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  1. Idaho does indeed have great gold.
  2. $4500.00 cash only. Since I already bought yet another detector, the money from this sale will be a gift for my daughter when she's away for her junior year in college this fall. Good (great) deal for you and her lol
  3. A few people are interested but no cash on the table yet. Great deal and when it's gone, it's gone.
  4. Thanks great. I'm really looking forward to reading about your trip. Amy and I have talked about visiting OZ one day to detect so the more we learn, the better. Good luck!
  5. Not surprised that the lion's instincts were activated by the runner. That's nature working as designed. Lions are more aggressive in some areas due to human proximity and frequency. Out in Cali my cousin has had some interesting experiences with them while prospecting, but all turned out well. I've encountered two lions in the field in remote areas. Both ran away quickly. Frankly, it's not a big worry. I was more concerned about Grizzlies and Moose detecting deep in Alaska. Sing songs as you hike through the forest, creeks, and berries to let them know you're coming. They will respond by heading out of the area 99 percent of the time. Just don't expect that near a river full of salmon from bears. The bears are generally amicable to your company as a fellow angler as long as you don't get crazy. It's just something we have in common, both humans and nature love good food. Nature is grand. Stay safe and enjoy life!
  6. I've worn out several pairs of snake gaiters over the years and have come to the conclusion that they protect you from cactus more often than they do snakes. About 15 years ago on an early winter morning a good friend was squatting down to dig a target, right over a coiled rattler. He was not coiled in defense, just kind of positioned that way waiting for the sun to warm things up. I noticed the snake and called out to my friend 'Bro, you've gotta come check this out! Right now! So damned amazing!' he walked over and jokingly said 'What's so great that my nugget has to wait?' I pointed to the rattler. He was very thankful and lucky. We still chuckle about that now and then. Detector Pro makes the one ear model Rattler headphones. Another friend of ours swears by them. I've been thankful for the wireless module on the GPZ and the loud speaker on the Monster. Works much better than the old SD/GP amps when you need to lay down and crawl through the tight spots.
  7. Cool shirt. Sometimes I "break" for bedrock at lunch too.
  8. Teamwork nugget, love it! Congrats! Amy and I have used poker chips to mark targets with my deeper beeper and let her monster follow. Works great in areas of heavy trash, it's like Vegas, always a gamble but lots of fun.
  9. Rod

    Solar Panels

    I bet you have some great stories to share from those twelve years. You're right, optimizing solar performance, even the little stuff, makes all the difference. When we first started getting into solar a few years ago we certainly had some interesting learning experiences, but dialed it in with a lot of research and reading.
  10. Rod

    Solar Panels

    I've been impressed with Renogy products and service. Interesting that you've seen new rigs being on grid designed, I've observed the opposite, at least with the smaller 4x4 rigs. We love being able to stay out in the gold fields for long periods of time, away from technology and finding new patches. Life begins where the pavement ends.
  11. Rod

    Solar Panels

    We use a Renogy 100w solar system in our 4x4 camper with a Whynter 45 quart refrigerator. To be safe we'll run the engine for 30 minutes every third day. We've stayed out for several weeks detecting and never had a problem. The Whynter is great, will keep food cold at 30-40 degrees no problem and runs on direct DC current or AC via an inverter. We run it DC. I've learned that inverters can really drain your battery on their own. That's why we run the fridge (and lights) via DC. Lots of low draw LED options on the market. I'll likely beef the panels up to 300w in the future.
  12. Investing in others is always a risk. I've been burned as well. People will make all kinds of promises and fail to deliver. They will also try to excuse their behaviour. I've heard it all...I promise to never return without you...As soon as I find a wash with big nuggets you'll be the first to know. Promises are like babies, fun to make and hell to deliver. Let it go. Make peace with it. Find value in the experience. Let it teach and guide you. Maybe it's an opportunity for you to change too. Hopefully, some day, you can be friends with him again and rebuild trust. Perhaps his intentions were good, but misguided. Maybe you motivated him to be more active if he has physical limits. That's positive. Step back and try to see a larger picture. Calm your mind. Have no expectations. Understand and replicate the experiences that make you happy. Life is full and good.
  13. I love it. Good for you. People will bash you when you're out of their depth of experience, and they did. Just keep smiling and laughing. Wishing you more success.
  14. Lots of good advice given. You're asking questions, are willing to experiment with settings, and are persistent. All positives. You'll find your way. Enjoy the journey.
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