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  1. Have a stack of like new classifiers from 1/2" down to 100 mesh (gnat poop) in addition to a couple gold pans up for sale. I'll take $40 for everything. Call/text Gary @ 623-363-5333 if interested. I'm at 71st ave. & Union Hills in NW Glendale for P/U.
  2. Hey, I'm right there with you on the skunk. If it wasn't for me having such a blast riding my Rokon and exploring new places looking for those elusive nuggets, I'd have probably given up already. You'll find your gold eventually, I know I will, so I don't let it bother me. Main thing is to have fun doing it!
  3. Hey Bob... I guess I'm way out of the box. I'm not even close to the tourist spots. I'm within a few miles though of a couple well known districts just hoping some of them veins may have spread around a bit. Right now I'm concentrating my prospecting efforts on fault lines and where two or three types of geological formations meet or combine. I've spent the last few weeks trying to get to a few gossans that look nice, but the terrain is just way to rough and I don't feel like hiking to get to them. I'll wait on them until my partner gets his Rokon up and running real good, and can pull or push
  4. That's what mystifies me... when did it start, and when did it stop. Seems we should still be bombarded by gold laden astroids if past history is any indicator. What power or entity put the kibosh to the process?
  5. What blows me away is if precious metals originated from the bombardment of asteroids and space dust, how come we're still not being bombarded yet today? When did it all stop?
  6. I like Toms MO. Keep each find separate and labeled when and where you found it. Great idea!
  7. Look at it this way… you have a guy that works on a diesel engine that powers a million $$$ motorhome… or you have a guy that works on that same engine that powers a 10 million $$$ piece of oil field equipment. Who do you think is going to get paid more, and who do you think is going to get treated better?
  8. Nobody says you have to go to ND… there are plenty of opportunities in CO, WY, UT, MT, TX, NM… heck even back east in OH, PA and NY. I know when I was in the oil patch, we treated our diesel mechanics like they were Gods. They had all the top of the line tools, analyzers, you name it, they got it. Whatever made their job easier and would keep our equipment in top notch condition.
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