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  1. John, I am assuming that laws changed and now selling gold is taxable? Is this something somewhat recent? Or are they just talking about it?? I could swear I looked into that when I started prospecting a few years ago and it was not taxable income at that point but I could be remembering wrong...
  2. Wow great timing on the outting, was planning on heading out that way this weekend and using my GMT and trying to get my first little nugget... I have had it awhile now but only tried to use it at Lynx Creek and out in Stanton... Both times dug so much trash that I gave up after not too long... mainly just use it on my tailings pile to make sure I did not classify out a nice one... Have not even worn out a set of batteries yet, So will have to stop by and see if I can get pointed in the right direction by all you experienced nugget shooters. Don't need to add me to the headcount tho, I have plans Sat evening so wont be staying for dinner. Is it starting Friday night or will you be out there all day Friday too?
  3. I got a 6000w Diesel... Was wanting to be able to hook it up to power the house... What do I need to do? Have not really looked into it, but your post got me thinking, I am sure some sort of chord is made made for this, so find that first, Installing the proper outlet for the chord end, wired back into a new 15a fuse... Then if power goes out, flip the main off, and fire up the generator, then flip my generator fuse on... Would this work safely or do I need something more?
  4. Well here is a long report from first test and a couple mods. I am a little long winded, but wrote it out for future reference... Just a FYI besides the ribbed v matting glued down (I got from an upolstry shop) I am using a nice ribbed carpet that you get at home depot for about $12 for a 6'x9' precut piece. I have had great luck with this in my previous sluices getting super fine flour gold and stayed with it. The other one, I have also used is a different rubber backed ridged welcome mat under one section, I will probably use that in this one too if I can find another one like it better. BTW, I really like that raised 3/16" stuff, that is nice! will keep an eye out for it. Well it was a fail as far as initial setup... Took alot of playing around to get it to flow right because of the difference in slope within the box and also the punch plate that let water and fines go to the bottom box... but, it was a resounding PASS overall. I took 10 split shots, the couple I weighed were 1.6 & 1.8 grams, I cut half of them in half, and hit all with a hammer, I had 10 little .6 to .9 gram nugs and 5 more that were full sized. Then I took a bunch of tiny shot from a shotgun shell. These weighed in at less than a 10th of a gram each... took 12 for a gram. I hit 10 lightly to deform a little, then hit 10 more really hard and flattened to a flake, lastly I smashed another 10 and cut 5 in half to make 10 more half that size and I quartered 3 more and used another 10 of those... started out with 55 pieces of lead that I put into 2 buckets of my tailings... I added in some bigger rocks to my classified tailings to work the classifier too... I set it up initially where I thought it should be, about 7" of total slope over the 4' (measured on the top of the box only)... I turned it on and it looked like it was going to go alright with it almost full on, had to cut it back a little because water was splashing out of the head. I played around a little and it I cut it way back, it appeared it was flowing enough to work in the top, but there was no water at all coming out the bottom of the top tray, it all went to the lower tray through the punch plate. I started thinking... this might pose a problem... I cranked it back up and shoveled my first shovel full in. The material went across the top fine, but it stopped when it got past the punch plate, the dam it created, forced more water though the punchplate. I was running all the water I had, and thinking I may need to add some holes to the spray bar, it seemed like it was not well dispersed down the sluice and I was not sure if I was restricting the pump with the amount of holes I had in it or if it had more to give. Well for now, this is all I had, so I tried to take care of it with some adjustments. I added some slope to it and tried again, this time the material moved a little better, but now the power head was sloping too much and the material was not exiting without help and it was still not enough slope. I shut it off again and adjusted it as steep as I could on this base, I had 13 1/2" of total slope over 4', that seemed way too steep to me, but I fired it up and shoveled another shovel in. This time the material went right on down through the box, looked like it was working great, but still just seemed to steep to me. I put in 6 or 8 shovels and it seemed like it was working alright, but the exit angle out of the power head was such that I had to help the material with my hands... I shut it back off to see if I could adjust it easily... When I shut it off, I saw one of my smaller big nuggets fall down from being sucked up against the gravity riffle and it was laying on the third short flat spot after sticking in the second gravity drop. If it were gold, I would pick it out when I saw it, but I wanted to see if it would stay in the box so I left it alone. Well the head was as flat as it would sit without drilling an additional hole and I did not think it should be running this steep so I did not want to do that. I figured lets finish the test and see where I am at... So turned it back on and started shoveling... that lead just sat there on the flat part even with rocks coming off and hitting it... As I keep going, I start seeing these large nuggets dropping out of the box and getting caught up in the very top of the box, barely out of the head... Looked like it was working great. The main problem was in the power head, I had to manually help the material and was hoping to not have to do that. A couple times, my shovel was too much and some material that should have been in the box, ran out the end in a slurry. After about the 3rd time, I figured no way was I getting all my lead back. Finished up the buckets started cleanup, first pulled the carpet at the bottom upper tray, I could see a couple of my small "flakes" down there. I panned it out and there was 3 of them. Then I pulled the carpet from the top and rinsed it out and then rinsed the rest of the sluice including the lower bottom tray, there was not much chance my lead made it in there, a few of the quarter pieces would fit through but had to hit the hole just perfect. I panned that out and found one of the small flakes that must have been in the material in one of the gravity drops, I thought man this does not look good, I know most of the big nugs were in the upper portion but figured some of the smaller pieces had to go through with that much slope... Then I panned the upper material and when it was all said and done, I lost one of the tiny ones that I barely hit with a hammer and one of the hard hit flakes that had been cut in half... I caught every other piece up in the top besides (4) 1/10 of a gram flakes that got caught below and another 10th plus a half of a 10th that may have never made it into the box. Today, since this was not running like I thought it should, I ended up adding a second spray bar right over that punch plate, but had to run the pump full out to get enough water flowing to lower the slope some. I was able to run material and get it all the way through with the first set of riffles past the punch plate clearing in about 10-15 seconds. I had it down to just below 9” total slope and I took some measurements with a cool level I have that measures slopes. With it sitting on the top rail of the box, I got an 18degree reading, At that angle, the upper riffles right out of the head are sitting at 20degrees slope and the lower riffle section is 17.5 degrees on the top tray and 17 degrees on the bottom tray. Still felt like I would be better off if I had some extra flow to play with and started looking into a larger pump, mine is only 1/2 HP and I can get the same 1 HP pump new for $60 that is rated at double the flow (3400gph). After reading some specs and it mentioning you got more flow with the largest pipe (yeah I know, a DUH! Moment) I re-plumbed the whole system to try to get some more flow out of my pump. I always have had a 1” tube coming off the pump that slipped over a 3/4" pvc pipe going to the sprayers, so I necked it on down to 3/4" only a foot out of the pump. Well the pump has a 1 1/2" outlet immediately necking down to a 1” with a tapered adapter, so I unscrewed the adapter tube and screwed on a 1 1/2" piece of PVC then plumbed it with 1 1/2" all the way up to the valves to give it some more volume to hopefully create more pressure off the sprayers. Seems like it did the trick, now flowing so well it is overflowing my tub, I had to cut that divider down a couple inches… which works out better anyway, this setup took 40 gallons of water to fill before and I was hoping for something closer to 30, so I can get two fill ups with a 55 gallon barrel plus one that is 15 gallons. The main weak point now is my bucket at the bottom, I still lose some water there and had to add 5 gallons about every 20 minutes last night.
  5. THANKS! I appreciate all the input I can get... I assume you mean 3/16" opening right not tall? The stuff I used as a classifier in the power head is called 1/2" flat, those openings measure 1/4" across the short way. Actually I was thinking the same thing last night, after I saw my pictures, something clicked and thought about the keene 8" box only having 3/8" or possibly 1/2" raised expaned metal, all the way down, So, I changed it up this morning, but did not go that small, This stuff was huge really, it is raised and the opening measures 1 1/8" and at the deep portion that makes the riffle where two are stacked up, it measures 7/16" tall... I ended up modifying that lower section and using it for standard riffles above the gravity drops... For the bottom, I used 3/4" raised which has a 3/4" opening and is just a hair under a 1/4" tall where two stack. I was getting ready to test it out and I remembered something from last time, it was a hassle to drain this, Dont know that it's needed, but I try to fill/drain equally so I dont put to extreme pressure on the dividers I glued in... so and added a valve to each of the compartments on my recirc. tub so I can drain the water out easier. I grabbed the wrong glue and it needs to dry for 24 hours so going to test it out tomorrow...
  6. Well all depends on the slope, This was a prebent piece I got out of the used pile at the steel yard, the sides are only +1" tall, before adding the rubber matting. The head is a piece of 1" x 1 1/2" square tube I cut a slot in and welded into the bent plate. I think drilling 1/8" holes would have been better or maybe something to change the flow up inside the head?? But with that piece of plastic I used to keep the water in up top, it worked fine, will probably just glue a piece up there, or maybe weld in a piece of sheetmetal and touch it up.... so it looks better. For my first and only use/test, I started with a few tablespoons of black sand I was saving up to try to process with mecury and I had it set for 1" per ft, it seemed to me like the material was moving way too fast, there was a few small black rocks in the black sand and they were shooting down the sluice... I wanted to get all that superfine lynx creek gold out... I would guess this was about 3/8" of water, because little 1/4" rocks were flowing down under the surface. Since I did not have a valve for this size tubing, I just lowered the sluice as low as I could go, the slightest additional lowering I did beyond this, water overflowed the sides, so at that point it was at least 5/8" of waterI set it there and fed in close to a gatorade bottle of black sands I had just hand panned from lynx creek. There was a little blonde sand and quite a few small rocks still, as this was just get it to fines and dump in a bucket to pan as much material as I could. At this low slope, I did pick out some of the larger rocks, but close to 1/4"ers still made their way down on their own with a few stops along the way... I put in a couple tablespoons every 4 to 5 minutes I would guess. The cleanup sort of told me I was being way to conservative I guess, and will probably try it at 1" per foot and hand pan the black sand afterwards to check for what I missed one more time.... When I went to clean it up, I put the bottom into a 5 gallon bucket and leaned it to about a 45degree angle, took my hose and started gently rinsing it down, I did not want to blast the gold out of the sluice onto the ground. After that I had two pans with nearly equal amounts of black sand, one was what came out on it's own, the other was my cleanup, but when I looked back in the sluice, I could still see alot of specs of gold down in the rubber mat. It was really fine stuff and no way I could pick it all out... I stood the sluice up in the bucket again, almost straight up, but leaned it so it would flow to the side first, turned the hose back on and with my thumb over the end of the hose, sprayed it to the low side then down aways, did this all the way down it, about 1/2" at a time, this time I had a little bit of black sand and a few tenths of a gram of fine gold in the pan... I hand panned through the other pans the old fashioned way as a double check, the cleanup pan I found one small spec of gold, no visible flour gold at all. This was larger than flour and I like to find ALL the gold, but definitely not worth the time panning half a quart of black sand... The other pan had nothing whatsoever.
  7. After looking at alot of sluice designs, I tried to make one that incorportated a few different aspects of some I liked the look of. I like the gravity drop idea, like a le trap so that is where my thinking started off with. I was working with metal, scrap metal, in fact the majority of this sluice was a scrap washing machine only a week ago... Last time I was buying some steel for another work related project, I saw some 4' long prebent metal scraps that were various sizes which I got for less than $5, These are what I used for my riffles, they are each different widths and heights which vary each slope to change up flows and hopefully retain the gold. My sheet metal brake is only 30" long so it limited what I can bend, but I wanted to play around with the 2 stage idea anyway, so I bent two boxes, one with 1" taller sides, and when I joined them up, I raised the slope of the top half 3/4" so it has some extra slope. Midway down the riffles, there is one that is a punchplate for the fine heavies to drop into the lower box. The extra slope in the top box, is actually intended to make this lower portion be flatter sloped for the fines, the upper slope almost continues on down the box on the upper set of riffles, there is a slight change in angle there too though. The powerhead is pretty much my version of a straight copy of many I have seen, Mostly a Keene with expanded metal instead of slats but mine has sprayers on 3 sides. I also added a section of rubber mat glued to the flat portion of the bottom of the head, I am wondering if that is a mistake and this should be smooth to get the material moving?? These pics are first mock up complete in the stand, still needs a little finishing touches. This is 10" wide and 4' long before adding the head, My initial concern pre-testing, is that my drops are too big or this is just not going to work as planned, but I will find out soon. NOTE: If anybody is looking for something built to save money over buying equipment, let me know... My 25 year drafting career disappeared two and a half years ago and I dont expect it back anytime soon... without leaving the state. Since then, I have been helping my nephew with maintaining foreclosed homes, doing Yardwork, Tree Trimming, Hauling and any repairs we can get bid approvals on, but he hired some lazy guys that messed things up and he has lost alot of work recently... so I have had some free time. I am tired of working for these property management crooks and helping the banks HIDE stuff from future buyers instead of fixing it right anyway and would much prefer to be building prospecting equipment and/or doing metal fabrication work anyway. Besides this stuff, I have built a puffer type drywasher, and a small sampling drywasher (great learning tool/time occupier for your kids or grandkids to learn on while helping you), a gas powered vacuum, a cool classifier, a small hand suction pump and many small crevicing tools and mining spoons, I can do just about anything you have a design for and possibly more with just a picture to get started....
  8. A couple more of it during my first test, I lowered the slope and cranked up the flow and ran a 5 gallon bucket of classified material in about 8 minutes... then I re-ran it again slower and only found one small grain of flour gold. Just as a final double check because I did not have anything to do, I panned the materal by hand and did not find one spec... then I tryed out my new cleanup sluice, my first impresssion is it is probably twice as long as it needs to be... I did not find any gold within a couple inches of the middle of the sluice. This one is ran on a 12v 750 gph bilge pump, I processed a gatorade bottle full of lynx creek black sand in about an hour or so, adding a couple tablespoons every few minutes, again hand panned through afterward and did not find anything.
  9. My original recirc. setup needed to be replaced, I made it out of a cheap plastic tub (tote) and the stand was PVC pipe, not very adjustable so I wanted to come up with something a little more durable with a stand I could adjust angle a little easier. I did not have much money to spend but being a packrat, have a bunch of stuff (read junk) around, a descent scrap metal pile and a few plastic barrels. After I built my original one, and saw how quickly the water got dirty, I did some more reading and saw people using 3 tubs instead of 2, I had an idea with the barrel and adding a small area that would hold filter material to catch all the large stuff. I guess that almost makes this a 4 compartment model or 3 with a filter.... The water flows over the divider, into a 4" wide compartment that for my initial testing, I am using a couple 6" wide scraps of swamp cooler pad I had after changing my pads. Then it goes under the second divider into the second settling area. There is a 90degree angle pointed up on the (second compartment end) pipe into the 5 gallon bucket where my pump sits, so it is drawing water from about 5" off the bottom. This is what I came up with... I have barely tested it, but one problem I had before was my pump would pump my 5 gallon bucket dry if I ran too fast, so I never could flatten the sluice out and run a little more water through, it took about 30 minutes to feed a 5 gallon bucket of 1/4" classified material through the old recirc setup I had. This new setup, I can run the pump full out and the water level in the bucket does not change... way too much water for a 8" wide sluice... I built this to support my old original home made sluice and also a new 4" cleanup sluice I made, but with future plans for a little large sluice with a power head to go along with it.
  10. Yeah you can get around most places... I usually leave my truck in 2 wheel drive and can go most any place I want... then if I do get stuck, I can usually get myself out. I dont have a winch, but carry a come-along just in case... have not had to use it yet... thought I was going to have to back out of a couple of washes though, the long bed is not nearly as good in tight spots as my old shorter stepside is though. This is my new toy I just picked up, Really fun! It has a 6.2 liter diesel motor and I have been burning waste veggie oil bio fuel, so been off of foreign oil since I have had it too! Click the pic for a better view of it.
  11. I went through Auburn on a road trip to Oregon, since that rec. area is huge and I was only going to have a very limited time to pan, I stopped in and talked to somebody in the prospecting shop in town. I asked him the same question (except not nugget shooting) and he told me so much of that area has been worked hard and I would probably have better luck up at Bear River. We got up there just a little before sunset and only had time for a couple pans, My daughter panned her first gold there, just a few flakes... but there was a few other people panning and sluicing up there too. It was a really cool small river with about 40% of the river rock being quartz. I cant give you directions, but here is some gps coordinates to the parking lot if you are interested... N39 04 45.0 W120 59 40.7 only about 10 miles on up 80 towards Tahoe. If I lived close by though I would have to try the rec area too as well as all the way down highway 49... saw lots of places I wanted to stop and run a few pans...
  12. Thanks for the warning... I have not filed one yet, was thinking about it to do some drywashing somewhere up in the forest, when it drys back out this year, Probably around crown king or north or there, had not really decided exactly where though, Really just wanted to go someplace up there that I could use more than a pick pan and shovel. But since I finally broke down and bought a detector, I think I can go anywhere forest wide that is not already a claim or private property... and use it right, just fill in the divots.
  13. From the research I have done, Prescott forest is the only National forest that prospecting is allowed on. Then is seems like it is pretty limited without a Notice of Intent except in the mineral withdrawl areas around Lynx Creek where it is open to the public but pick pan and shovel only. I emailed the ranger station there and asked them about prospecting elsewhere in the forest and the ranger forwarded it too the forest mineralogist (as of Nov '08) Frances Alvarado falvarado@fs.fed.us The notice of intent is not much of a big deal though. Just a simple form... This was his response I got back from him. Source: 36 CFR 228.3 (a) Operations. All functions, work,and activities in connection with prospecting, exploration, development,mining or processing of mineral resources and all uses reasonably incident thereto, including roads and other means of access on lands subject to the regulations in this part, regardless of whether said operations take place on or off mining claims. I do recommend that you file a NOI if you decide to use additional equipment listed above. Unfortunately, our CFRs is not explicit as to what "significant surface resource disturbance" is. Some folks may see reasonable to dig a pit (3x5') vs. 1x1' hole. I would hate for you to be inconvenienced by one of our rangers or general public. If we see that disturbance becomes significant, your activities will fall under a Plan of Operation-PoO where additional environmental analysis will be required. Our forest has several sensitive areas with respect to wildlife and restrictions if any are site specific. Good Luck Jeff
  14. Like a 50/50 split or is it just the best deal you can make?? I was really just wondering where a good starting point is, seemed like 50/50 would be fair in most cases, it's his gold that he may or may not know is even there, but I am doing the hard work to find and recover it.... I Was initially wanting to figure out how to best approach or somehow advertise to people that own property along prime gold country around Prescott, i.e. Lynx or Big Bug etc., to let me do a little prospecting on their stretch of creek, but after making a few trips up that way and seeing all the big bold lettered private property signs, most of them would seem to be unapproachable. I am sure it is something they are asked continually... and besides, why would they trust a stranger to even give them their fair agreed upon share of the valuable yellow stuff?? Then I recently found out somebody I know has an old patented gold mine on their property... So I guess in this case, not having to find it, would 50/50 still be fair?? I really don't think it means too much too them or maybe it is just money in the bank making their property more valuable... not really sure, but it was mentioned in conversation as if it was some old well that needed to be filled in. I was thinking about asking if they ever intended to work it or had any plans for it. At least find out what shape it is in... but I would really like to go check it out and see if maybe there is even some tailing piles I could take some samples out of and pan out. Just wondering what I should offer them to come out and poke around on their property, besides some sort of guarantee that if I hurt myself, I wont sue them... I really have no interest in going down a vertical shaft at this point, which is mostly what I have found so far, on my desert explorations, but I would love to check out a horizontal shaft mine after taking some precautions... This is somewhere out in the Tonto forest a few miles past the Bartlett lake turnoff, have not heard much about gold out that way from everything I have read so far. Not sure how much they even know about this mine, but what else should I be asking about it?? Any input would be greatly appreciated
  15. Do you or can you use your a detector to find better pay streaks that you drywash too, besides just looking for nuggets?? I ask because I noticed that as one of the listed features of the Whites GMT...
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