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  1. My dad has been coughing a lot still also. I'm still no symptoms for flu now at least 2-3 years, even during cold of winter. I can remember at least twice feeling almost like a headache was beginning to come on, but each time would take 1 Ibuprofen sit down and that was all.
  2. Can make folders for to manage all the pins in Google Earth.
  3. A little late, Happy B-Day Frank!
  4. Brush burners are free, can't beat that price!
  5. No use fighting the brush, if you don't have to for swinging the coil. Bulldozer would eliminate it in a hurry.
  6. Yep, I suspect the virus check for mask in public, is making it harder for the brush burners to be out.
  7. Don are you getting out any to look for gold?
  8. Of course they will want to get royalties, just as those people always have wanted to do.
  9. Growing up mom always made us mint tea. You can grow it in black peat soil, especially the peppermint variety. Cut sprigs to hang upside down for drying and store in a lar jar that seals good to keep fresh.
  10. My one aunt in the nursing home died back in March also. She never got tested. We got a telephone call first that my aunt fell off her chair being so sick. Then a day or so later in the hospital with pneumonia like symptoms.
  11. Back in March my dad who turned 89 years old, had a bad deep cough 3-4 weeks maybe longer. At night especially would just keep coughing. I often wondered if he might of got the virus. I'm the type of person who normally doesn't show symptoms. I never get a flu vaccine a last time sick 4-5 years at least and it probably was the end of H1N1 virus.
  12. Sorry to hear the news. Wondering now if he is the one who tested out new gold detectors at his nugget patch around the trees. As detectors got deeper the deeper nuggets missed by older models were dug up.
  13. Virus is coming back more again here, not a good sign.
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