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  1. Hey, cp90macs , I,m wondering how the coiltek WOT DD is working out?? what kind of adjustments did you have to make to get it dialed in? I'm looking to do the same to my eureka! and just looking for some feedback good or bad....
  2. Hey sawmill!! I should have asked your thoughts on this,what do you think? I very much respect your advice! Ginger will take you up on your offer, thank you greg. we are looking forward to seeing you soon!!
  3. I was wondering if anybody has used an upgrade coil on A eureka gold detector? The factory coil is busted and I want to set it up for my wife,I dont like to share my sd2200d! thank you for your help NEW YORKER
  4. mumbo, is paleface, also knwn as(old jim)?

  5. was paleface old JIM?

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