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  1. I'm new to meteorite hunting too and I've been warned about buying meteorites on ebay. How do I know when I'm getting the real deal? I wanted to get a few samples of what I might come across while hunting, any suggestions on what I should get? Joe
  2. Has anybody been able to contact Jim McCulloch? Ive tried calling but his number is disconnected and there's been no response to my email. I wanted to get the book with the GMT settings, are the settings included in one of his books offered here at the nuggetshooter.com store?
  3. Do you have some info we can see without paying $10 to join the other forum?
  4. Same here Colin, lets see some gold in the Gold Nugget Shooting section.
  5. Thanks All, and especially nvchris for risking life, limb and ipod in the name of science. -Joe
  6. I just ordered one of Bill's super magnets and wanted to know how close is to close when it comes to the control box. It's my understanding there's micro processor inside (GP 3500) and I know what a magnet can do to a computer if it gets to close to some components. As a newby I've considered a magnet on your pick a convenience not a necessity, HA! Spent all day yesterday digging tiny bits of decomposing iron :PO2:
  7. Is there any significant benefits to having a 18" round mono over a 16" and vice-versa? Or should I just flip a coin not look back? -Joe
  8. I'm pretty new at this and I wanted to take my detector (PI) out to try some different combination's of coils and settings with assorted target sizes. Unfortunately, using gold is not an option just yet so would lead be a reasonable facsimile? Also, I've read that burying a target doesn't give the same response as one in undisturbed soil, how much difference does it make? Thanks -Joe
  9. Hi The smallest coil for a GMT, that I know of, is the Goldmaster Shooter DD (4x6) check they're website more info http://whiteselectronics.com/products/accessories/search-coils.html you'll have to scroll down a bit.
  10. I had sent my GMT to Whites a couple months ago and came away with the same impression. They are very easy folks to work with, very accommodating on the phone and I had my detector back in my hands less than a week and a half from when I sent it in. -- Joe
  11. Newbie needs input. My GMT is on its way and I'm still uncertain about what headphone to get. What are other GMT users using and why?
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