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    Forrestry service passport in time digs for shure!
  1. Thanks for the replies guys:) When I get in touch with Nate I will let you'll know and maybe we can do some beeping for shure! I will hopefully know in a couple of weeks after a few tests if i'm going to be going under the knife again.Kaimi I have a few ideas about hunting spots and subjects you might find interesting.Will msg ya in a day or two to caht about them:)Right now my right arm only likes to type so much before I feel like I want to cut the damned thing off. lol Jayray thanks for letting me know about Jim.I have to admit that even though Jim and I had only met 4 times and played ema
  2. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi! Its been a good 3/4 year at least since I have even been online. Those of you who know me know I love hunting the space rocks:) Unfortunatly unless they are in front of my lazyboy I am afraid I wont find any. I have not been able to swing a detector in a good year now and IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!darn to have 15k in gear and its just gathering dust and pipe smoke bothers me to no end! I am hoping to do some beeping in a month or so with some of the grandkids in the family but thats up in the air a bit. I am awaiting tests to see if another fusion is neede
  3. Found these online as dice sold as dwarven because they were made from minerals. I perticularly liked this set. http://www.nobleknight.com/ProductDetail.a..._4_A_GenreID_E_ Thought this would interest some people from the group. Meteoric dice to cool! Mookie
  4. The comment that was made that caught my attention was when they were talking about the " small BB sise Nickle Iron metorites" found at the Arizona crater.The said they were caused by the velocity of the meteorite when it hit the atmosphere. They thought it was from the meteorite turning into a gas. The reason I made this post it because in the past we have talked or commented on the small irons found at Franconia.Unfortunatly they didnt show them in a high enough resolution for me to say they looked like mine or others I have seen. I would like to know if anyone has estimated the speed a
  5. Meteorite hunting is on right now it was on a asteriod program.
  6. glad to hear your ok!BAD CAR!BAD CAR!things are busy with me right now as im trying to get ready for a pit dig this next week up below Redding in nor cal. Mookie
  7. I have found one that is about 5.6 grams. I will have to dig it out and take a pic. It has a small dimple on one side that looks like roll over from it being melted maybe? Plus I agree that it seems that many of the small irons are simply generated from the meteorite breaking up and scatering fragments . I have found many diff shapes of iron. I wonder what a exray of a section of chondrite would look like? Mookster
  8. I flew with my 4000 less than a year ago when security was really hi. I also brought a whites mxt. Basicly what i did was send all the expendable stuff like the poles and conecting equipment in my luggage and the control eads in a walk on. Al they did was pass the walkon through a xray machine and to tell you the truth the new thier was a 4000 and gear"three search heads i ncluding a 16 in mono nf,yeas i head a ton of jokes about my steering wheel" in my walk on. They could have cared less. They didnt do any extra security checks because of my machinery. Anyways I would not ship anything w
  9. If you take a look at my "franconia has been very very good to me" thread. I will be out at franconia this weekend including friday. If your interested just get off at the franconia exit and head south for two miles on the dirt road and where there is a section where two roafs meet. Sta on the one that is heading left and into a small gully and back out. at the top of the gully at the right youll see a flat area where everyone here camps at. If you take a look at the google franconia map yuoull see what im taking about. Your more than welcome to join us. I drive aa small green nissan centra
  10. Well I have run my butt off to get ready and now im heading backto franconia to wook the canyon my Big Mo was found in. I am starting out there This thrusday evening. I should show at the main campsite around 10-11 tonight. Anyone waning to join me is welcome just walk up and introduce yourself. I am always happy to try and show people what to look for. If needed I willhand off the dropp rocks that one uses to test thier gear for finding small iron and chondrite targets.Jim was kind enough to set me up when i started and since then I have carried them in the feild easily for god knows how m
  11. cool thanks man. am about to spend about a week in northern az hunting again. Might just have to get out there and do some hunting. Thanks a ton man. Gordon
  12. wow those irons really look good there Nate. :rofl2: the ting I would like to know is how long did it take you to find all those. That shure is a heap of them. Mookster oh yea..... you got skunked at gold basin. Man I would love to have that be my first nugget!
  13. Well now that I have had some time to sleep on this I have come to some conclusions. When he was looking at them the other day the thing I noticed was the casual manner he was looking at them. He did walk over and grab a tile and streaak tested them but I noticed right away that he simply swiped a rusty portion of the crust and thus got red. I should have grabbed them and walked off when he took the 5.6 gram iron and streak tested the portion on top that had some crust on it. It provided a black streak. This all happened so fast that unfortunatly I gave him far more credit than I should
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