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  1. Cost per ounce to mine depends on who's doing the mining. Personally, my gold cost me about $14,000.00 per ounce.
  2. Bunk, :*&$*(: :angry-smiley-010[1]:
  3. Fact: That law wasn't passed under Bush.
  4. \ I think if you work with facts instead of just opinion you will learn that good ol' Barney Frank is largely responsible for the credit collapse and a large part of the recession. He did that by passing a law requiring financial institutions to loan money ( mortgages ) to people who could not afford them.
  5. Gosh, Ron - between the nuggets and the relics seems like you can just take your pick! :rofl2:
  6. I was looking at it last night thru 10X binoculars, good even with those. By the time it gets closer to the sun it should really be something. :whoopie:
  7. Just out of curiosity, I'd like to hear what the average depth of nuggets you have found was. You can post a range if you like but be sure to post what you think the average depth was as best you can estimate. Might be interesting.
  8. When I went up there in May there was a no trespassing just above the 24k push. Had to back down that piece of "road" - that was exciting.
  9. Detected another 2 hours today, this time started at the north end and went west. There was less trash and what trash there was was older. Found two ox shoe halves, square nails, etc. Also found several unfilled holes (not mine). There was also less electro interference.
  10. Detected for 2 hours today. North end had cars parked so I went to the south end. Lots of trash but is very open area under pine trees. Power line along road that caused me to set the gain on my ML 4K down to 5. As I got 300-400 yards east I could put it back to 8 where I normally run it. West side of road is probably less trash because of less access roads.
  11. Went up there Monday and detected for about 1-1/2 hrs. Worked south along creek. Found several bullets, fragments, and nails.
  12. Mine too, should be 972 567 5145
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