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  1. My buddy uses the Razor Back products, and he has done very well! I have used the smaller coils and they are hard to beat, hot little coils for sure
  2. Your gonna think I'm a old fart...lol I'm gonna be turning 31 years young B)
  3. Hey guys, I don't post much over on this site but thought I would share this one. Lucky had started his new poke for the month, so I called him up last night to see if he wanted to go back out today. It wasn't long before I picked up my first nugget small .2dwt. After digging a bunch of trash I moved to a new area and picked up my second nugget .7dwt. Soon after my second nug I get a real faint target. I don't know why but I had a gut feeling that it was a nugget. I dug down about 12" and my target was just blasting my ear drums. I thought for a second it was a square nail but kept by fait. After digging about 6" into the sticky gray clay, I caught a glimps of gold. It looked to be about 4 or 5 pennyweight. When I started pulling the nugget out of the clay it kept coming. "Holy crap!" I yelled. This nugget was huge! I yelled over to Rick who had already heard me carrying on and I showed him the nugget. It was 25.2dwt my biggest nugget to date. I'm in the 1oz club now and it feels great. My birthday is next Tuesday and couldn't ask for a better present. I'm on cloud nine and will be for some time. Here is a picture of the nugget hope you all enjoy...
  4. Nice work Doug! I'm glad to see your still at it.
  5. Its a good place to buy. I have bought almost all my Commander coils from them. They are a little slower, may take a week or two to get it but always what I asked for.
  6. Unless you have more than a couple of five gallon buckets I wouldn't even run the sluice, just pan it out in the garage or where ever. Not really a reason to spend so much time and handle the materail through that many processes.
  7. I ran a GP3000 for a while and I found a ton of gold with it. I loved the machine, but there was a reason that I upgraded to the GPX4000. Lucky and I ran into a patch that had a probelm with EMI's. I was running the GP3000 and I was getting a good amount of gold. On the third trip out I stopped getting nuggets and Rick was still knocking them out. My GP3000 couldn't handle the EMI's as well as the 4000 was. I ran into a great deal on a GPX and upgraded. There was a small learning curve but not bad. Once I got a good handle on the GPX, I was pounding gold out of that patch I wasn't able to hear with my GP3000. Man what a difference, I was picking up smaller gold at depth. As far as large gold goes at depth, I think they are pretty close but the GPX runs a bit smoother so in my opinion it has it beat on that one too. Another thing I would like to add and I don't know if its just me, but with the GPX series the coils seem to be sharper on response, depth, and sensitivity. I think it might be the voltage that it runs on or something along those lines(I'm not a electrical enineer). Last thing I wanted to mention was with the GPX series your able to switch the gain, having this at your finger tips is a huge advantage along with able to fine adjust your channels after tuning your machine. I hope this helps, I know I got to rambling on.
  8. Hello all, I haven't posted to many nuggets one this forum awhile so I thought I would post what I found today. LuckyLundy and I headed out to the gold fields today to try our luck. Well we had a little luck, just enough to keep the skunk off our backs. We have pulled a ton of nuggets off this patch, but they are all river worn and smooth for the most part. I like those nice little slugs as they give the best signal, these odd shaped and rough nuggets don't always sound so good. I took a couple of pictures today of the nugget I found today and some of the nuggets from this week from the same patch. If I seen this nugget I would never guess it came from the same patch. The shape and color are way off. Rick found a really nice rough one today too, but I don't have a picture of it. This one is right at 1gram Ricks was 1 pennyweight. Great character As you can see she don't look like she belongs
  9. No prob dude. I went to the dump and dug a ton of old old nails. you didnt miss anything lol

  10. Sorry dude I have been at college all day today. I've been pretty busy. I do want to make it out with you here as soon as I can.

  11. Howdy i was thinking of heading up to my spot today. Getting a late start. if you want to go let me know.

  12. Shoot Its midnight and I'm just now checking my messages and this forum. I went out today with Robert we did pretty good almost a half oz. I sure would love to go with you tomorrow but I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I might be able to go next weekend.

  13. im heading up call me if you want to meet up 925 642 6890

  14. So i talked to robert and he might want to go this weekend too. Let me know if your still down.

  15. Minelabs don't like air tests at all. You will always get a better signal when your target is in the ground it conducts better.
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