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  1. Johno I know the "J"was on that pendent you lost and garimpo found it Nice find garimpo, next time turn it sideways and Johno wouldn't reconize it :innocent0009: 5150
  2. Thanks garimpo greatly appreciated. 5150
  3. Garimpo: Thanks for the poem, Marine E7 69-73 in country, door gunner. I wish it would all end and bring them home again. Got me all misty, Semper-fi 5150
  4. Alright Grubby (Mr Gary) :whoopie: Glad your back. God speed on your recovery. All those years driving take their toll on ya. You'll be out there soon enough :escape: but for the time relax and get better. and fight thru this :fighting0030: 5150
  5. Mr Roger: So sorry for your loss Best wishes and prayors 5150
  6. Unc : Those are gorgeous, can't believe you missed them the 1st time :woohoo: 5150
  7. Hey All: My name is Mike and live in Newhall Ca about 45 miles north of Los Angeles just off I 5. Have been prospecting since 75 an reading everything and anything I can about the local history I can get my hands on. Well in 91, I located a bench up in the Los Padres 1 week when I was prospecting, 9 miles from the closest parking and the only way to access this site is by foot and this trek takes about 4 1/2 hours to walk. Across the creek from the bench, there sits an old mud and wood foundation that was once an old timer's cabin along with an old mine and I have
  8. Mr Bill: When life serves ya leomns you got to make lemonade. Family comes 1st because blood is thicker than water. Was in the same boat, daughters crackhead boyfriend knocked her up and beat the crap out of her so she finally left him. Now back home with us. That was 3 1/2 years ago and she's still there. Have the cutest little grandson though and scary smart. Patents and understanding is all you need to cope. You'll get thru it and as for the BACK :sick0010: it will get better and you'll be out there soon with a baby backpack and diaper bag hard at it. 5150
  9. Mr Jerry: Thoughts and Prayers are with you and Miss Dianne. In no time she will be by your side Detecting with you. :mm: 5150
  10. Hey Unc: It's called karma!!! You found the pin and returned it to it's rightfull owner and now you get rewarded for your good deed. Man what a gorgeous nugget. Congrats !!! 5150
  11. Very nice, Thanks for sharing the pic's, just wants me to get out. Thanks again 5150
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