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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy!! Hopefully your in SD enjoying some of this fantastic weather!!
  2. Just in case you don't want to wait till it gets cold...http://youtu.be/EukG92Evw3Q
  3. Mikey...remember, me and you were supposed to be going all the way back to 1980!! I'm too scared to go forward, I might find the motherland...is no longer.
  4. It's quarter to midnight...but it's close enough buddy \~/\~/\~/ have a great day!!
  5. Gar and Frank...I can always count on you guys for support!! I'm heading back the other way and when I get there I'll signal when the coast is clear and you guys can head on over too... I'm doing a mile a day...in the other direction!!
  6. Wow... I can't even believe it! RIP Rodd...
  7. Thanks everyone!!! Id just like to say to all of you young bucks out there that are still in yer forties that yes, turning fifty does suck as bad as they say it does!!! So I'm dusting off the tread mill and next year dammit...I'm going back to 49!!
  8. Happy Kwanzaa! To you too BB and many more!!
  9. Kinda makes LegoLand look obsolete!
  10. Seems he was an accurate shot Gar!... .... Happy Birthday Buddy!! Brazil's rain is making news up here too! Double D...here's to ya pal, have a great one and many more!! see ya on the FB.
  11. Wow Jim! Fantastic video, good audio and a killer lookin drywasher, congratulations on a fine job!
  12. I use firefox for a browser and I can edit in here just fine...must be the browser.
  13. Sweet El D!! Studio prospecting...who da thunk it!
  14. That's fantastic Rimmy!! Looks like less is workin out to actually be more for ya buddy!
  15. WOW! Heartfelt condolences Renegade Bob, that's a real stinger man, a reality check for anyone with kids. Soak up and enjoy every minute you have with em.
  16. Indeed BB... I believe that most drywashers to date will perform roughly the same and if any one did better than the other well...that's where the variables could come into play. For the common prospector it's all about how much you want to spend or the size of drywasher you want, they will all work just fine. I really like that tiny one Frankie makes, but I'd like it even smaller. Maybe something I could use to take the place of drypanning for sampling...the "super sampler"! Something that could maybe fit inside a backpack zipped up... just a thought. By the way Jim, your drywasher looks fan
  17. WOW!! That's a head turner for sure! Hows the clutch feel now? It slipped last time I took it out pretty bad and I thought the front shocks were soft...as was the rear. Alaskan James...major props!! Maybe me and him could toss around some ideas on our "Troopers". That bike say's "Zoey"!! Now a video of her ridin' a wheelie down the street should be next!
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