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  1. I got a call from Arctic Dave sometime around 1pm today, and he said it was raining cats and dogs just as he was leaving the Bucket compound in Ft Mohave!!
  2. Happy Birthday ...Hope all is well with the new RV business buddy!!
  3. Hahahaha!!! yea...what the heck?
  4. I do believe Billy was going to pick a winner in the mugshot contest today and I was just wondering if anyone has heard whether or not Blake has won just one...or both of the books. Cause that's just how good this guy's luck has been runnin these days.
  5. Hahaha...I wish! The Youtube page is kickin butt too! For the next few months I'm gonna attempt some Bucket & Boomer style youtube fishing video's, so we'll see how that turns out.
  6. That's great T-Bone!! You killed it since I last saw you, but I think your mistaken on the value of a nickel! You must have gone back and cleaned up on that hotspot you found.
  7. Looks great Dave, betcha got it for a steal price too! I got an 86ish YZ-125 just rottin away in the garage in Bullhead. It starts and runs but the plastic gas tank has a crack and the clutch slips and I really don't feel like fixin it.
  8. Happy Birthday Shepster may your beard grow yet another inch!
  9. Look into Iodine, not sure it will help at this stage or if it's preventative but it was an eye opener, and we should all be taking it.
  10. Yep...that's the same one...still milking it. Haven't had time to finish the latest one yet. Dave buddy...see that writing in blue down at the bottom? click on it and boom!..yer there, but wait for a bit and I will mess around with my paypal and figure out a discount for the Nuggetshooters.
  11. Billy you already have "The Randsburg Edition" are you sure you want another one? Let me know before I send it out. Joe Z, you really touched a nerve now! My all time favorite is "Ballad of the Drywasher" I love that video!! Your grandson has GREAT taste!! Thanks Joe.
  12. Hey there Rimmy!! Thanks for the props on our video, I been gearing up for fishing lately and haven't been around. Glad you liked it, maybe even better than a few gold fever episodes eh? Cause that's what started this whole thing. me and some buddies tune in for an episode of gold fever and the dudes out pickin flowers for a pot of tea?? We were so pissed we would have thrown the TV out the window but for it weighed about 400lbs... otherwise it wouldn't have been a good scene, so naturally I start poppin off about how many lousy shows this guy put out in a row and I could do better, one of th
  13. I guess it'll read just fine when your coming over the falls!!
  14. :laught16: That was freekin hilarious Tom!!!
  15. Replace it if it blows out, but try it first, you might find yourself having to tweek various things here and there anyways so keep moving forward. Hopefully it's starting to cool a little by now up there, that last weekend was SMOKIN HOT!!!!
  16. Beleee dat!!! Welcome John. Hey Frank I just got back from BHC...are you kidding me? 122!!!
  17. Thanks for the replies Skip and Tom, I just got back from a four day Hell run to Bullhead AZ, when I got back into San Diego a few minutes ago it was 77 degrees and I'd swear I saw a snowflake fall from the sky...I must be crazy from the heat!!!
  18. That is fantastic!! As I look it over I think, ok...I can see how you came up with this and that and it all makes sense except one thing...how did you make, or where did you get the sprockets, especially the large one. I would think that maybe you started this project with the first piece being the large sprocket and build from there?? Everything else seems attainable or should I say build-able based off the large sprocket, am I wrong here? Either way it's a masterful piece of work.
  19. To the untrained eye anything yellow that sparkles is gold, but I'd do it anyway just for the fun of it. I would pack a gatt, just in case it was a dirty trick but it does sound fun...worst case scenario she's an ex stripper and pays you well for your time
  20. Damm Tom...you built that?? SWEEEET!! You got mad skills!
  21. How the heck did I miss this!!!!! Happy Birthday Skip!!! if you can't blow out the candles just pour beer on em...that'll teach em not to put that many on the cake next time!
  22. Very interesting story on how they turned a wild biter into a fine member of the family.
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