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    Forrestry service passport in time digs for shure!
  1. I flew with my 4000 less than a year ago when security was really hi. I also brought a whites mxt. Basicly what i did was send all the expendable stuff like the poles and conecting equipment in my luggage and the control eads in a walk on. Al they did was pass the walkon through a xray machine and to tell you the truth the new thier was a 4000 and gear"three search heads i ncluding a 16 in mono nf,yeas i head a ton of jokes about my steering wheel" in my walk on. They could have cared less. They didnt do any extra security checks because of my machinery. Anyways I would not ship anything worth what a 4k's control head is worth through the luggage on any plane. Things turn up missing and they doso many rnadom checks ow on luggage I dont wwant any of them handling it! I flew American and I also only flew from LA to Atlanta with one layover. Hope this helps. Gordon
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