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  1. On the news this morning there was something about a big 8 pound nugget from N Cal. Is that an old find or a new find? Sold for over $400K. Neil
  2. Jason, it's sure going to be a long summer :coffeetime: Neil
  3. Thanks for all the kind words. I could hardly control myself all day Sunday thinking about all the times I went back to a spot where I had found a couple of nuggets, really pumped with high hopes of finding more, only to go there and not find another one. Well after a long day Sunday, went back to that spot on Monday and what a great day it was. Here is Mondays take: 12 nuggets with the biggest 13.8g and it’s a beauty with nice white quartz in it. The total patch gave up 19 nuggets for a total of 29.8g. Best 2 days I have ever had. I have to give my hunting partner the credit for get
  4. Hit a nice patch yesterday, 12g total.
  5. Hi Frank, Nice nugget and interesting. My friend found a piece a few years ago that does have magnetic material in it that would cling to a magnet, but that material was black, not gray like this one. Who said you can’t pickup gold with a magnet.http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/style_emoticons/smileone/laught16.gif Neil
  6. Well, as so often happens, we went over the area of the sandwich nugget with 2 different size coils in hopes of finding more but no luck. It didn’t pan out (pun intended). It’s hard to believe there aren’t more nuggets there but if there are they aren’t close enough to the surface to detect. Oh well, maybe next time. By the way the nugget doesn’t respond to a magnet. We think the material with the gold is slate. Here are a couple more pictures: Have a good day. Neil
  7. Hi All, We are going back tomorrow with high hopes of finding more. Anyway we are going to give that area a real good going over. Will post how we do and will try a magnet on the nugget. By the way, it is ¼ oz. Thanks for the comments. Neil
  8. Here is a nugget a friend of mine found the other day and we would like to find out if anyone else has found one and what the material between the gold is. Maybe Chris Ralph could give us some information on this? It is a beautiful piece and the first one like that we have found. Thanks and have a AU day. Neil
  9. Man, how would you ever be able to detect in all that jungle without clearing it first. How would you find it in the first place? Great looking gold, good job and thanks for sharing. Neil
  10. Hi, I really enjoyed the video and that's a nice nugget. I hope you filled in all those detector holes. Have a nice day and find some more of that yellow stuff. Neil
  11. I'm posting this here because I can't post it on the AZO site. Every time I want to look at a picture I have to log in. I can't post because every time I try to post it asks me to log in again and my post is gone because it takes me to the main page. I don't have that problem with other sites, why the AZO site? I like the site but it is very irritating to try to do anything. Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else having this trouble? Sorry that this isn't about gold. I feel better now that I got that off my chest. Neil
  12. Sorry to hear that Guido. I went out yesterday by Yuma for most of the day and my 3000 ran smoother than it has ever run. There weren’t many military planes flying so that might have helped it run quiet. I really like this mod so far but time will tell. Neil
  13. Well I spent about 5 ½ hours out yesterday with the steel wool in and it seemed to run quieter. I just put one thin bag (3"X4") in to test the idea. I think if I get a little more creative with more bags it might help more. I don't want to move the wires around too much in there though. For now I'm going to leave well enough alone. It wasn’t a big improvement but every little bit helps. It’s going to take a few more trips out to see how much improvement there is. At least I proved to myself that it didn’t make it any noisier. This little one came out just as my battery was dying. Thanks aga
  14. Being a retired telephone switching engineer, I get the shivers just thinking about steel wool around electronic equipment. Well today I decided to try it so I double bagged some, cleaned everything up and put the bag in my 3000. I went out after lunch just to swing and listen to see if it made it any worse or any better. I went to a place close to the road where I had been before a couple of times. I wasn’t really expecting to do any serious detecting, just see what it sounded like. Well I got out there and just automatically went into serious detecting mode, couldn’t help myself. I went to
  15. Anyone who has found nuggets at Greaterville knows some of those nuggets can be really pretty and some can be butt ugly. A few years ago I found this nugget, I called it BUN (But Ugly Nugget) and always wondered what it looked like under all that ugliness. Well, when I saw Gus in Idaho’s post on Finds Treasure Forum about using Whink to clean up one of his nuggets, I decided to give it a try and here are the results. Here is BUN before the Whink soak, weight 12g Here is BUN after 5 days in Whink, weight 11.3g. Now it looks more like gold but I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but
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