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  1. Cache...welcome to the show!
  2. Maybe no respect...but "nectar"....all the way to the bank!!
  3. Ol Lady says...so Bucket...what ya doin? ahh.. just sitting here complimenting Frank on his beautiful nuggets.
  4. Yea, I airbagged mine too...love it!! Just pump em up when loaded and let the air out when not.
  5. Great picture El D !! It's like candy to the eye's.
  6. Great intro...great handle...funny...made a few mistakes and ain't afraid to admit it...I like this guy already!! Welcome brother...welcome to the misfit club Klunker!!
  7. Wow Adam...with a backyard like that ...who needs a front yard!!
  8. Bucket


    Thanks PD, I wish she liked it as much as I do...I'd do it more often!!
  9. Yep...he usually does Mike!! Another great Ted style interview.
  10. Man...I'd sure like to be in the 177 ounce club!!!
  11. It seems strange but I couldn't agree more!! Great looking pieces Bill.
  12. I feel for ya Unc. my dad did the same thing while we were traveling through some desert when I was 4 or 5 yrs old. After smackin me around he pulled over, bombed me outta the car and took off....after a mile or two my mum threw a fit and he turned back and picked me up. I don't remember the incident but it pisses me off.
  13. Jezzy, I think you just needed to roll in a little slower, get your feet wet... maybe post up a few hundred times on less touchy topics so the folks in here can get a better feel for who you are...it helps build trust so when you say something that doesn't sound quit right they are not so quick to pounce on you. Bedrock Bob and Jason have been in here for years and doing battle on several fronts while holding their own quite well. We don't all agree all the time, in here or anywhere else including other forums.
  14. Hahaha...I didn't catch that either, luckily we got a safety net in here called Skip!! Otherwise most of us would have hit the floor by now.
  15. That's not necessarily true Allen, check this video out, he explains in detail how to get your vid removed from another channel, I tried it and it worked and now the pirates are shut down. All you have to do is...well it's all in the video. http://youtu.be/DOAhgWhMesM
  16. That's the great thing about Bob....he weaves you in and out of reality, giving you only a brief taste of one...then the other, as he slowly blends the two together, often times referring to past posts for flavoring just to see if you are paying attention, and when it's all said and done you have to go back and read the beginning again just to see exactly how he slowly boils us frogs. Brilliant!!
  17. "But geologists say the veins may extend the boundaries of state land onto private property." Lets just see how long it takes a state to figure out how to seize this private property.
  18. "Foot Prints"....are very cool maps, check em out.....shot guns back on the rack.
  19. Wow T-Bone that is a mighty fine lookin tire!! I think I might have found my next set.
  20. Amen to that Frank! I've kept my quad up in Bullhead for the last few years and when I get up that way and I pull it out, I always notice little green pin pricks of slime from cactus points coming out of the bald portion with no tread, the slime sealed the holes, they are literally just pin pricks and they are the original 06 stock tires with plenty of tread left but the space in between the tread always makes me a little nervous about all the sharp rocks out there.
  21. I like a tightly spaced tread or lug, yeah you might lose traction in sand or mud (which I don't typically see out there) but I don't like the large gaps between lugs, because I know with my luck that huge bald spot is exactly where a sharp rock slice my tire....am I wrong in that thinking Blake? Keeping in mind I use my quad for desert prospecting in good weather.
  22. I was thinking the same thing, I could hear the shot guns cocking.
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