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  1. Chris, what size coil/coils come with the machine? I might be interested in purchasing.
  2. Hey Adam; I want the machine. I will pay for shipping! Regards, Christopher Foote
  3. Thanks for the link. After I posted the question I searched the forums and found a lot of good information about the subject.
  4. Hi Guys; I am thinking about buying a good used GP Extreme for a lot of relic hunting (trash pits) and a little gold hunting. Can anyone tell me how difficult it would be for me to mod the machine with a green button? also, where could I find some schematics for the mod? Thanks in advance... Chris
  5. Rim, I got this info from a 1999 reprint of a bulletin issued by the Alabama Dept of Geology Once I can get my boys finished with soccer, I plan on a trip to take a sample or two
  6. Rim, seems like there was also a sample taken from a small tributary that measured 101 ppm.
  7. Thanks Bill, So if the report stated that by panning 1 sample in a creek in a certain location and analyzing the results of the pan to be 50.0 ppm of Au.... 50.0 ppm x 0.032 = 1.6 ounces per ton....that would be a good place to set up a highbanker then.....right???? Chris
  8. A question for you who are more educated in geology than I am. I was't able to procure a copy of the 1948 Park and Partee geological bulletin, but I sent off to the Alabama Geological Survey for and received a Gold bulletin that was published in the late 80's, and re-published in '99. I have been reading the bulletin and have learned so much!!! One of the reports listed some results from some samples taken in streams near an area that had several old prospects. Whatever tests they used to determine the amount of Au in each sample listed the results in Parts Per Million (ppm). My question i
  9. Thanks Jim Straight for the info. When I got up this morning the thermometer was saying that it was 58 degrees in North Alabama...Good weather. Jim Gilmore...I see what you are saying...can I run a couple pumps in series off of one vehicle battery, or would I need 1 batt per pump? I saw a little DIY rig the other day while perusing the DIY forum that was a small lawn mower engine mated with a vehicle alternator. Nice setup for recharging... Macgump, have you ever dredged on the Chulafinnee in AL near the AL/GA line??? Regards all!
  10. Thanks for the link Au Seeker, and for the advice MacGump. The cuts are nowhere near any water, so I have been looking at setting up a recirculating highbanker. It is hard to find a good 12v pump that will push 45gpm, and that is affordable does anyone have any suggestions??? I appreciate you all!!! Chris
  11. Thanks AU, Jim and Bill. i appreciate the link to the article as it tells me what kind of rock that the gold is disseminated in. Saprolite is just rotten bedrock correct? I am not so sure what the definition of Laterite is, so off to google I go. I have located, I think, what the ICMJ article refers to as a "hydraulic cut" in the area mentioned in the article, and have brought back a couple of 5 gallon buckets of material to test. I actually got my best results from a tailings pile at the end of one of the cuts. Very fine gold, probably 30 colors from @ 3 gallons of tailings. I only du
  12. Mr. Jim; I am interested in the precious metals deposits that are part of the Piedmont in Eastern alabama. Would you happen to know anything about them or be able to point me towards some better information than I am able to find at present? Thanks so much!!! Chris
  13. I received a recent issue of "The Sportsman's Guide", and they are selling the 8" converse non-metallic boots for $53.00 plus shipping. FYI.
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