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  1. Bill, i gotta tell ya buddy, i love this site and i like to check in everyday when i can but...every now and again when a shootin match starts up i just gotta refrain from throwing my hat in the ring, sit back..read the battle and think to myself..i'm glad i'm not you, and once again you did a great job handling things...you are the king.

  2. Well Bill its been a tough couple of weeks and Daves mom finally lost the battle after she was doing so well, looks like he will be out of commision for a while and I will be filling in, the garage door business definitely has its ups and downs, when things finally clear up here I will have a looser schedule and we'll meet up, for now its work,work,work.

  3. Hey Sarge, i do believe the Cargo Muchaco's are 7 miles from yuma and there is always gold to be found there BUT, there are some claims out there and the spma has most of em, but it is a very good area and one of my favorite places, its better for drywashing but i have pulled out some decent nuggets as well.

  4. Hey Billy, any luck on the Bio Link? Also i think i managed to sucker the ol'lady into heading up to our house in Bullhead the week of the outing so i should be able to see you guys out there, when i punch the gps coordinates up on google earth nothing comes up, so if i can find it, i'll be there to visit on that saturday.

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