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  1. Tonight ain't Friday but this song works...7 days a week!
  2. Gar, after a few brews...I think I could do that!! or maybe not. I think now that everybody's cardio is on overload lets slow it back down a bit and take it world wide, this one really ramps up nicely, I love the Native American drum...sounds great.
  3. Good on ya 108!!! You probably got a killer deal too, now ya just gotta get out and dig some gold!
  4. So you posted yesterday at 4:24pm that you may try one...AND YOU GOT IT ALREADY??? That my friend...is the fastest delivery of a product I have ever seen...since I ordered a "Desert Fox" from dads rock shop and it showed up the next day. WOW!!
  5. Haven't used the Jobe pick, but I got me a Hermit pick and a Burro pick, handcrafted by the Bunkster himself...and at those prices, I'll stick with Bunk. (support local) http://bunksarizonaprospecting.com/Pick.html
  6. It doesn't get much better than that!! Congrats to you and pops!!!!!!!
  7. Boy that Judge Jeanine is smokin hot!! I could watch and listen to her all day.
  8. Kinda makes LegoLand look obsolete!
  9. I use firefox for a browser and I can edit in here just fine...must be the browser.
  10. WOW! Heartfelt condolences Renegade Bob, that's a real stinger man, a reality check for anyone with kids. Soak up and enjoy every minute you have with em.
  11. WOW!! That's a head turner for sure! Hows the clutch feel now? It slipped last time I took it out pretty bad and I thought the front shocks were soft...as was the rear. Alaskan James...major props!! Maybe me and him could toss around some ideas on our "Troopers". That bike say's "Zoey"!! Now a video of her ridin' a wheelie down the street should be next!
  12. well...i'm up here in Bullhead drinking a few frosties with my buddy Scotty sitting in the garage going over some of my gear. So I thought I'd drop a line to Arctic Dave and see how Zoey's YZ125 is coming along.
  13. :laught16: could you imagine the beating I'd be taking in here had I opted to leave the seat pink? I think "copper" was the only shaker can I had lying around at the time.
  14. Now that is HILARIOUS Patrick!!! ......... :laught16:
  15. B.O.B....I love it!!!! Believe it or not when I bought it the seat was ....pink. Figuring that Garimpo was never gonna make it down here to take her for a ride, I colored it black. I spent many hrs tooling around the hills in front of my house on her and she never left me stranded, I can't wait to see it in all her glory.
  16. Yea, I didn't think it was very far, my guess of 1/2 hr isn't too far off. We'll definitely have to join up sometime Frank, I'm looking to open a shop out there in the next couple of months so I plan on spending more time out there than I usually do.
  17. Dave did say he was gonna try and stop by your place Frankie, I asked him to let me know how long it took to get from my place to yours, for further reference. I was guessing 1/2 hr but I could have been way off.
  18. I got a call from Arctic Dave sometime around 1pm today, and he said it was raining cats and dogs just as he was leaving the Bucket compound in Ft Mohave!!
  19. That's great T-Bone!! You killed it since I last saw you, but I think your mistaken on the value of a nickel! You must have gone back and cleaned up on that hotspot you found.
  20. Looks great Dave, betcha got it for a steal price too! I got an 86ish YZ-125 just rottin away in the garage in Bullhead. It starts and runs but the plastic gas tank has a crack and the clutch slips and I really don't feel like fixin it.
  21. I guess it'll read just fine when your coming over the falls!!
  22. :laught16: That was freekin hilarious Tom!!!
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