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  1. there very well may be no such thing Adam but I went into "yardage town" here in Santee looking for some greenscreen a few months back and just inside the door to the right was a roll labeled "Muslin cloth".
  2. well...i'm up here in Bullhead drinking a few frosties with my buddy Scotty sitting in the garage going over some of my gear. So I thought I'd drop a line to Arctic Dave and see how Zoey's YZ125 is coming along.
  3. Bob...whether you got shot 1 dove or your limit, whether you aim is true or off, the fact still remains that you have the ability to gaze at the sky and appreciate what it is that you are seeing, to glance back at the trip from your living room and appreciate the time spent with your son. I have that ability as well...the night sky around the campfire never ceases to spur my imagination, (ofcourse that could be the beer too) the quiet peacefulness of the desert is always a favorite memory maker. I work with people that never look up and when they do they see the smoke filled ceiling in a casin
  4. Happy Birthday buddy!!! , you just edged me out getting to the big 50!!
  5. BB your writing never ceases to amaze me. Hell of a story in just a few words.
  6. Fast forward 70 yrs and badda bing-badda boom!!!.....we got Oprah.
  7. Go-Pro Hero 3 Black Edition (329.99) will be one of my next cameras, it films at a whopping 240fps in wvga mode!! In case you don't know what that means...the more frames per second, the better your slow motion effects will be. I did a vid on youtube called "34lb portable rock crusher" and in the beginning when you see the feet walking in slow mo...the ground around my feet is making waves and it's not good but 240fps would eliminate that, because at 60 fps the editing program is trying to blend frames to go slower and there's a limit to that. You might not think you will need that now but sho
  8. Happy Birthday Homie, my ol' pal !!!!
  9. BB has still got it! that was just plain funny!! Man Skip, that ..."thing" was rather freakey, I'd have nightmares that it was chasing me!
  10. :laught16: could you imagine the beating I'd be taking in here had I opted to leave the seat pink? I think "copper" was the only shaker can I had lying around at the time.
  11. Now that is HILARIOUS Patrick!!! ......... :laught16:
  12. B.O.B....I love it!!!! Believe it or not when I bought it the seat was ....pink. Figuring that Garimpo was never gonna make it down here to take her for a ride, I colored it black. I spent many hrs tooling around the hills in front of my house on her and she never left me stranded, I can't wait to see it in all her glory.
  13. Congratulations Dave and Zoey!! With El D makin the ring and BB puttin good spells on ya and all, rest assured...all will be golden in the future!!
  14. I'll double down and do it again...Happy Birthday Fellas!!
  15. Don't worry...you'll get used to it! Happy Birthday Frank!!! I got some Anesette curing in my liquor cabinet with your name on it Frankie, I'll bring it up next time!
  16. That's great news Rimmy!! Get out there and get some exercise, and have some fun!
  17. Yea, I didn't think it was very far, my guess of 1/2 hr isn't too far off. We'll definitely have to join up sometime Frank, I'm looking to open a shop out there in the next couple of months so I plan on spending more time out there than I usually do.
  18. Dave did say he was gonna try and stop by your place Frankie, I asked him to let me know how long it took to get from my place to yours, for further reference. I was guessing 1/2 hr but I could have been way off.
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