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  1. Micro Nugget

    Field Trip Report !

    Mmmm, yummy. Makes me hungry to get out again. My F150 gets out of the shop at week's end...Yippee!! BTW, I am attaching a summary of the Alex Quartz pocket mining piece that I wrote up last February. It only focusses on the type of pocket we as detectorists are most likely to run across. Pocket Mining Segment PDF.pdf
  2. Micro Nugget

    To dig, or not to dig? Your personal limit...

    I use my GPZ7000 almost all the time these days. Since it does not purport to discriminate, I dig them all -- or at least partially dig them all. When I get closer to the target I stick the tip my earth magnet (which is attached to the tip of my pick's wooden handle opposite from the pick head) into the loosened dirt and churn it around. Small ironstones that stick to it I try to toss into the center of a thick scrubby bush so as not to have to dig them again in the future. Larger ironstones I isolate and leave exposed on the surface after smoothing out the disturbed spot.
  3. Micro Nugget

    Magnetic Speci

    Cool beans! I've always been fascinated regarding the oft repeated adage that, "Iron is the mother of gold." However, I've found only a few gold nuggets over the years that strongly are attracted to a magnet. Any possibility, Bill, that you found a meteorite? That really would be awesome!!
  4. I opted to take a "Nugget Day" after the post-Christmas chores were finally done and a pleasant weather window was forecast in between SoCal's series of incoming storm systems. So I charged my Walmart made in China battery booster the night before, went through my mental checklist of survival things to take (just in case) and then merrily rejoiced as I departed early to a place at some elevation that I hadn't visited for a long time. Somehow in my reverie I managed not to actually put the Walmart booster into my truck (stupid, stupid old man brain f___). As the sun was preparing for it's evening rest I finally nailed the attached .91g "cornflake nugget." I hustled down the mountain to insure that I would get back to my truck before total darkness fell. As I approached the tailgate my heart sank. There in the crepuscular dimness I spied a slight glow emanating from the F150's tailgate light. HOLY MOLY!! I must have forgotten to switch my headlights off!! Sure enough, battery totally unresponsive and I am quite a distance into the woods. Not a single Cro Magnon anywhere in evidence. Immediately I climbed to a high point and tried to text a message -- undeliverable said the iPhone. With temps dropping rapidly and my water bottles already freezing I quickly set about preparing for a miserable night alone in bear country. Try sleeping from 1800 to 0600 especially after not having with me the evening prostate med I usually take (in other words dragging myself out of the sleeping bag every hour or so, i.e., around 10 times that night into very cold, bone chilling weather). I began hiking out at 0700 after repacking and securing my truck and leaving a note in case I could not get back to it (or worse) until after the coming storm event. Finally got to a place 4 miles down were my cell got a text off. An hour and a couple of miles later my honey came driving up the crude mountain road in her Chrysler T & C, then vented a hissy fit about getting stuck on the way up. Triple A refused to send a truck into 4WD territory, but a local acquaintance took pity and we took with us 2 brand new compact lithium ion battery chargers claimed to be capable of starting a vehicle, plus the Walmart standard battery booster that I had left on my garage work bench fully charged. The lithium ion wonders of latest technology only made my F150 perform a clicking noise. Next, the Walmart. More clicking noise following some turnovers. The turnovers weren't supplying sufficient juice to ignite the engine in the thin, high altitude air. Next, the jumper cables. The F150 roared back to its former lion-self and the sun once more settled into the west. Lessons learned. No more cheap Walmart booster batteries or tiny compact but boastful lithium ion designs. I'm getting the heavy duty Interstate brand booster battery that AAA uses to restart dead batteries. They cost three times more, but I would gladly have paid the extra bucks not to have had to suffer through that bone chilling night. Also on my purchase list: the SPOT X that enables text messages to be sent and received via satellite from anywhere on planet Earth. Finally, a WRITTEN CHECK OFF LIST to insure my stupid brain ACTUALLY confirms the entire list is loaded aboard before my next trip out, not just assumes that everything is packed. I hope this is a wakeup call for others on this forum. It is for me.
  5. Micro Nugget

    First nugget!

    Yup, it sure is -- some forms stronger than others. We as a species are hunters at heart, albeit for different objectives. I don't know any longterm successful nugget hunters who aren't infected with some form of the madness. You've just got to have the pumped up drive that comes with the fever to WANT to experience and learn more about the arts of nugget shooting to the extent that the nuggets begin swelling your poke on a consistent basis. Thanks for joining this forum and for sharing your great moment. As for your wondering about whether your nugget has brothers and sisters lingering nearby, most likely there should be others. With some additional detail (not specific location -- always keep that info to yourself) such as depth of topsoil down to bedrock or false bedrock, geologic clues such as the presence of ironstone or quartz dikes, and surface clues such as the presence of ironweed, a better guess may be possible.
  6. Micro Nugget

    Good dog.

    One of my pitbulls brought me the skull of a bobcat once while I was detecting in the Dale. He and Lilah also eat the jackrabbits they catch. I'm still waiting for them to fetch me a nugget...
  7. Micro Nugget

    Golden Day With The Kids

    Spending a day in the field with family is golden. Thanks for sharing.
  8. My Texan son-in-law is visiting for the holidays. So I took him with me for a half-day to some open range in Southern California on a cold, windy, not so sunny day. I used my 7000 and he used my Gold Monster 1000. He is not a prospector and had never used one before. His familiarity with metal detecting is minimal having accompanied me on maybe 3 or 4 day trips over the past 16 years. On those occasions he used a GB2. So I figured that after I gave him a 5 minute crash course on the 1000 he could pretty much operate on his own without the need for me to coach. But I wasn't expecting him to nail this 4 gram beauty, especially after the snow began falling. Nor was I anticipating my own return home covered with skunk stripes. I suspect not many nuggets like this surface very often out of the Pecos.
  9. Nice to know that despite the battery charging setbacks you kept on trying and still ended the day with 1.5 more grams than you had before. Nice looking nugget, too.
  10. Micro Nugget

    Best day ever !!

    Yo Luke: No feeling is quite the same as discovering your very own patch -- even if done vicariously via a post like yours. Been tied up with the seasonal things, but going out tomorrow with inspiration!!
  11. Micro Nugget

    6 Month Skunk Buster

    Definitely a piece to be proud of. Hope the skunk stays away for a long while.
  12. Micro Nugget

    detecting boots

    The Bates boots are good. I wore them for years and you get a good deal through Doc's. I, however, have come to prefer Rockport anti-magnetic boots (stock number Men's RK6640). They were designed for airport and security personnel who need to travel through metal detectors often and/or for industrial personnel who work around electricity. They also have super strong soles and composite toe guards to protect against accidental crushing injuries such as when rolling boulders. My Bates boots do not have such protective toe guards. The Rockports are more expensive than Bates, however. A lighter, shorter alternative are Carhartt's cross-trek shoes -- entirely metal free. I use them more and more when I detect for longer distances -- a couple of pounds lighter makes a big difference, yet the soles are pretty stiff and give great arch support without the need for inserts.
  13. Micro Nugget

    Got a specimen

    Value is in the eye of the beholder. But for a beauty like your's at least 30% over spot based on the total weight wouldn't be farfetched. Maybe more from an ardent buyer. Congrats on such a fine conquest and thanks for sharing! I can just imagine that Gold Monster pegging in BOTH directions! Kinda the way my heart would have been jumping!
  14. Micro Nugget

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    Agreed, if but only if a fully compatible pigtail also is required and is available. Not sure whether a pigtail would be needed or not by the Gray Ghosts.
  15. Micro Nugget

    Power of the Super Detector 2200V2

    Yup, if old tech works and ain't broke, don't "fix" it. Remarkable results!
  16. Micro Nugget

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Now that is the kind of first class day that can thrill a prospector so well. Congrats on your awesome day!
  17. Micro Nugget

    went out for a wobble again

    Fred: I enjoyed very much our campfire chat after most others retired for the evening. That nugget of yours has the curves and character that makes me want to get back out there ASAP...
  18. Micro Nugget

    Micros with the GB2

    Actually, we had the opposite experience. My buddy (Lucky Joe) and I worked a newly found patch in a "desert pavement" ferrous gravel and ironstone surface area with our GB2s for the better part of a year, taking out at least 100 small to tiny nuggets apiece. Then, after we were sure that we had gotten them all we discovered this negative ground balance technique and proceeded to tease out a couple of dozen more over the ensuing months from the same ground we had gone over and over many times before. That was around eight years ago. Since then we've gone back a few times and each time managed to pluck out one or two more after doing some light raking, sometimes utilizing normal ground balancing and sometimes (afterward) the negative ground balance procedure. Both Lucky Joe and I suffer from hearing loss. Perhaps that is why this technique seems too work for our ears, but younger folks with excellent hearing may not need that extra contrasting sound differential.
  19. Micro Nugget

    The Monster Strikes Again

    Refreshing to know that there are those who get just as great a charge out of solving a tiny mystery as finding a regular nugget. Thanks for sharing your discovery and your enthusiasm Boorx4.
  20. Micro Nugget

    Micros with the GB2

    Jeff: The conventional wisdom is to ground balance a GB2 slightly positive. In most situations that will work just fine. Just pump the GB2 until you find the "dead null" ground balance spot. Then turn the ground balance fine tuning control ever so slightly a hair to the right (clockwise) to go slightly positive. However, if you encounter a place littered with numerous tiny ironstones and/or with ferrous-content gravels, then you will hear a lot of zippy, constant nugget-mimicking chatter. When confronted with that type of noisy background it can become difficult to distinguish between the "zip zip" of a tiny nugget and the zip zip of a small ironstone or a ferrous hot rock. I have found that (for me -- for my ears) by turning the fine tuning ground balance control slightly negative (counter-clockwise), then I am once again able to make out a slight sound response difference between an actual gold nugget and the small ironstones or ferrous gravels. By going a bit more negative the difference becomes more obvious. I always carry a number of precisely weighed target nuggets with me. So when I encounter one of these noisy situations I throw down one of the smaller poker chip test nuggets to enable me to quickly compare and contrast the sound differences as I gradually move the fine tuning control ring counter-clockwise. An actual gold nugget, however small, will continue to be heard as a sharp "zip zip" even if one negatively ground balances a GB2 quite a bit (and so will other solid metallic objects such as birdshot or bits of copper, brass, aluminum or steel). But most ironstones and ferrous gravels will quickly "change their tune" from a zip zip to a "ka-pow ka-pow" sort of sound. I hope this helps.
  21. Micro Nugget

    Micros with the GB2

    Microsniper: As long as you now are using a GB2 and just in case you visit an area that has some ironstones or ferrous gravel to contend with -- especially if they are small to tiny ones -- you can help distinguish your nugget signal responses from the ironstone responses by adjusting your GB2's ground balance slightly negative (in some cases more than slightly -- learn by experimenting). The nuggets should continue to be heard with a sharp zip zip while the ferrous pieces will tend to lose sharpness and will sound more like a "ka-pow ka-pow". Just thought I'd share this with you and others if you hadn't run across this little trick before. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Micro Nugget

    Thanksgiving Day Gold !

    Oh, very cool haul. And nice to know you are still in commission after dumping the quad -- I've known of one fellow who dumped is but he didn't get up -- ever.
  23. Micro Nugget

    Vlf power

    When I first received my GM1000 from Bill I conducted tests to compare the 1000 with my GB2s. The smallest pieces of gold - about 10 of them over the years - register .002g on my best scale (accurate to +/- two-one thousandths of a gram). One of my hunting partners, an extremely adept woman, also has found a few in the .002g range with her GB2. I was more than impressed with the GM1000 when sporting the small coil. It clearly alerts on my .002g test "nugget." Not only that, but it actually can hear that target from slightly further above. The larger coil lacks this sensitivity. Those tests were performed in the all metal mode to keep things equal. Once the 1000 is switched to discriminate it can not hear the .002g test nugget. That is not a big deal for me because I prefer to search in the all metal mode anyway after two decades or so with my GB2s, then shift down to discriminate and make further decisions based on what I hear. Be mindful, of course, that the GM1000 only discriminates reliably most of the time between iron and non-iron despite the "gold bar" icon at the right end of the screen. Lead, copper, brass, silver, aluminum: all will peg on the gold bar symbol. Recently I was hunting an extremely trashy site with my 7000 and wished I also had brought along the 1000 even if it is a hassle to carry or attempt to backpack.
  24. Micro Nugget

    My Broken Heart Nugget

    Yesterday I scanned a very nice signal. ONE very nice signal. The hole kept getting deeper and deeper. Finally the target was out. But then, "What's this?" I'm getting two signals from the spread out dirt. It broke my heart in a way that only nugget fanciers can know so well when I realized that I broke my own nugget. She wasn't too big -- around a pennyweight -- but now she is two. Oh well...
  25. Micro Nugget

    My Broken Heart Nugget

    A "Day After" nugget Frank -- to go along with my day after headache from celebrating my 76th trombone.