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  1. Tonight ain't Friday but this song works...7 days a week!
  2. Gar, after a few brews...I think I could do that!! or maybe not. I think now that everybody's cardio is on overload lets slow it back down a bit and take it world wide, this one really ramps up nicely, I love the Native American drum...sounds great.
  3. Good on ya 108!!! You probably got a killer deal too, now ya just gotta get out and dig some gold!
  4. So you posted yesterday at 4:24pm that you may try one...AND YOU GOT IT ALREADY??? That my friend...is the fastest delivery of a product I have ever seen...since I ordered a "Desert Fox" from dads rock shop and it showed up the next day. WOW!!
  5. Haven't used the Jobe pick, but I got me a Hermit pick and a Burro pick, handcrafted by the Bunkster himself...and at those prices, I'll stick with Bunk. (support local) http://bunksarizonaprospecting.com/Pick.html
  6. It doesn't get much better than that!! Congrats to you and pops!!!!!!!
  7. Boy that Judge Jeanine is smokin hot!! I could watch and listen to her all day.
  8. Kinda makes LegoLand look obsolete!
  9. I use firefox for a browser and I can edit in here just fine...must be the browser.
  10. WOW! Heartfelt condolences Renegade Bob, that's a real stinger man, a reality check for anyone with kids. Soak up and enjoy every minute you have with em.
  11. WOW!! That's a head turner for sure! Hows the clutch feel now? It slipped last time I took it out pretty bad and I thought the front shocks were soft...as was the rear. Alaskan James...major props!! Maybe me and him could toss around some ideas on our "Troopers". That bike say's "Zoey"!! Now a video of her ridin' a wheelie down the street should be next!
  12. well...i'm up here in Bullhead drinking a few frosties with my buddy Scotty sitting in the garage going over some of my gear. So I thought I'd drop a line to Arctic Dave and see how Zoey's YZ125 is coming along.
  13. :laught16: could you imagine the beating I'd be taking in here had I opted to leave the seat pink? I think "copper" was the only shaker can I had lying around at the time.
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