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  1. Anyone that takes the time to heat a garage definitely spends alot of time in there, Frank you definitely are not a poser, great picture!
  2. I'm sure it wouldnt be too much hassle for WB to film it in Oregon or some other more business friendly state.
  3. Yeah i saw that video a while back too and i agree in that i hate noise too so i always opt for battery power as well, only i use the little handheld batteries, they are easier to carry long distances but what was intersting to me was that he took the time to change camera angles and distances which kept it interesting, not to mention he did find a good bit of gold as well, good video.
  4. Thats the sign of a true prospector...you gotta do what you gotta do, its even better when you have enough forsight to get it on video, welcome to the forum sport, very good debut. Hey NVChris your a better man than i....for admitting that one. I would have figured out a way to stuff a 50 mesh classifier in the toilet. :angry-smiley-010[1]:
  5. That was funny, i thought for sure he'd whip out a gold pan and pan it out in the pool.
  6. Well since no one else took a stab at this one....I'll say that i have no knowledge of it but i do have a thought... i think its a dirty trick perpetrated by the greenies and when you order one and it arrives it will contain gps coordinates to a plot of dirt 10 feet from a highway rest stop otherwise known as a dog run. I just cant see the BLM saying hey look come out and dig in our hills, but then again i am from California where things are getting stranger by the day.
  7. Yes it did Colin... and you wanna talk about some spoiled folks complaining, i walked out of the house monday morning.... cursed a few times, ran back in grabbed a jacket and pitched a stink the rest of the day. Fire up the pellet burners!!!! Bill the only bright spot in your weather is the wind at 6mph, that could be worse. I wonder if Slim is having any luck in the Cargo's...i frequent that area and do alot of drywashing there, and its usually pretty windy there too.
  8. Thats just insane, i had to put my jacket on after i looked at that photo!! Ok no more complaints out of me for temps being in the low 60s here in San Diego. Get outta there and quick!!
  9. I put it at 136, and i'll even back (Allen in MT's) hand and throw in a second video for the winner...which should be....ME :whoope:
  10. Every time i read this forum i get great info, Thanks for that handy link Mick i'm gonna check that out, I was going thru my collection of odd rocks that i just wasnt quite willing to throw out just yet and my meteor pole stuck to one of em pretty good maybe i'm onto something, whats the next step to figuring out if its a meteor or a sticky rock?
  11. Yeah that looks real good, I'd say count the pieces, dump it back in the pan with the dirt and do it again..and again..and again and see how fast you can pan without losing any, it kind of gives you an idea of the limitations of the pan with regards to the speed you should be panning. good luck in Georgia
  12. Thanks Frank!! and its good to see your up and runnin better than ever there Bill !!! your right..."Never Give Up".
  13. Well i've been a member of the forum since about 06 but i've been on Bills site here for many years before the forum and i think today i will finally pop in and say hi. Yeah i know.... its about time but hey, Rome wasnt built in a day. To all the regulars out there who dont know me dont be shy i've been here all along and regularly read your posts your a great group of guys. Bucket
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