll be there soon enough. I just asked him about the claim, he let all of them go. The river spot that's like a bank account isn't under claim yet but, hopes to have it under claim. I can agree with that, having one good claim probably better than several worked out.
  15. I might add also, hoping this now will be my last comment here... I'm not really sure if she was wanting to file a claim or simply removing photos/info to protect another claim owned by someone else. I do know of one person who owns a claim up in Nevada, he uses the claim like a bank account, only goes to work it when he needs money. Once he needed money for a new laptop, went on a weekend only using a gold pan...found enough to buy the new computer. In his 70s now, so working a claim full time not good for anyone that age anyway. I don't know for sure if it only took 1 weekend or started on a weekend, but would be happy at that kind of gold site.