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  1. Rod

    GPZ 7000 for sale $5000.00

    Sale Pending. A young prospector has interest, but cannot provide all the funds at once. I'm going to offer him the chance to pay half down, and then pay off the remainder within 90 days. The detector will be in his hands once final payment is received. If he changes his mind at any time, he can have all of his money back, and I'll relist the detector. I'm not in a hurry to make a sale. Anytime we can help the next generation of prospectors up the trail, it's a good thing.
  2. Rod

    GPZ 7000 for sale $5000.00

    Adding a note on the ferrite ring as some may not be familiar with it. First off, it's not part of the detector. Its a separate little ring that comes with the detector; a ground balance aid. If you want to learn more about it, this is a good article to read: https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/using-the-dust-iron-ferrite-gb-aid-for-the-gpz-7000
  3. GPZ 7000 for sale $5000.00. Cash only. Only trade I'd be interested in is a Harley bagger with a full fairing. I'm very picky with bikes so it'd have to really be the right one. This detector is in excellent condition. Purchased from Rob. The serial number is shown below. Used but never abused. Comes with an extra battery, heavy duty aftermarket coil cover, and Doc's detector/wireless/screen cover. Wireless WM 12 speaker module and headphones included. The original little iron ferrite ring cracked but you can buy another for $15. I just wrapped red duct tape around it and have seen no performance difference. I have several detectors, can't swing them all at once, and I don't want to see this machine collect dust. It's paid for itself for me and I'm sure you'll do well with it too. This is a great deal for the price, especially with the extras. Going to reinvest the money into my next detector model adventure. It's a lot of fun trying different machines out. Send texts or PMs. Text preferred as I don't get on the internet every day. (608) 305-4763. Please text before calling as I don't take calls from unknown numbers due to the amount of scams out there. Sale will likely take place in Arizona. If I don't return your text right away we're likely traveling and not in a service area.
  4. Been traveling around Colorado. Beautiful state with a rich mining history. In Telluride now for a few days. Just chilling out after 7 days of camping and being off grid here and there. Been visiting national parks and mining country. Prospecting and detecting in national parks is not allowed. Colorado has lots of country to beep and prospect. Endless mines and hiking. Hope you are all staying cool wherever you are. Getting back on the road soon. Life is good. Enjoy the pics... No visible gold but screams on the Gold Bug. Lots of pyrite showing. Gold and pyrite do run together so we'll know more when we crush it. Nice molybdenum specimen. Some cubic pyrites. My daughter and I at the Old 100. Very cool tour with neat history. A nice quartz slab with gold and pyrites someone had at the Old 100. Met some kids from Missouri on the Old 100 tour who wanted to see some "real gold" so we showed them some. Inside the Old 100. Massive pegmatites in gneiss and schist at the Black Canyon of the Gunnision national park. Only 2,500 feet down to the river. Lots of great photo opportunities here. Hiking the Black Canyon. 3 pics from La Plata Canyon. A great mining history here. Met two guys while hiking who had sluices and pans who were on their way somewhere. Once we began talking gold they had to leave all the sudden. Think they were worried about their honey hole being discovered. Can't blame them for being cautious. Big mudslides below Sawpit and Placerville. It's rained every afternoon. Sometimes it's light, other times very heavy. 3 off road pics. Lots of opportunity for those who wander. A nice morning in Telluride.
  5. Very cool DD. That gold has beautiful character, chevron looking from my screen. And you got a new little buddy, sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Rod

    Death Valley trip

    Very cool, thanks Charlie
  7. Rod

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Great good and good times. Bobcats can be curious creatures. We've had them just hang out 25 or so feet away and just watch as long as we stayed mellow and out of their comfort zone. Gotta love nature.
  8. Yep...more details here https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/prescott/news-events/?cid=fseprd581999
  9. Rod


    Very nice finds, congrats
  10. Rod

    Lead mining

    One target closer to a nugget Keep swinging
  11. Rod

    Don't disregard the old coils

    Good to know Bill, thanks. Thought I read about someone in OZ experimenting with the idea but the details escape me. Frankly, my wish is not performance based, the ZED is a great machine, just enjoy variety.
  12. Rod

    Hey, got prayers?

    All the best to you and your mom, Tammy. Hope she recovers quickly.
  13. Rod

    Don't disregard the old coils

    Totally agree. My favorite was the good old Coiltek 14 round mono. That coil was crazy sensitive and deep. The Minelab 8 inch mono Super Gold Search mono was another favorite. And with DD's the Coiltek 17 Wallaby DD Pro was the standout. That's the one thing that drove me crazy on the SDC 2300, the lack of coils but I cannot fault the machine itself, great unit. I don't see any need to buy a 19 for the ZED but would like to see a smaller coil for it like an 11 inch.
  14. Rod

    Modded 3500

    Good stuff. Totally agree with trying different units and kinda chuckle when people are closed minded to possibilities.
  15. Rod

    Blasting caps

    What could possibly go wrong? 😉