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  1. It was pretty bad there for a while, hope things do get better now.
  2. The placer history, covers amount and size of nuggets recovered at Rich Hill, Goodman wash, other placer mining operations.
  3. No, I don't publish them, all 3 have light yellow covers, look about the same from the outside. They should have publishing date, other info inside the cover. Both Arizona mining books were ordered directly from the University of Arizona, probably around mid 1990s..
  4. I looked on the shelf and located the 2 mining history books. Also surprised to find one for Nevada placer mining. Forgot I had the book, but remembered all the different locations of coarse gold/nuggets in northern part of Nevada. The southern point area had a few fine gold sites.
  5. I'm thinking my book from University of Arizona, Bureau of Mines publication on mining history mentions Lynx Creek. I got the Arizona mining book from them back in the 1990s. Actually it was 2 books, covering placer mining in one and lode mines in the other. A few claims produced some huge monster nuggets. Lynx Creek, it might of had a spot where bedrock was shallow and mostly a fringe area. Been so long since reading the info, hope my memory is correct.
  6. GPAA had a travel gold prospecting video on YouTube (back a few years) on Lynx Creek. Don't know if it is still up, but the results were rather disappointing. Maybe one of our experts on the forum could give you some insight.
  7. Too bad you don't have gold in your own back yard.
  8. Feels good to finally turn 65 years young!!!
  9. Heard something today about the Philippines, they have to start locking down also, especially Manila which is being closed to Internation travelers.
  10. Oh, he already has been out getting things in the garden started. I got pictures of him running the rototiller from the upstairs window.
  11. My dad turns 90 years, I think next month. He still has been coughing a lot at times and won't get tested.
  12. Gold prospecting never was easy, but this makes it tougher than...
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