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  1. Have a stack of like new classifiers from 1/2" down to 100 mesh (gnat poop) in addition to a couple gold pans up for sale. I'll take $40 for everything. Call/text Gary @ 623-363-5333 if interested. I'm at 71st ave. & Union Hills in NW Glendale for P/U.
  2. Same guy that put the bear trap out there also put the egg out there. Suppose to be some sort of artsy fartsy BS about how all the illegals suffer when they illegally cross the border.
  3. Sporting clays and golf. I'll be back out detecting once summer is over. I can only feed a couple addictions at a time.
  4. Tom, judging by your photo, it appears to be a .50-70 benet primed cartridge.
  5. Steve... you know dam good and well what I mean when I say Commifornia. Nothing to do with your neck of the woods. As I stated previously, you guys need to divorce yourselves (secede) from the a$$holes that are causing the rest of the good people of California so much grief. Regarding your gun registration laws... If I move to CA from AZ with my guns in tow, by law I have to register them. You were grandfathered in. (a) Within 60 days of bringing a handgun, and commencing January 1, 2014, any firearm, into this state, a personal firearm importer shall do one of the following: (1) Forward by prepaid mail or deliver in person to the Department of Justice, a report prescribed by the department including information concerning that individual and a description of the firearm in question. (2) Sell or transfer the firearm in accordance with the provisions of Section 27545 or in accordance with the provisions of an exemption from Section 27545. (3) Sell or transfer the firearm to a dealer licensed pursuant to Sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive. (4) Sell or transfer the firearm to a sheriff or police department. As you well know, any purchase of a firearm (sans your relics) by a resident of CA (whether purchased in state or out of state) requires registration.
  6. Over the years I've purchased guns from all over the country. Even from people who live in the communist states of CA, NY, and IL. Most all my purchases were internet based transactions from both private party individuals and dealers. If I bought from a dealer he shipped to my FFL. If I bought from a private party, he took the gun to his local FFL, and then that FFL shipped to my FFL. It's a very easy and painless process. As long as you're not a prohibited possessor in CA, and can legally own a firearm, you can pretty much buy a gun anywhere you darn well please as long as you go through an FFL. This applies to private party face to face transactions also. Since you guys are under communist rule, you're required to register all firearm purchases (sans relics) regardless of whether you buy from a private party, or a dealer in-state or out of state. Just an FYI... there are many dealers and private parties who refuse to sell to anybody residing in CA. Not that they legally can't, but mostly just because of the principle they think CA sucks for not supporting the 2nd Amendment. Good luck.
  7. Holy Crap! That is some awesome gold! Good job Tom & Tom!
  8. What's the difference between a "hobby miner" and a "small miner"?
  9. Another good rant courtesy of Bill... nice wordsmithing. Just for s**ts and giggles, I pulled up some geology maps of the Barstow area and I could only find a couple places that would be of interest to me in prospecting. Given the communist state of CA, those areas I would prospect are probably off limits anyway. Glad I'm in AZ... I've got enough areas to prospect right in my own back yard to last me for a lifetime.
  10. Looks like a nice little unit there Steve.
  11. You guys in NorCal really need to seriously think about seceding from all the assh***s in SoCal and the rest of the disease infested cities/counties... me thinks your lives would be a whole lot better.
  12. Uhhhh, that would be certified mail Skip. I get those little green cards from the IRS all the time. For some reason, they seem to think I owe them some money or something.
  13. I agree Steve... however there's nothing wrong with trying to cover all your bases. Sad to say, but you live in a beautiful, but politically f****d up communist state. Seems there's a certain group of people who think they need to have control over every aspect of your life. To hell with those assh***s I say! Beat them at their own stupid games, get yourself "mercury certified" and let them pay you to dredge! That's what I'm saying... A few of my dirt bike riding buddies did something similar here in AZ. They liked building and riding new dirt bike trials which in the eyes of the FS and BLM was illegal as all get out. They got smart and after a little training and certification from the "powers that be", they now get paid to build trails and ride their dirt bikes... all under the blessings of the greenies and Uncle Sam. I was going to join them, but instead decided to get into gold prospecting. As a gold prospector, I can ride just about anywhere I darn well please... trails or no trials... so no need for me to go through all the government BS and red tape just so I can ride in my own backyard.
  14. I caught a little s**t over on the TNET forum awhile back for suggesting to the dredgers that they become "EPA Certified Mercury Removal Specialists". One of my oil patch buddies I went to high school with (actually he dropped out) became a multi-millionaire almost overnight due to the EPA enviro-nuts and their "save the world" agendas. Since he and his Dad were already in the oil services business, they saw the writing on the wall with all the new EPA regulations and rules being imposed on the oil businesses. So back in the early 1990's when all the asbestos laden buildings, and underground tank leakages were becoming an environmental problem, he started a company that dealt with those issues. Knowing that disposing of the "toxic waste" was almost 1/2 the cost of any clean up job, one of the first things he did before even starting his company was to buy himself a bunch of worthless farm and ranch land out in the boonies of Colorado. He got the land certified by the EPA as waste disposal sites. He then got all the EPA and government certifications he could get his hands on and officially started his business. One of the first jobs he got was a $1.2 million dollar job tearing down an old asbestos laden school in our hometown. The school was built in the 1930's out of the best brick money could buy. He took that brick and built himself a 10,000 sq. ft. house. He later told me he'd have done the job for free just for the brick and the scrap metal. As part of his business, he was also certified by the EPA for underground storage tank removal and remediation. Since many of the gas stations in our local towns were mostly mom & pop businesses, they usually couldn't afford to have him dig up and replace their underground gas storage tanks. He'd make them a fair offer to buy their land and 9 out of 10 times they'd accept. He'd go in and demo the stations and pull the tanks out of the ground and then "remidiate" the land. He made millions selling the land to Walgreens, Arby's, McDonalds, Super8, Comfort Inns, etc. as most of the land he bought from the gas station owners were on very desirable corner lots, right off the Interstates, or were on the main transportation routes. During the drug craze when everybody and their brother was cooking meth, he made even more millions by cleaning up the meth houses that the cops busted. His average job was $50k for a couple days worth of work. He had crews that drove to Denver each day just to clean up meth houses. I guess the bottom line in all this EPA and enviro-nut craze when it pertains to dredging in the communist state of Kalifornia, is that a guy has to be proactive and try to capitalize on the opportunities the greenies so ignorantly give them. I suggested that some of the CA dredgers might want to get together, form they're own "environmentally conscious" companies, get certified by the EPA, and then get themselves some high $$$ "greenie blessed" contracts to get all that nasty mercury out of the water. You'd swear by some of the remarks I got, that I asked them to turn over their first born.
  15. Just imagine those stamps running back in the old days. No electricity for electric motors. All steam powered. I'm sure the guy who sold ear plugs was a very rich man.
  16. That's kinda what I've been doing lately is prospecting on the fringes of known gold bearing areas hoping to find that wash or hill side that is still virgin. I haven't been at it all that long, so I've still got plenty to learn and still have to pay my dues so to speak. That's one of the major reasons I got a Rokon, just so I could get to those places where either nobody has been, or if they have, it's been a very long time. I'll find me something sooner or later. 90% of the fun I have is just getting out and exploring those "virgin" areas.
  17. Apparently "rich" by today's standards. I'm wondering where the Lynx creek, Cherry Creek, Oak Creek, Turkey Creek, Poland Creek, etc. etc. type placers are. Back in the day they were easily producing an OZ or better per ton. There's gotta be some rich ground still out there somewhere. I know the old timers were pretty thorough, but I don't think they got everything.
  18. At least you guys are making wages. Not a bad haul at all. I'm just wondering where in the hell did all the rich placers go. They still gotta be out there somewhere. Did the old timers really do that good of a job cleaning things up?
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