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  1. Yep, agree. It's not a difficult test, the weather and charts are likely the most challenging to people. I feel lucky because my better half is a USAF vet and licensed private pilot. She's worked for both an AZ and Alaskan (Ketchikan Air) air service. I've absorbed much of my aviation knowledge just being around her. Happy flying!
  2. Bill, I'm glad to hear that you're pursuing the 107 certificate. I'm a certified Part 107 pilot, so feel free to hit me up on FaceBook or via cell if I can be of any help to you. It's very rare that I read the forums, but heard about Reg and logged on. This thread has brought up a lot of great sub-topics. I'm no lawyer, but do know a few good ones. That said, I'll add a few notes. It's your due diligence responsibility to get the facts for yourself, don't just believe or disbelieve me. Yes, if you are making money on YouTube or anywhere with a drone, even $0.01 from ads, it's in y
  3. RIP Reg. He was not only a great guy, but he contributed a lot to the detecting community with his knowledge and time.
  4. Thanks for sharing this, nice gold too, congrats. Although I recently sold my GPZ seeing more coil options on the market is great. It's an awesome and powerful machine. I've seen a lot of people knock the Z who have likely never held one. If I could offer ML one big Z critique it would be this. More coil options. Looking forward to what ML releases next, but have plenty of detectors in the meantime. If the R&D team could just combine the power of the Z with the descrimination of the Monster (not to be completely trusted but good) in a light weight package, with several coils, that would be
  5. Beautiful gold, but second largest is certainly a stretch. You can only reference what's been recorded or published. Much is never talked about, such is the way of dirt diggers.
  6. These forums are a type of social media (like YouTube, FaceBook, etc.) where reality is often distorted in the viewers perception. You see a few people posting gold photos consistently and suddenly it seems very easy to accomplish. Same with reality shows. There are far more lurkers than posters and some of the most successful prospectors - detectorists never join a forum or participate in social media. It’s just not their thing. What you don’t know is as meaningful as what you do know, and as Clay noted - aside from gold, there are many other opportunities with natural resources. Knowledge is
  7. Good question, and smart to ask before you leap. Prospecting full time is not quitting your job, it's trading your current job for another one. The dirt business is hard work. I’ve met more than one millionaire who were told they would never succeed, and many times that number of people who gave up on their dreams when the road got rocky. There are wealthy people who are miserable, and people who barely eek out a living who are truly happy. Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world will change for you. We all walk our own path. Live fully, experience the things you want. H
  8. Nature is full of oddities. Some friends and I were just joking about this as we saw these two rocks while hiking to detecting spot. "Someone out there would think it's a sign of something lol" A '5' on one rock and a pyramid looking thing on another. It's just nature.
  9. Good idea Doc. Looks better than duct tape
  10. Idaho does indeed have great gold.
  11. $4500.00 cash only. Since I already bought yet another detector, the money from this sale will be a gift for my daughter when she's away for her junior year in college this fall. Good (great) deal for you and her lol
  12. A few people are interested but no cash on the table yet. Great deal and when it's gone, it's gone.
  13. Thanks great. I'm really looking forward to reading about your trip. Amy and I have talked about visiting OZ one day to detect so the more we learn, the better. Good luck!
  14. Not surprised that the lion's instincts were activated by the runner. That's nature working as designed. Lions are more aggressive in some areas due to human proximity and frequency. Out in Cali my cousin has had some interesting experiences with them while prospecting, but all turned out well. I've encountered two lions in the field in remote areas. Both ran away quickly. Frankly, it's not a big worry. I was more concerned about Grizzlies and Moose detecting deep in Alaska. Sing songs as you hike through the forest, creeks, and berries to let them know you're coming. They will
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