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  1. Flack, I've lived in Chicago twice. Believe me when I tell you it will be cold. It will be Alaska Cold in September. Then it gets colder. Other that that detail, I wish you, your family and especially your Gym Kid the very best of good luck. I will be looking for her on the TV. Colin Thompson
  2. I'm holding out for aliens. Nothing else makes sense.
  3. Even lovely San Diego got down to 33F this week. It's frosty.
  4. Why is there a small, mobile spider embedded on my screen? Inquiring minds want to know... EDIT: Never mind. Very cute Glenn:)
  5. I attempted to sign up. After the forth time, I went home. "Referrer failure".
  6. I agree. Randy is the very best I've used. You get what you pay for. Can't beat that.
  7. I'm sure that picker was salted! Other than that bit of mischievousness, the show really opened my eyes!
  8. The road was paved with meteorites! That has to be unique. I love this show!
  9. Jason, I learned the trick with large print type years ago:) I'm a skinny guy. Hate me:)
  10. Sergeant Friday, May I join you club? Good luck in your retirement!
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