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  1. Hey Carolina Bob Jim and I are at Franconia, but you were gone. E-mail us and let us know where you're at. V. Boxberger
  2. Hi All It took me a while, but I finally got some pictures taken for the year. We had a good year. Jim found 55 nuggets. (Really, he found 57, but we don't mention the 2 little ones that were dropped on the carpet and can't be found.) In the fall, he found over 90 small stones and irons at Franconia. This spring he found a big meteorite and some small pieces that add up to 712 gms. Most important, we met new people wherever we went and made lots of new friends. For all you newbies, there is still gold out there. It just takes a lot more work than a few years ago, but it's worth it. Ke
  3. Hi All Vic and I have been at Franconia about a week now. Yesterday I found 1 600 plus gram piece and several other pieces that fit right in place to make a nice big 712 gram meteorite. In November, I found over 90 small pieces. At least the meteorite hunting is still fairly good. Jim B
  4. Roger Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jim and Vic
  5. Hey Bill Sent you an e-mail with location. Hope to see you this week. John found a .55 grammer today. Sorry about the pixs, but I do better with floods than nuglets. Vicki B (the better half)
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just wanted to let you know it rained yesterday in Quartzsite. The south road around town was flooded in its usual low spot. The wash was still running this morning. FYI We've been here for 17 days and Jim has 14 nuggets. Jim and Vicki B
  7. Hi All Vic and I will be heading out of Franconia Monday. We'll be in Quartzsite for a month or so if anyone is in the neighborhood. Anyway, I ended up with 80 stones and 15 irons from 6 days hunting. Not bad for an old man. No gold though. Jim B
  8. Hi All Vic and I have been at Franconia for a week. I've heard a lot about the hunting getting poor. I've had a good week. In 5 days, I collected 40 stones and 8 irons. Jim B
  9. Hi All Jim and I have travelled the West prospecting and have met a lot of nice people, but John B takes the cake. I felt so sorry for him, since he missed the chili and the steak fry. I gave him a nice bowl of beef stew, and all I get is grief. On top of it, that was after he made Jim sick with his "Moon over Gold Basin" routine. Then he sabbotages Jim's detector. But Jim still beat him, and it wasn't from John laughing too hard. Oh Well! Life without John B sure would be boring. Vicki B ( the better Half)
  10. Hi Mels' meteorite actually was 123.9 grams, and he found it all by himself. John B wasn't even there yet. Someone else found what Roger was calling a "perfect" specimen. I don't know the weight, but it was complete. No sharp edges that showed any break-offs. I've been skunked so far. Jim B
  11. Hi All Just a note. Everyone seems to be having a good time. The chili last night was great. The potluck tonight was really great. Too much food. Some small gold has been found, and some nice meteorites, also. One of the pics will show Mel and friend with Mel's first meteorite. :whoopie:
  12. Hi Harry Sorry we missed you. We were at Mill City about 5 weeks. I was able to scrape up 24 NV dinks in that time, but a Rye Patch nugget still alludes me. The weather got too cold for us. We're at the Gold Basin Outing now. Maybe we'll cross paths down here this winter. Jim B
  13. Vic and I park our big rig on the corner where you turn off the Dolan Springs Road. I take a little trailer out to the meet site. Anyone feel free to stop by, especially if your lost. Jim B
  14. Hi All Vic and I are in the RV park at Mill City, Nevada. We plan to stay until the weather chases us south. Anyone in the area that wants to hook up, give a holler. In this day and age if we can car-pool, it helps. Jim B
  15. Hey John B Vic and I are still in Montana. You toooooo chicken to meet up with us? Jim B
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