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  1. Well yeah that's the deal you need to sale that detector before a new one comes out.. I'm good I already sold my last Minelab at the price I bought for.
  2. What's a used 5000 going for?? About $4500. That's the game and I been playing it for 20 year buy Minelabs. If this detector is as good as they say I'll be looking to buy a used 7000 for $8000.
  3. Hey all I think the price really doesn't mean anything but besides coming up with the $10,000. Because If I but one for $10,000 then down the road sell it for $8,000 so you just need to find less then 2oz to recover the $10,000. Kim
  4. I came up with 9.36 grams. Here some pic. I'm thinking about selling it. its 1 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2.
  5. Hello all I have this Quartz rock with gold. The weight is 4.2 oz and in water is 2.7 oz. How does someone come up with the gold contents. thanks Kim
  6. Hey Mike I was more talking about the hills by Goodwin. It looks like it's been getting a lot of snow. thxs
  7. I been looking at the weather and it seems it's been snowing all around Prescott for a few days now. I don't recall in the 30 years it ever snowing like this in the hills around Prescott. Anyone one up that way, how's it looking?
  8. I didn't see it but I wonder how many nuggets have been found that did come from space.
  9. I remember in the old days some Gov would dump all there gold on the market and gold would drop. I don't see this would happen today, but I guess it could happen. But every time there is talk that uncle Ben going to print money gold shoots up.
  10. Hey I sold some gold and platinum bars so I was looking for some good deals. Ebay is ok I bought $1200 worth of scrap gold sometime back and totally got rip off. Ebay told my to send it back and get a tracking # and got a full refund.
  11. He's going to refund me. Yeah I have the stone and did test on some other nuggets that tested 18k 22k. These nuggets the 10k acid eats it right away. I saw has feedback before I bought and it look ok. He was selling some bags of gold leaf or something. But the gold nugget I'm sure is100% real. The deal I got seem to good to past up. 11.2 grams for $480.
  12. I mined a lot of gold and it looks like anything I mined. I don't see that they could be man made. I think I recall that Oregon gold has a lot of copper so I guess these do. I did a 10k acid test. I wanted them to make some jewelry but if they were ever tested it would show it wasn't 10k. I guess I'll have to return them. The guy has some more on sale here's the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oregon-gold-nuggets-11-2-grams-total-/110736608117?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c86a8b75
  13. Hello I was wondering if anyone has some info about nuggets that isn't even coming up as 10k. I bought some on ebay from Oregon. I'm in shock it looks like good gold. I got a really good deal but not sure now. I think I could sale them on ebay and at lease get my money back but not sure if I would want to do that. I should be able to get my money back from the guy but wondering what you guys that deal with nugget think. So I don't know if I should keep them or not. thanks
  14. Wow Bill you are out of your mind. I feel for you. Our ac just went out and to fix it doesn't look good until next year. We already had a ac window unit so I put another window unit in and it's keeping us cool. Like all of you another month can't come fast enough.
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