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  1. BucketEl Rodeo Rd Now you have gone and done it. Tried to keep that section off El Rodeo Rd a secret . I have dug up a few nice mini's up in that area. Lots of small Gold, drywashing. But you really have to work for it.. .
  2. Jack Wekcome to the forum. You have come to the right place. Read everything you can and you will learn from these guys..AZ
  3. Thanks Guys. Been off the forum for a while. A few health problems, but have got them straighten out now. Feeling a lot better.. Thanks again..
  4. Frank, do you think you can lead me to one of those over in Golden Valley. I'd be a lot closer to home after drinkin the Mexican mouth wash.. :wubu:
  5. Kenny and Orlando welcome the the site. Lots of information and knowledge here. Orlando my daughter lives in Lincoln right by you. Boy are you in a great GOLD area. Again WELCOME
  6. Allen Where you using that GB I sold you with the 6 in coil? Hope everything worked out with that Detector..AZ
  7. Seen quite a few snakes in the hills around Bullhead City, Arizona. More than I have seen the the last 10 years. New snakeguardsare on order as I type this....
  8. Bullhead City had snow on all the mountains around us yesterday. 26 degrees this morning when I got up. Staying in till it gets a little warmer.... AZ
  9. Over here in the Northwestern part of the state they just toss you down a mine shaft and that all she wrote. Chances of finding you is almost nil :yuk-yuk: . Congrats on the the unique find..AZ
  10. Frank You should come over on my side of the hill in Bullhead City, it is 6:00 pm here and it is still 110 degrees. It was really hot here today, 118 at 2:00. Be glad when fall comes and I can get out and play in the desert. Enjoy your evening, going down to the river with the dog and go for a swim...AZ
  11. Allan Did you find anything around the perimeter. Looks like a good place the check...AZ
  12. I wish I had not had to have back surgery. I could be out looking for the gold I left behind last year.
  13. Just like everybody I thought I was on the wrong :*&$*(: forum. Loaded real fast and really looks great...... AZ
  14. That was very interesting. That is why I come back to this forum. Everytime I'am here I learn something new.......Very nice presentation.. AZ :bowdown:
  15. Gigahertz21 I agree with Grubstake. The Lobo ST is very easy to learn and you won't be sorry if you buy it. Have found numerious nuggets with mine. My :twocents: AZ
  17. KingMidas I think you would be happier with the LoBo Super Trac. Auto ground balance and a great gold getter. Very easy to learn how to use. Just my :twocents: AZ
  18. Congrates Fred. Now every day is SATURDAY. Get up when you want, and do what ever your WIFE lets you do :laught16: . . Enjoy your retirement. AZBirddog
  19. Rockpup I have the LoBo :icon_mrgreen: ST, and yes it will find small gold. It also has a good amount fo coils that you can buy for it.... AZ
  20. Delano Welcome to the forum. You will get alot of good information here. Just read and ask questions. Lots of great gentlemen to answer all your questions. Welcome again.......AZ
  21. Hell, if I walked 4 hours in it would take me 2 days to get back to my truck . Wish I was 40 years younger I would take you up on the invite. After 60 the ole body keeps telling me to take it easy. :whoopie: AZ
  22. nice slug Bob, keep up the good work AZ
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