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  1. Chris, what size coil/coils come with the machine? I might be interested in purchasing.
  2. Hey Adam; I want the machine. I will pay for shipping! Regards, Christopher Foote
  3. Thanks for the link. After I posted the question I searched the forums and found a lot of good information about the subject.
  4. Hi Guys; I am thinking about buying a good used GP Extreme for a lot of relic hunting (trash pits) and a little gold hunting. Can anyone tell me how difficult it would be for me to mod the machine with a green button? also, where could I find some schematics for the mod? Thanks in advance... Chris
  5. I would make an educated guess that what you have are two matching bridle rosettes from a horse bridle. if there is no attachment points on the back then they were probably lead-filled when they were made. I would definitely hunt that old trail, and follow it until you ran out of permission. Regards; Boog
  6. Thanks Guys. I printed out an article back in 2009 that talked about this, and I even used it that winter to find a heavy concentration of black sand in the inside bend of a drywash that had a good amount of fine gold in it...at least 15-20 colors to the pan when I panned out several samples. So I know that it is possible. I'm gonna be doing a little prospecting this weekend (The Lord willing, and the creek don't rise) and thought I might try out the technique here in Alabama...
  7. I know that this topic has been discussed before, but I cant find it, so I would like to ask again. I know that there is a way to use the LST to find concentrations of black sand..the detector will hum over the top of a black sand concentration. Can anyone tell me how the detector should be set up for this to happen? Thanks so much! Boog
  8. Thanks Mike for your help. I look forward to yours and everyone else's next find.
  9. Well Mike, years ago In the backwoods of Mississippi, while detecting one of General Jacksons campsites from the war of 1812 I received a very strange signal on my vlf detector. I dug it up and it seemed to be a lump of iron. it seemed out of place because I had never found another piece like it before. Well, I have always wondered if it might be a meteorite. A couple weeks ago a salesman came to our shop and demonstrated a TMI, a little hand-held x-ray gun that is used to determine the type of metals that are commonly used to make parts in a machine shop. I asked the salesman to shoot my lump of iron with his gun and when he did, it said that the lump was mostly iron with a small percentage of Ti. I knew that many meteorites are identified as such because of their nickel content, but was unaware that there might be some with Ti in them. And I knew you guys were some of the best in the U.S. and thought I might pose the question. As far as I know there are no Titanium mines in Mississippi...what would you suggest I do to find out more about my little lump? I would appreciate your advice!!! Boog
  10. have there been any discoveries of provable meteorites that contained titanium, but no nickel? Thanks; Boog
  11. Great show last night Sarge! I like to fell off the couch when I recognized you. I look forward to the rest of the series. That sure is some beautiful country....
  12. Looks like Flint to me...but I'm an idiot... ...so who knows?
  13. That's a heck of an idea there!!! Thanks
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