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  1. Red_desert

    John Boyles

    Speedy recovery, otherwise doesn't sound good.
  2. Red_desert

    Strange stone What is it?

    Of course, archaeologists fairly recently have also discovered in south Israel, a very old perhaps even ancient glass making site. They said it would have supplied enough glass to trade with all surrounding countries.
  3. Red_desert

    Strange stone What is it?

    Sapphire would be harder than anything else you could find, except other similar minerals (such as ruby) and diamonds.
  4. Red_desert

    Strange stone What is it?

    I heard a tour guide for the Middle East commenting on a TV special, speculation about a Jewish myth or story belief, which says the stone Moses got the 10 commandments on was blue sapphire. The tour guide consulted geologists in the region and apparently if exposed to enough heat, sapphire producing minerals are in rocks, common in this area. So much Jewish tradition but the geology for producing huge sapphire stones is probably there.
  5. This page lists rock clubs, mineral societies in the state, I think one had FB page also. Seems like somebody could know what it is. https://showmerockhounds.com/kansas-city-rock-clubs/
  6. Here is a link, supposed to be a mineral show... I think this is your area. https://showmerockhounds.com/kc-show/
  7. Maybe a local jeweler with geology education could help you out?
  8. Your thread title said "clear" so the agate like jaspers with the purple centers were more translucent than normal jasper, but I don't think clear applies here. However, I found all of them along shallow diamond pipe which enters the mine field only one spot (according to park geologist). The diamond ore there is lamproite and about 3-4 feet down runs over to Canary hill. They hit it sometimes when doing the furrows breaking off little chunks.
  9. This is a long shot, you're probably way too far from there. I found stones at the Crater of Diamonds park in Arkansas, amethyst colored and had them checked by the park geologist. Found near the amethyst bed also, which is now mostly hunted out. These turned out to be a type of jasper with a purple tinted inside, A whitish coating on the outside and stones were not pitted like some jasper. They seemed more like agate but geologist thought jasper was right.
  10. Red_desert

    posting pictures

    Try keeping a 100 GB+ flash drive in one of the USB ports. I'm using that now for important images, tired of old computers stealing my photos when they bite the dust. Access will be found on the quick access folder menu down near the bottom, it will say USB drive.
  11. Red_desert

    Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Mike!
  12. Red_desert

    I'm Bad...

    I got Pinterest now, doesn't seem to be any place on the site for discussion (that I can find), but seems to be good for browsing all different types of photos. As for Twitter, went back today after being absent there several days. I think in about 2 minutes of scrolling down the feed, spotted more than a dozen videos posted which were in nothing but Arabic. Last 3-4 weeks it seems to be increasing. Two were probably posted by terrorists covering the protesters in West Bank or Gaza. Shame on our social media!
  13. Red_desert

    Travel Channel Producer

    I think this might be the one Ryan needed 2 people to be portraying 2 brothers who hunted for the treasure... probably includes hunting for treasure as well.
  14. Red_desert

    Type of rock?

    Looks to me like the type of jaspers you can find at the Crater of Diamonds park in Arkansas.
  15. Red_desert

    Travel Channel Producer

    Welcome Ryan, Bill is the best friend you can have here in the southwest!