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  1. I just went to FB was going to post what he did today (usually posts his artwork every day). No work posted, now at Apache Gold Resort San Carlos, not sure if Tucson for the art show or Tombstone trip.
  2. There is a Navajo artist from Farmington, NM. I've followed him for some time on FB. Done a lot of commenting on his work and usually responds saying Thank You! Right now sales are taking off on the sand paintings, especially around Arizona... starting to do art shows there soon. Navajo sand paintings are doing quite well, in spite of the pandemic. I'd love to do some paintings like his, but somewhere read there are laws to protect Natives arts & crafts. Yes, Mittry Lake is a nice area. Plenty of bird watchers were around the lake with their scopes set up on a tripod.
  3. https://www.zazzle.ca/quartzsite_desert_colour_film_print_triptych-256835089275211579
  4. Tough as nails, shi...ete hard to sell anything! I refuse to come any lower than 20% royalty. The way I see it, I'm on Social Security and they don't like it, they need not buy anything. Copied a number of my old color film prints from Arizona. The acrylic triptych sets are or were being printed in Arizona. Enlargements on Kodak paper, think at the Nevada Zazzle plant. Some things made Quebec Canada. These companies get so big, almost like Redbubble which is out of Australia.
  5. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Max!!!
  6. Nothing going on down here. Every prospector I talk to is afraid to go out any more. They say the police are every where, this being the environment police (IBAMA)Every road leading out of this town has to go through a police check point, everybody is scared of losing their equipment. For months now I don't have any item in my truck that could be associated with prospecting. 

    Talked to one of the locals yesterday that is no longer in this state. He and many of the other locals that used to be here are around 2,000 miles North of here. For years very few police there but now that's changing. 

    Been thinking about the GPX6000 since I know where 100's of old "worked out" scrapes are. 

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    2. Red_desert


      I wonder who owns the environment in Brazil? Let's say if a photographer went there to get photos for sale online, what would Brazil have to say about it?

    3. Red_desert


      Social Security told me doing artwork or print for royalties only, is not considered employment or self employment. Of course, you probably will have to pay taxes. I'm putting everything up (past paintings, prints, etc.). That was an old link for website it should be Zazzle.CA.

    4. Red_desert
  7. I'll have to come back later for a better look.
  8. 2nd wasp showing it's face around stinger end of front wasp. You know it if stung by one of them.
  9. https://greennature.com/paper-wasps/ Another very wide ranging species, the Northern Paper Wasp, lives everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains. If researchers are on the right course, Northern Paper Wasps might all be able to recognize each other. According to a 2011 study called Specialized Face Learning Is Associated with Individual Recognition in Paper Wasps Polistes fuscatus can differentiate among normal wasp face images more rapidly and accurately than nonface images or manipulated faces. A close relative lacking facial recognition, Polistes metricus, however, lacks specialized face learning. Similar specializations for face learning are found in primates and other mammals, although P. fuscatus represents an independent evolution of specialization.
  10. Got good photos of this wasp with red markings also.
  11. Saw one looked exactly the same on TV the other day. They were exploring the McKezie watershed of New South Wales Australia.
  12. Look at the size of this winged ant on the screen door. Never have seen any on the property before now.
  13. Cooling trend here, we were getting weather alert warnings for high air pollution, smoke from fires out west combining with a higher humidity/heat index over the state.
  14. Recently, new info on Delta variant, is you get more sore throat, headaches, and a runny nose. If you have vaccine or antibodies from other variants, it will be only a mild infection. We have Delta variant going around our state at the moment.
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