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  1. I just caught this in my eyesight this morning. It sure looks like a meteor. It has a slight magnetic pull. I don't know if anybody can tell in a picture if it's a meteor.
  2. Hey I don't think anybody saw this. Mostly out here it's all desert mostly to the North and East and it only took about 2 seconds to see it. Luckily I text a buddy that morning telling him about it so I have the date. It was August 28 right as the sun came over the hills. And then if someone did see it they most likely wouldn't know to report it like me. But it was glowing white all the way to the ground.
  3. Mike Hey I got my dredge going if u ever what to go give me a ring. Ya hoping I'll find it. I've found about everything else.. Almost step on this guy. and wondering if this is human. Lol. Talk to u later.
  4. Well boys I was hoping to have photos of a meteor by now. About 6 weeks ago I was at my ranch which is pretty much out in the desert. The sun had just come over the mountains. I was out at the shop and I just turned north and saw what at first thought it was a really big white bird dive bombing. Far as I can tell it was about 1/2 mile to a mile away. So I looked to see if it would come back up if it was a bird dive bombing. But again I've never seen a big white bird ever dive bombing anyways. Lol. Then I realized it was a glowing white meteor. The way it was coming down was so surreal. If it w
  5. Well yeah that's the deal you need to sale that detector before a new one comes out.. I'm good I already sold my last Minelab at the price I bought for.
  6. What's a used 5000 going for?? About $4500. That's the game and I been playing it for 20 year buy Minelabs. If this detector is as good as they say I'll be looking to buy a used 7000 for $8000.
  7. Hey all I think the price really doesn't mean anything but besides coming up with the $10,000. Because If I but one for $10,000 then down the road sell it for $8,000 so you just need to find less then 2oz to recover the $10,000. Kim
  8. I came up with 9.36 grams. Here some pic. I'm thinking about selling it. its 1 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/2.
  9. Hello all I have this Quartz rock with gold. The weight is 4.2 oz and in water is 2.7 oz. How does someone come up with the gold contents. thanks Kim
  10. Hey Mike I was more talking about the hills by Goodwin. It looks like it's been getting a lot of snow. thxs
  11. I been looking at the weather and it seems it's been snowing all around Prescott for a few days now. I don't recall in the 30 years it ever snowing like this in the hills around Prescott. Anyone one up that way, how's it looking?
  12. Hey Not sure but maybe a miles. One time I went alone close to Weavers Needle and went off the trail and really felt a mountain lion was around. Then I came across a little cave which I didn't even go check it out. I don't remember if I had a gun with me at that time. I never really ever carried a gun to often unless I have a kid to carry it. lol
  13. My son Josh and I in the Superstition Mountain. Where really men go.lol
  14. Check out Youtube there is lots of videos people finding nuggets. You can learn a lot you can see what kind of gound people are finding nuggets in. Search nugget hunting detector.
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