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  1. Good on ya Tom, pull that one year...then take er easy from then on!! Bucket's only had 4 jobs in his life, all were bad and all were good so I guess I broke even. The toughest job was the summer of 81...worked on a tuna boat and it was freekin brutal, the hardest job by far but I still look back on it with fond memories. I liked the Air Force but they didn't like me (un-adaptability to military life) I don't take orders very well. been self employed for bettern 26 yrs now and it's ok if uncle sam would just leave us alone to do what Americans do but that ain't happenin.

  2. Dang guys...sometimes I just forget to check in wit me pals!! Thanks everyone, Ol' Buckyboy made another year. I'll make ya a deal Mike...you keep makin it to the next birthday and I'll try and keep up! Gar...I fooled EVERYONE...and made it another year!

  3. El D, that just flat out sucks...BAD! Hard to even find a worse suckage than losin a mans best friend. I'm with Unc Ron, give it some time and do what men do...we start all over again. I did and I got a pal that is unbelievable!!post-1755-0-84119000-1409808770_thumb.jp

  4. Gar, after a few brews...I think I could do that!! :ROFL: or maybe not. I think now that everybody's cardio is on overload lets slow it back down a bit and take it world wide, this one really ramps up nicely, I love the Native American drum...sounds great.

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  5. So you posted yesterday at 4:24pm that you may try one...AND YOU GOT IT ALREADY??? That my friend...is the fastest delivery of a product I have ever seen...since I ordered a "Desert Fox" from dads rock shop and it showed up the next day. WOW!!

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