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  1. Jason, I tried the lid test and it produced black streaks, that's a neat little test. Thanks Jim, Yes, it does have the properties of #289 (magnetite), It can attract the head of a pin. It also looks physically like #277 to me (hematite), from what I understand so far those 2 can go hand in hand. Well guys, I looks like I found my first magnetite rock! It is interesting. Thanks for the help and the great website. Tony Teixeira
  2. Here is a rock I found in a patch, being new to rocks I Googled to see if I could find something similar, but had no luck. This piece flys to my magnet and sticks well, it is heavier than other rocks it's size in that area and is the only one I found with my detector in that patch. Can anyone help identify? Thanks Tony Teixeira
  3. lol... That's real funny Steve! Tony
  4. I know this is Bigboy62's thread but it was something I was interested in for I too am looking for a lower end GPS, after reading Steve's suggestion on the Delorme GPS's I checked out the PN-20 and found it will suffice my needs, then when Boorx4, DigDeep and Herb said they like the PN-40, I figured Delorme must make decent handhelds so I bought the PN-20..... plus if Steve recommends it, I knew he did his homework. Now Coyoteslayer, if that Garmin could have wiped my butt I would have gone that route, yep, I would had. By the way the PN-20 with TOPO maps, street maps, 1 GB SD card and incl
  5. Bigboy62, I hear you, I too want something basic but with maps, but I also want to be able to import my data into Google Earth, I know Google Earth supports Garmin and a few Magellan devices but has anybody ever sucessfully converted the export data from a Delorme 20 and imported into Google.... I heard I could simply export your data to a .gpx file and open in Google Earth, can anyone verify? Thanks Tony Teixeira
  6. Heck, I will trade my BB's for your .43 anyday. You know I really need to get a Quad too, not as much to get me to places to hunt but so I can have fun riding when I get skunked. Congrats on that 1/2 ouncer...WOO HOO! Tony Teixeira
  7. Garimpo, Now that's funny! My coffee almost made it out my nose. Tony Teixeira
  8. Hey Guys, Everybody says I got fried! I tan up real fast but I did overdue it. I do know I had a great time, I always do! Sure it's always nice to find gold but I really just enjoy my time off from the every day hustle and bustle of working in the city and spending time with friends, meeting new people and "BS"ing. You know I am sure I passed over gold in the first patch but I made commitment to myself to only dig the sweet sounding targets with my DD coil and running discrimination, I know...I know, "dig all targets", but I had much fun playing and learning. I must congratulate you guys
  9. Cool looking TURD if I do say so myself! Tony Teixeira
  10. LL, That little dink at about 04:00 seems pretty small, running an 11 DD and picking up the small dinks is pretty impressive, what is the weight on the small one? NuggetSlayer, Are you playing with a DD these day's? Coils......we are talking coils! Tony Teixeira
  11. That sure deserves a BIG WOO HOO! I bet it was hard to stop detecting that day! ...just one more target... just one more target. Congrats! and thanks for sharing. Tony Teixeira
  12. LL, So you did pick up a 12x15DD, I have to admit I do love the Commander coils! Congrats to you and your buddy! See you when my control box comes back from Minelab. Tony Teixeira
  13. Rockpup, Call them up and have them email you a RS label, (Return Service) so you don't have to pay for shipping a second time for the same issue. Almost all reputable companies will do this, they will email you a shipping label and all you do is print it, slap it on the box and send it in. Tony Teixeira
  14. Uncle Ron, That sure makes you stop and wonder how that got there for sure, like the machined screw, are the threads SAE or METRIC? is the head slotted, philips, torx or allen? Maybe that will give a clue to the date.....????? As far as that aircraft hydraulic system gizzmo, would'nt that be something to have found the source that brought the jet down? That is some really neat finds. Hope you find and post more. Tony Teixeira
  15. On top of the nuggets I am finding, I am sure meeting a lot of awesome folks and learning quite a bit. El Dorado, Dakota Slim, Uncle Ron, frank c, bill-costa rica, richs, Hawkeye, John Hoser Oates, coyoteslayer and of course LuckyLundy; Thank you all for the CONGRATS! Tony Teixeira
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