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  1. John, I am assuming that laws changed and now selling gold is taxable? Is this something somewhat recent? Or are they just talking about it?? I could swear I looked into that when I started prospecting a few years ago and it was not taxable income at that point but I could be remembering wrong...
  2. Wow great timing on the outting, was planning on heading out that way this weekend and using my GMT and trying to get my first little nugget... I have had it awhile now but only tried to use it at Lynx Creek and out in Stanton... Both times dug so much trash that I gave up after not too long... mainly just use it on my tailings pile to make sure I did not classify out a nice one... Have not even worn out a set of batteries yet, So will have to stop by and see if I can get pointed in the right direction by all you experienced nugget shooters. Don't need to add me to the headcount tho, I have pl
  3. Well spent a couple days at Bear River early this week, I really like using a sluice instead of pick pan and shovel at Lynx, especially in a area with some gold. i did not find much weight wise, but alot of color in the pan... where ever i dug. I attached a couple pics, one oof each days total...could really be nice getting into a little pay streak. My home made sluice appeared to work pretty good considering the fine gold it retainned. Thanks for the suggeston, Great place to go camp and prospect or just go play int he rive and watch deer in the evening. From what everybody says, to make some
  4. I got a 6000w Diesel... Was wanting to be able to hook it up to power the house... What do I need to do? Have not really looked into it, but your post got me thinking, I am sure some sort of chord is made made for this, so find that first, Installing the proper outlet for the chord end, wired back into a new 15a fuse... Then if power goes out, flip the main off, and fire up the generator, then flip my generator fuse on... Would this work safely or do I need something more?
  5. As soon as possible... But have some flexibility, Was planning to leave last Tuesday, but been out of work for awhile now and my one source of a little work called and had a drafting job for me to do... Cant turn that down. Also had a tire seperate on my truck so need to get a new pair of tires now. Sacramento is pretty much half way for the trip and I dont like driving straight through anymore. I have been wanting get out prospecting for so long now, going stir crazy. Truck has been down for a year needing a transmission... finally got that fixed, to drive up to Oregon, So decided I am taking
  6. Thanks again! If I find anything descent, will post some pics when I get back... Wow from flying over the area with google earth parts of the river bank sure looks white... is that glare off the satalite picture or are the gravel bars along the river white sand or a bunch of quartz rocks making it look white? Looks like there were a bunch of people digging the day that was taken!
  7. Cool thanks, Campground huh... is this the place?? http://www.placer.ca.gov/Departments/Facility/Parks/BearRiverCampPol.aspx Looks like a descent size river from satelite... water running all year round? Prospecting limited to the day use area or the whole stretch of river in the campgrounds?? Any suggestions for a newbie to the area? How far down to bedrock?? you working small tributaries or inside corner gravel bars on the main river?? I see it says no motorized equipment, so I guess everything legal with a 10"x36" sluice then in a public area?? What about metal detector is this a good are
  8. I am heading to Portland from Phoenix and was going to stop around Sacramento and do a little prospecting for a day. Only done the pick/pan & Shovel at Lynx Creek and wanting to try out a sluice for a day instead... anybody tell me where I can go find a little color without stepping on somebodies claim? Are there public areas like the Lynx withdrawl area up around there?
  9. Well here is a long report from first test and a couple mods. I am a little long winded, but wrote it out for future reference... Just a FYI besides the ribbed v matting glued down (I got from an upolstry shop) I am using a nice ribbed carpet that you get at home depot for about $12 for a 6'x9' precut piece. I have had great luck with this in my previous sluices getting super fine flour gold and stayed with it. The other one, I have also used is a different rubber backed ridged welcome mat under one section, I will probably use that in this one too if I can find another one like it better. BTW
  10. THANKS! I appreciate all the input I can get... I assume you mean 3/16" opening right not tall? The stuff I used as a classifier in the power head is called 1/2" flat, those openings measure 1/4" across the short way. Actually I was thinking the same thing last night, after I saw my pictures, something clicked and thought about the keene 8" box only having 3/8" or possibly 1/2" raised expaned metal, all the way down, So, I changed it up this morning, but did not go that small, This stuff was huge really, it is raised and the opening measures 1 1/8" and at the deep portion that makes the riffle
  11. Well all depends on the slope, This was a prebent piece I got out of the used pile at the steel yard, the sides are only +1" tall, before adding the rubber matting. The head is a piece of 1" x 1 1/2" square tube I cut a slot in and welded into the bent plate. I think drilling 1/8" holes would have been better or maybe something to change the flow up inside the head?? But with that piece of plastic I used to keep the water in up top, it worked fine, will probably just glue a piece up there, or maybe weld in a piece of sheetmetal and touch it up.... so it looks better. For my first and only use/
  12. After looking at alot of sluice designs, I tried to make one that incorportated a few different aspects of some I liked the look of. I like the gravity drop idea, like a le trap so that is where my thinking started off with. I was working with metal, scrap metal, in fact the majority of this sluice was a scrap washing machine only a week ago... Last time I was buying some steel for another work related project, I saw some 4' long prebent metal scraps that were various sizes which I got for less than $5, These are what I used for my riffles, they are each different widths and heights which vary
  13. A couple more of it during my first test, I lowered the slope and cranked up the flow and ran a 5 gallon bucket of classified material in about 8 minutes... then I re-ran it again slower and only found one small grain of flour gold. Just as a final double check because I did not have anything to do, I panned the materal by hand and did not find one spec... then I tryed out my new cleanup sluice, my first impresssion is it is probably twice as long as it needs to be... I did not find any gold within a couple inches of the middle of the sluice. This one is ran on a 12v 750 gph bilge pump, I proc
  14. My original recirc. setup needed to be replaced, I made it out of a cheap plastic tub (tote) and the stand was PVC pipe, not very adjustable so I wanted to come up with something a little more durable with a stand I could adjust angle a little easier. I did not have much money to spend but being a packrat, have a bunch of stuff (read junk) around, a descent scrap metal pile and a few plastic barrels. After I built my original one, and saw how quickly the water got dirty, I did some more reading and saw people using 3 tubs instead of 2, I had an idea with the barrel and adding a small area that
  15. Thanks guys, That is what I thought, glad to hear that is the case, that is how I read it too. I think he was just warning me that If I did buy it and happen to find a nice vein that I should protect myself by filing the lode claim so I did not risk having to prove it in court if somebody happened upon the same vein and tryed to make the claim over it. Knowing it would legally be an invalid claim is what I wanted to hear. The whole situation has me leary from the start, as the claims are only less than a year old. They readily admitted they only staked them to resell them, since he did not ha
  16. I was looking at a claim in the lynx creek drainage area yesterday and the guy showing us the boundaries told me there is a couple small patented silver claims just up the hill and that if I bought it and found a lode vein within the placer claim that I would want to file a lode claim over that too, because since there is alot of public use hiking trails running through the claims, if somebody else stumbled across it, they could file a lode claim over my placer claim and I would lose that area from my claim. Is that really the case?? If that is so, other than my personal ethics, what would sto
  17. Thanks Gramps! That is what I was looking for, I understand not a final authority or anything, but gives me a general idea and a good starting point
  18. Maybe I am a little behind on this subject, because it appears this happened back on Feb. 24th or so, but cant find any other posts on the subject, so I will ask... I was trying to do some research tonight for an upcoming trip and just be sure where any claims are in the area and it looks like Geocommunicator no longer has any unpatented mining claim information. Anybody know what is going on with this?? I was checking out another forum recently and had found a "bridge" link sort of free download that somehow linked the Claim information from LR2000 and Geocommunicator into Google Earth. Downl
  19. I have been doing foreclosure cleanouts and ran across a huge stack of old ('80s) Treasure,Lost Treasure, Treasure Found etc. Magazines. Not really a complete set of anything, but probably at least 50 of them. I am not trying to sell them at this point, mostly wondering if anybody is looking for maybe a specific back issue, I will check and see if I have it, look at that one out next and pass it along... Let me know Jeff
  20. Yeah I have not had alot of luck finding much gold on unclaimed ground. It does seem like I am very good at finding claim markers though... I spent the first year or so after I got into prospecting, just exploring, taking samples and marking them and then panning them over the next week or so and pretty much went out every weekend. I agree that the exploration is alot of fun, Sort of how all this started for me, just for fun and a reason to get out and go 4 wheeling and find old pieces of History, I love that part too. I am definately not into this as a full time job... then I would have to se
  21. Thanks for the input! At least makes me again want to go take some samples and see what it is all about... The few people (non prospector types) I mentioned it too thought I was crazy for even thinking about it, period. I guess what I am really asking, is how much do I need to be finding in a test hole to know it would be worth it? At $6K you would need 4+ ounces of gold to break even on the claim itself, not including the cost of getting those 4 ounces. He says there has been about 2-3' of overburden to bedrock in the places he has tried, very similar to where I have dug at Lynx Creek. He s
  22. I would think it would ultimately be based on gold that was there, but what about an area that is still repleninshed from time to time... seems like you would try to figure how long it would take you to recoup that amount, but it also seems like the claim itself would retain some value if not possiby increasing. I saw the question posed awhile back about an 80 acre claim for $10K and the consensus seemed to be unless it would support a commercial mining operation, NOT... I recently found one for sale, and if you just took into account claim size, it seems expensive, but when you factor in othe
  23. I sort of thought the same thing... I am still very much a beginner, but I would like to think I could have invested $5000 drove up there for a couple months and hiked up the feeder creek they were getting their water out of or some other in the area with a backpack dredge and brought home more gold than they did investing a quarter mil and that many mens time for 3 or 4 months... If nothing else, I would have put some of my free time I was not working with the group into wandering around with a detector! After watching the extra episode where Dakota Fred tells them he is working Porcupine nex
  24. dont think you will be breaking much of a law if you try what he is suggesting... I use a pump just like that to pump out the water from my mechanics pit when it rains around here... is always sediment left in the bottom of the pit when I am done and no less below where the pump was sitting... it is not even as heavy as sand, it is just silty desert dirt, It may pump the silt up there but it wont pump the sand. I use this same pump in my recirculating sluice. It is just about perfect amount of water for a 10" sluice box. My nephew thought he was going to use his to drain a pool and it ran all
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