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  1. Nice map. didnt load it onto the gps yet, in mapsource is green all non private land? The checkerboard looks like state land. Ive been trying to do this for Colorado. Carl
  2. Thats a good suggestion to stop by the county seat and check the land status. The county gets the info from the blm master plats, which will identify any federal land land that has been withdrawn from mineral entry. I never tried to look up location notices at the county, is there any way to know if it belongs to a valid claim? Anyway making sure the land is open to mineral entry would be the first step. Definately make a trip to the blm if your going to do more than detect or run couple buckets through a sluice. Carl
  3. Its awesome to have these tools today. It sure beets buying the micofiche and hoping a local library had a reader, or spending most of a day driving a hundred miles to the blm office to check every interesting potential site. Carl
  4. Thanks for the first hand info. I've heard of large chunks of free gold found in the ground hog. At one time i probably could have gained access to the tailing piles anyway, that was before I started detecting and a couple owners ago. Did the chimney reach the surface or what level did they find it? Back on topic. In Colorado i'd search for nuggets anywhere between Breckenridge and Fairplay. Thats a big general area where there seems to be more coarse gold than other areas of the state. We just dont have nuggets laying around on the surface like they do in the southwest. The "turtle" nugget on pennsylvania mnt was found just sticking out in the side of a hill, i'm not sure if it was in a placer cut or not. I know a lake where a kid found a 1/2 oz nugget while fishing but all the nuggets i've found were in old workings. Carl
  5. great. thanks for posting the part numbers. Carl
  6. Plenty of gold in Colorado, too few places a metal detector will be of much use. Paleface, How about giving us some history on the groundhog mine. I have an image in my mind something like the cresson vug in cripple creek, a big open space the walls lined with rams horn nuggets and crystals. :Huh_anim]: I've spent some time in the area, better luck hunting mushrooms than gold though. Carl
  7. do these maps offer something mapsource topo's dont? I downloaded the topo from gps file depot for free or a donation. It looks good. I use n-route software from Garmin for live tracking, its all I could get to work with my Vista etrex. Plug the garmin into a laptop, works great for driving around and tracking position on the topo, especially when navigating by yourself. The coolest thing would be if you could download geocommunticator onto a laptop and track your position live on that, i dont know if its possible or how much hard drive it would take. Has anybody used the blm state explorer? Tracking with n-route on the land surface map would be great. I have accumulated the paper blm land surface maps for most areas I need, but it would be nice not having to stop and plot the location when driving. I havent tried to put the topo on a sd card for the gps, when its time to start hiking I still stick with paper maps. Carl
  8. Fear and greed, I love it, I can relate with fear and greed. Speculators just go along for the ride, a lack of speculators is when it really gets crazy like with rhodium. Or uranium from $10 to $170, and especially the housing bubble. I'm surprised gold didn't go higher, with the banks implosion and the world currencies chasing the dollar down. Without the bailout who knows how high gold would have gone. As I understand it, through much of the 90's mining companies held gold back by selling too much forward, got themselves stuck that way, and speculators no doubt noticed it and piled on. Demand for platinum might not be what is was, i also think there were mining problems in African pt mines that helped push the price up. With that said it makes sense whats going on today. I would still expect gold to go back to about a 40% discount to platinum, hydrogen fuel cells may never get produced they will alway be right around the corner. I wouldnt make that bet without a good reason thats for sure. Just stand back and watch everyone pile on in the mean time. I don't have any money on the line and i sold all my gold last year, I just find it interesting. Quick check on ebay looks like 1 oz bullion coins are selling $100 over spot. I dont know it thats fear or greed, it must be fear and greed combined :confused0013: anybody have a cheap gold mine for sale Carl
  9. "I dream of a more peaceful world were a chicken can cross the road without being questioned about his motives" I ignore most of this spam my sister sends me but this quote stuck and seams fitting. Carl
  10. John B fwiw. I've always understood the law the same as you. You can put a load through a placer. The Colorado ruling mentioned seems contrary to our understanding, could be that its the placer claim owners responsibility to protect his claim and protest any prospecting. In other words a good lawyer can get around the permission issue if you take no action to stop the load miner. Carl
  11. This is an interesting chart. You can scroll back to 2001, looks simular except silver muddeled around with pt this time. Where will the lines cross next? http://stockcharts.com/charts/performance/...at,$silver Carl
  12. wasnt endorsing Salazar, I can assure you he's a better pick than Redford or Turner. Oprah might have been a reasonable choice. Amongst colorado ranchers Daryl Hannah is in a class all by herself, cleary the best suited for the job. Carl
  13. A far cry from Gale Norton, but it could be worse. He is a 4th generation rancher, cant be all bad. We been here before. Carl
  14. Strange. I dont think it has ever happened before. doomsday guys with the big bucks buy gold i guess. The ones I know buy silver. :confused0013: You see the same disconnect in the summer 2001, gold was$270 and holding, platinum plummeted to $450. Looks like a good time to sell gold and buy platinum, who knows though, maybe golds going to $1500 Carl
  15. I agree the law wasnt meant for recreation. How many important discoveries were made by a man with little more than a grubstake and a pan? You could make a case for anybody to pass a prudent man test. 20 years ago i was told by a group of forest officials that prospecting and panning were not allowed, dont even stick a shovel in the dirt, you cannot remove anything from public land without a permit. ok, i consider the general mining law my permit. Without it we have nothing. I expect large miners have the power to protect the law but i'll pay attention. Most prospects i'm interested in are private, just good to know the fs and blm lands are available. Carl
  16. I say resist any attempt to tinker with the mining law. There is nothing that needs to be changed. I agree with the dont give an inch aproach. There has always been push to get fair market value for the land in the patent process, i really wouldnt care about that. But once they start modifying the law they wont stop there. New patents have kind of been on hold for about 15 years or so anyway, havent they? Even though I wouldnt mind if they eliminated the exemption and increased the mainenance fee. Just tired of people paper staking quarter sections to tie up land. $200 per year for every 20 acres you want the mineral rights on. Otherwise if your there working the claim its yours, when you leave its open. Then make if much easier to patent the claim, some small amount of minerals like $10,000 worth and you can patent it. That would encourage mining not paper stakers. Still I think its best not to mess with the general mining law anymore than whats been done. Carl
  17. Yeah, I think Sante fe is a great place for them, anywhere outside of Colorado will do. Maybe KLM can promise to run the bulldozers on biodiesel, and plant some soy beans. Who needs another hill to look at, sell the big pit as art. A giant beautiful landscape feature for their visual enjoyment. 90 square miles is sure a lot of ground. They ought to consider hiring some of us to detect that huge of an area and help out with the search, don't you agree :headphones: Carl
  18. Whatever happened to Pegasus gold corp., when i was looking around that area years ago they had plans for a big open pit mine. Seems like they had all of the ortiz mine grant tied up at the time. The locals i ran into in that area did seem unusually vocal about their dislike of strangers and always were quick to let you know how trespassers were dealt with, -shoot first ask later-. Carl
  19. Frank I think Ismael said the 6 frequency machine he sent to the USA was a one of a kind, cool that you have it. My detector has the voltage regulator and audio enhancer. As long as i need to buy a new cable i thought about trying speakers. Did you ever try an external amp and speaker with your machine? Carl
  20. The switch was for charging 6v batteries, that's all. In case I confused anybody. So I'm looking for an old sd power cord, if somebody has one laying around that they would like to get rid of. let me know redzuk at qwest.net Carl
  21. I have a sd2000 with a voltage regulator modification. I lost the power cord that was also modified with a 6v/12v switch on the headphone jack block. Wondering what difference it makes whether 6v or 12v? Are any of the minelab 4 pin cords specifically designed for 12v output? thanks, Carl
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